Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"This world moves so slowly."

Back, until the next Event that takes out internet service.  I know I promised phone posts but then I go and drop my phone in water and then I don't even have that.  The truth is that I was "unconnected" for about three days and it was an odd state of being. I couldn't access the news except at work, I didn't know what was going on once I left, and I could not keep in contact with people at all.  That you can call three days without access to a phone or internet an 'experience' shows how much life has changed in the last five years.  Not that this is a mind blowing revelation of any sort, but its one thing to be blase about it while you're posting from your phone and another thing entirely to work out how you're going to get in contact with people who are only avaliable through one medium that you don't have access to.

The world continues to spin, and it seems like the 'masks have dropped' and the actors of state tyranny are now openly flexing their muscles.  The UK sent agents to the Guardian to destroy their computers, and their Home Office stopped the partner of Glenn Greenwald (who broke the Snowden story) because they thought he might be "aiding terrorists".  So now the order of the day is harassment for anyone who dares fuck with the new neoliberal order of bureaucratic tyranny, multicult at any cost, defended by idiots impressed with their own power and a fleet of drones piloted by vidya game jockeys.  This is where Western Civilization is heading.

I don't think anyone can predict the end game though, but I don't see the fate of mankind to be ruled over by pansexual mutt tranny bureaucrats.  Call it the Fort Sumter Rule:  You'll only know the defining moment that everything has changed after its happened.

By the way, three black teenagers killed an Australian student in Oklahoma just for shits and giggles, and the Daily Kos is worried that conservatives will use this to justify their racism.  No, you fucking isolated retarded limp wristed cunt, we don't need to 'justify' the facts that make up our daily life while you go about inventing terms like "stereotype threat" and "closing the gap" while you tell us how to live our lives from your fucking whitopia.  Its not about black or white as much as its about the civilized versus the savage and their enablers.  I want to be around humans, not around beasts who think that shooting someone because their bored is a good time or pathetic would be fucking tyrants who don't give a shit about who fucking dies as they fumble around in their search for a more perfect utopia.

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