Saturday, August 31, 2013

Syria + Pop Culture

I wonder if everytime the old hands in the military/intelligence/diplomatic spheres see Obama make another 'decision' in regards to Syria there's a run on premium, luxury spirits in the NOVA/DC area.  I imagine watching this President flush everything they spent decades working to achieve (as far as US influence goes, at least) down the drain in order to go golfing can't be easy.  All that sacrifice in the silence, all those family moments missed, all those lives lost so we can fuck things up in the Levant even further and bomb Assad on behalf of insane cannibal religious fanatics.

Yeah, if you invested in top shelf booze you're probably reaping a whirlwind of fortune right now.  I had to listen to Senator Judas McCaine (AZ-Traitor) lick the blood off his hands on the radio while he described how we needed to go into Syria and effect regime change and that the President was a putz for not giving weapons to the 'right' rebels.  Well McCaine, who ARE the right rebels because right now it seems like we're all about bombing Christians and their defenders on behalf of salafist interests.

I've read some reports on the internet that Russia is preparing to bomb the shit out of Saudi Arabia if the West attacks Syria. 

According to the story, Putin is righteously furious at Bandar threatening the Olympics in Sochi with Chechen terrorists.  EUTimes I know, but this kind of bullshit isn't something that seems out of place for Bandar (remember he tried to publicly buy the Russians) or Putin.  Seriously Putin has likely personally put more people in graves than any other world leader with the exception of George HW Bush (basing that off his CIA days), so I don't understand the entire dismissive handwaving educated idiots like Obama engage in with a man sitting on the worlds largest nuclear arsenal.

I thought Hannah Montana screaming LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME IM A GROWN UP BIG GIRL NOW was a bit extreme and then I got looking at other pop music and the whores they have singing songs about "independent grrrl".  Well being an "independent grrl" got my sister killed so I realized that I'm going to have to be a dad from the 1600s with my daughter, and not only with boys.  I guess shame is dead in the country now after watching the "American Girl" music video and anything with cher lloyd.  Nothing says classy like tattoos all over your hands and neck.

The spooks at least got to live through the Golden Age of American Exceptionalism.  I don't blame them for drinking.  I hope they don't blame me for joining them, at least for a minute.  Just waiting for the call to spit on my hands, raise a black flag, and begin slitting throats.

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