Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh what horrors we create for ourselves

Back a little early. So much has happened around the world that it makes my new acreage seem absolutely provincial.  I've spent the last week or so digging up plants, hacking away at tumbleweed patches, building a chicken run, chopping down trees, and dealing with a bitchy cow about to calve.  Idle hands and all that.  There's still plenty of work to do around here, but I like being out in the middle of nowhere, watching the fat desert toad that lives on my front patio eat bugs.

I'll just touch on a few stories that caught my eye. I want to 'ease' myself back into the swing of things, as it were.  By the way, if any of you have advice for dealing with a bitchy Dexter cow, please let me know.

The trivilization of SWAT - This falls in line with other things I've posted about the silliness of every podunk agency, be it small town or a federal three letter organization, needing a SWAT team.  The mealy mouth bullshit in the article shows that the people in charge might have a massive hard on for wielding such a hammer, but no respect for what it entails.  Considering your typical DC bureaucrat is likely a double minority who has no clue of what happens on a raid beyond what they've watched on TV, and you're setting yourself up for trouble.

Retired Border Patrol Agents claim US Pols in cartel's pocket - What? You though Raul Grijalva didn't have a stake in making sure the smuggling in Nogales goes through uninterrupted?  This really shouldn't be a shock, but much like back when Rep. Steve King pointed out that there's a lot more illegal alien drug smugglers than illegal alien valedictorians, you'll have a lot of people finding places to faint.  With clockwork precision, the amnesty treason lobby (Boner and Good for Israel but Not the US Jew Eric Cantor) turned on him, regardless of how right he was.  Apparently the twee faggot illegals thought they'd be cute by delivering cantelopes to the people who voted for Rep. King's border amendment.  I can't wait until the time comes to give these motherfucking invaders a reason to flee back south. Si se puede, indeed.

More government mandated diversity, coming to a neighborhood near you! - So now if you want to move away from diversity, the government will make sure that shit is coming to you.  Along with the negativity in the  "Bowling Alone" study that the author sat on because it confirmed all the bad things about 'multicult', you will get the higher crime and breakdown in social cohesion that comes with more diversity.  Is this just a transparent attempt to shove all the bad diversity that liberals claim to love out into the sticks and away from the beloved urban centers of the SWPLs and other assorted leftists? Likely so.

Look at our illustrious Chocolate Messiah.  He showed up in Phoenix, specifically the Ahwautukee neighborhood.  Its known locally as "all white tukee" because its one of the wealthier enclaves and indeed very white.  My cousins go to the high school he went to, which is 81% white/asian.  How come he didn't go to say, Maryvale or Sunnyside with all that diversity?  Of course we know, just like we know how liberals love vibrancy as long as they don't have to surround themselves with it, fucking hypocrites.

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