Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jocks versus Nerds: the eternal conflict

Internet is still sketchy at the house, so this posting will be done from the phone.  Once I get that all straightened out, I hope to get back to a more regular service. I still got plenty to say about "things".

In this case, its the reception a lot of LEO-MIL types get around the alt-right blogs, which seems to reek of "These are the assholes who gave us swirlies in high school!" and respond with a lot of unreasonable hostility based off of that initial kneejerk emotion.  Don't get me wrong, as there's a lot of idiots in both professions that make the rest of us look bad.  The problem comes from when people put on a pretence of cultured indifference when the reality is a full on FUCK DA POHLICE battle cry.

The obvious counterpoint is that 'you're just mad cause you're not getting fellated by someone who tells truth to power!', which I think is a little silly.  You raging against the machine isn't telling truth to anything. Hero of the People George Zimmerman went and told truth to power (getting after the police for tuning up a homeless man), and we saw how that worked out for him.

I think there's an obvious nexus between the Right, the military, and law enforcement. You've already got the Oath Keepers out there, who are doing a good job at organizing like minded individuals. At last count, there are millions of vets out there who got a handshake and a go away from America at large.  While the amnesty treason continues and we haul the President's dog around in an Osprey, the military has to close the only convenient chow hall for amputees at Walter Reed because stuff.  Its a fertile ground, I think, for getting conservatively minded people to listen to what you have to say.

But instead we've got a whole bunch of the kids who got picked last for kickball having a fit because their treehouse is exclusively for people who can talk about how Warhammer 40K intersections with Spengler, or some shit.  I'm not jaded or bitter, because at this point the 'community' we have still has a loooooooooong way to go before its anything but permanent students trying to impress other permanent students with namedropping.  I just think its self defeating to scream about how all feds need to die or how  all soldiers want to shove you into fema camps and then claim the philosophical high ground.

When have honorable civil and military service NOT been considered part of the traditional Western culture?


  1. I'm sympathetic to LEO and veterans, but Ruby Ridge and Waco proved that a badge and authority bestowed by the federal government cannot be trusted.

    I recognize that there are many good men like yourself fighting to uphold order and keep this country together every day.

    Then again there are the IRS agents with assault weapons, NOAA SWAT teams, these men cannot be patriots in their hearts. Mercenaries drawing a check from the government Tit are all I see.

    When Obama & Co hire thousands of new agents for the federal alphabet armies, the noble law man to serve and protect seems like a dream from yesterday.

    I was on the football team and played 40k, so maybe There is something to your jock/nerd theory.

  2. "When Obama & Co hire thousands of new agents for the federal alphabet armies, the noble law man to serve and protect seems like a dream from yesterday."

    I have to agree with this, unfortunately. Truth is truth though. I have to say that over the course of my life time I have witnessed LE go from the protect and serve model to the secretive bullying clannish us against them (them being all of us citizens) philosophy.

    It's always interesting to me to hear people talking about veterans and the military and using some soldier's perspective to support this or that argument they want to make. Mostly it's amusing, but it does cross over into the, "Shut up you ignorant asshole" realm upon occasion.