Saturday, August 10, 2013

"I'm moving to " and other fantasies

It seems that Obama's HUD trying to social engineer neighborhoods into Grorious Utopian Paradise is catching on among the alt-Right.  For those of you who are curious as to what the fuck I'm talking about, HUD has decided to start making sure neighborhoods are appropriately diverse. The appropriate news article is here. This quote right here shows the kind of mentality we're dealing with:

""Unfortunately, in too many of our hardest hit communities, no matter how hard a child or her parents work, the life chances of that child, even her lifespan, is determined by the zip code she grows up in. This is simply wrong,” he said."

What the fuck is this shit? Equal opportunity isn't the same as equal outcomes, and causation isn't correalation.  You think if we had MORE diversity things are going to be okay? As one commenter quipped: 'Adding ice cream to shit doesn't make it edible, and adding shit to ice cream ruins the ice cream'.  More DC mandarins doing thier thing and ruining lives in the name of their fucking utopia that is always one more social engineering project away.

How is this not going to be used as a fucking club to make sure that lower class Republican voting districts get a hot shot in the arm of diversity while you better believe the rich SWPL Democrat voting districts are going to be left the fuck alone.  In my neck of the woods, I bet HUD takes a hard look at somewhere like Biltmore but ignores Ahwautukee for example. 

Looking around at the alt-Right though, I see a lot of gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts, with people saying WELP IMMA MOVE TO NEW ZEALAND like its that fucking simple.  Folks, let me tell you that its not a matter of showing up to a country like New Zealand and thinking you're in.  Furthermore, the cultural gap between us is rather massive.  My in laws were here recently, and they're great folks, G-d's own people.  We got along great, but they couldn't get the gun thing.  They looked at me, with my carry pistol and selection of assault rifles, as some sort of exotic alien.  A kind of tiger that is friendly to you and yours but has a beef with another group you'll likely never meet.

You don't want the ghetto coming to you? Be proactive about it, get involved with your neighbors, your local officials, and make it clear you don't want problems shipped in from the city so SWPLs can ride their fixed gear bikes around their urban wunderland, eating authentic churros without having to worry about knockout king or other shenanigans perpetrated by the ubiqutious "urban yoof".

The tendency of the alt-right types to want to pull up stakes and run away is cringe inducing.  As much as I hate being the guy who sits on his blog screaming "BLOOD IN THE STREETS!!!!!" I have to ask what exactly is the line that they have to cross to get you to do something?  They're already trying to make your children into idiots, betray the country for more money and power, and all the other shit with transgender faggotry.  Where's the red line?  Where's the spark?

I don't blame someone for not wanting to go to prison for a hojillion years and get their name dragged through the mud by walrus Candy Crowly, but the idea that fleeing is an acceptable answer is fucking pathetic.  Maybe if it gets so bad you need to flee its time to adopt the war of the flea.

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