Sunday, August 25, 2013

"A nation of laws, not men"

It should come as no surprise that the Obama Administration picks and chooses what laws it wants to follow.  Of course I won't ignore the fact that much of Congress has abridged its responsibilities to provide oversight to the Executive for at least a decade now.  We've watched as this nation has gone from having some sort of balance to that tired old saw of "the President is our Commander in Chief", which is false and idiotic. 

In the throes of all this nonsense with Obama making up law by fiat and few Congressmen willing to stand up to him, it seems like everyday we're hit with a new story of how the Executive branch ignored the law as written and just did what the fuck it wanted to anyway.  As I said above, this has been going on for years.  The biggest damage the Bush Administration has done to us hasn't been the Iraq War, but the tottering wreck that the "balance of powers" has become.  Nixon was impeached for spying on private citizens orders of magnitude smaller than what the NSA had done, but now its considered 'fiat'.

Look at the fucking mess our immigration laws have become.  What the fuck is this "discretionary enforcement" bullshit?  The President is meant to enforce the laws the Congress has passed, not fucking pick and choose what he wants via his "privilege" like he's some sort of fucking king.  Breitbart has revealed how the culture of discretionary memos is part and parcel why the asylum system has been overwhelmed.  Now Holder is saying he'll get around minimum sentencing guidelines by withholding drugs to bring it below a certain level.  How the fuck is this impartial justice?!

You can either have a system of laws that everyone abides by, or you get some derivative of anarchy, tyranny, or (anarcho-tyranny).  The biggest example of this is the bullshit that happens in the glorious state of California.  They've got notoriously high fines for traffic violations there, but you have carte blanche to do what the fuck you want if you're rolling around with a plate from south of the border because the cops know that they won't be able to come after you for that fine.  However if you're a US citizen hold on to your fucking hat because you might be looking at nearly a grand in fines.

If people don't respect the law, they won't respect the law makers, and they won't respect the government who makes the law.  This is Civics 101, but in this decadent age it seems we've even forgotten how the fuck to make a society tick along as the Left drags our country more and more onwards to a utopia that only exists in their fucking minds.

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