Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zimmerman Pt II, Syria Forever, and Treason Never Prospers

The Zimmerman trial is pretty interesting simply for the fact that the defense is now actively calling the judge on her bullshit.  A ballsy move considering how the judge is pretty close to King in their courtroom, but I guess this comedy of errors finally built to the point where it could no longer be ignored.  I imagine, near the end of their defense, they figure they don't have a whole lot to lose in getting the judge's intranscience on the record.  West in particular seemed pretty cross with the judge, with O'Mara making "Easy Walter....Eaaaasssy Walter" gestures, like I was watching The Big Lebowski but with lawyers.  If he pulled out a .45 and started screaming about how this is COURT and there are rules, unlike the jungles of Vietnam where so many good men lost their lives...Well I think it would fit pretty well.  It would make a lot more sense than the damn foolishness coming out of the MSM, which seems to be getting a pretty big boner about the idea of 'black rage'.

Syria seems like it might stay free and not fall under the Sunni Salafist boot, unless the globalists and their masters come out in the open and do something really stupid. Homs is fallen, with only a foreign hardcore being bombed before dragged out into the streets by the Syrian Army and their Shia Hezbollah allies.  Gotta wonder if they're chopping off heads for Youtube purposes and eating hearts or just using hot lead injections to the back of the head.  I imagine the latter, but that would be reported in the US media as "EVIL DESPOT TERRORISTS EXECUTE FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR LOVING FREEDOM - MCCAIN DEMANDS INVASION OF SYRIA".  Between this, Zimmerman, and immigration, I have to wonder if the idiot media realizes how stupid they look to anyone who's paying attention.  Unfortunately, I don't think too many people are paying attention.

Steve Sailer comments on one such stupid piece on that bastion of liberal ivory tower make believe, The Atlantic.  Somehow, Emperor Hadrian wasn't expansionist enough so that's why the Roman Empire fell - because it built walls to keep out the barbarians.  That stuff about a decadent elite out of touch with their people and the devaluation of your money? Nah don't worry about that bro - its because the Romans kept out Picts in 200 AD the Empire fell a few hundred years later.  This is what passes for 'high thought' among SJWs.  I suppose I should be happy that this idiocy is quickly being called for what it is, as it seems like the 'progress' on the amnesty treason is coming to a halt, but we'll see what happens.  All they have to do is win once, and its all over.  The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, no?  Also,  I'm reading Gibbons "Decline of the Roman Empire", and the reading is amazingly clear and forthright, but scripted beautifully as well.  I thought I was reading something wrong when it was written in 1776, but damn man. Its free on Kindle as well - go check it out if you want something lovely and full of knowledge to read. 

Speaking of things to read, a short story of mine got selected for an anthrology.  Its a small press, but its a publishing credit and I'm thankful it got selected.  More when I hear more.

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