Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman is Free

Sorry for not posting yesteday, I was torn between the desire to get hammered in the wake of Zimmerman being found not guilty and the possibility of needing to be prepared for SWPL liberals throwing a brick through my window.  That's a joke of course: while the hashtag "riots" was getting a lot of action last night, outside of Oakland and South Memphis it seems that slacktivism was the rule of the day. 

Of course, those two statements reflect the main themes behind the case itself.  Zimmerman being found not guilty, with the demonization in the press and by the Left, by the State itself, is a miracle in and of itself.  The man who was labeled a 'white Hispanic', whatever the fuck that means, who was/is a Democrat, made into some sort of racist monster who killed the angelic Trayvon, he of the skittles and iced tea.  The same cherub who was bragging about drug use, attacking people, and buying guns. That guy who was in a downward spiral that was going to end poorly for someone - it just happened that he did indeed reap what he sowed.

Behind it all was the spectre of black rage, that lovely relic of the 60s that got all the old liberals fired up - the negros are going to riot! This is going to be like the Civil Rights movement again!  Maybe it sent a 'tingle' up Chris Matthews' leg?  For all the claims of the Left that conservatives live in an 'idealized' version of the past, I'm still hearing about attempted rapist Emmett Till to this day.  It seems every week there's another 64th anniversary of a riot that kinda sorta falls under some sort of "civil rights" aegis. So I can't say I'm surprised about the Left (and their media allies) getting all sweaty over the idea of a riot or ten.  If there's another few hundred Trayvons in there, all the better for them!  That being said I spent about an hour loading magazines, I'm embarassed to admit, because it seemed like an appropriate action.

However, it seems like the drama continues, as the Holder's DOJ is looking into whether or not Zimmer broke any 'hate crimes', those tyrannical thought crime laws that are only used as a club when you need to punish whites. As much as I'd love to see the dramatic overstep by the DOJ and Obama, it seems that Holder would have to eat a baby live on TV to get any sort of negative press.  The man led an armed occupation of a ROTC building at Columbia, FFS, and he's taken as some sort of negro wisdom.

Speaking of the E Branch's crew of idiots, seems like King Janet retired.  Let me just tell you how happy that makes me, but I don't expect things to change any time soon.  I'll post more about that tomorrow.

With all this going on, if I was GZ I'd be moving to Peru.  Maybe Zimmerman should become a high powered hedge fund manager - then he could break all the laws he wanted and they wouldn't prosecute him.  Or claim he's an illegal alien - they don't prosecute those guys either.  "White hispanics" though? Oh, you better believe it.  Get out of here Zims while you can - self imposed exile is better than what THEY have waiting for you.


  1. This whole Z/T affair has been too much. True, it was a simple situation that shouldn't have gone beyond local media coverage. Given that it did, it has revealed some deep fundamental and deep fault lines in the way Americans see society and their role in it - that's after having trimmed the upper and lower extremes. I'll give the media devil its due in that it recognized a situation that would bring differences to a head.

    I am glad that at least there were no riots. OTOH I am left convinced there will be in the future over something else.

    I am also left tired, very tired. My family has served in every war this country has fought going back to the Revolution; always at the tip of the spear. My family even produced George Washington (50% - my mother's maiden name was Ball and GW's mother was Ball. My ancestor was her brother and an arty O in the Continental Army). My wife and I are currently trying to help our son (former 1st Lt) get his feet back on the ground after being wounded, TBI X2, dismounted both times, on his second tour, A-Stan, Paktika Province, COP Boris, Tillman and a few points in between. I don't know if he'll ever be able to achieve the potential he was born with.

    I buried my father last year - a Marine that lost his knee cap on Okinawa.

    No. I'm not just tired, I am sick to my heart.

    Who are these weaklings, these users, these ungrateful irresponsible selfish bastards that think they have a right to take as much as they can and give nothing in return except complaints and demands for compensation for imagined slights to their ungratified childish egos? Who are these people that achieve elected office promising reparations (I include with those seeking unjustified payment the entitled country club set, bankers, etc.)?

    1. Sadly, no one, this is what America has become: a nation of users doing whatever they want and demanding more. We've lost our way.