Thursday, July 25, 2013

Working Hard

It looks like this house thing is going to finally go off.  Perhaps there is something to the old saying that the third time is the charm.  I'm thankful that I have my in-laws here, especially my father in law, to give us a hand moving.  He's been very helpful so far, and he bought us some very nice appliances for the house. Thank you, John, its much oblidged.

We took a look at the house a few days ago after the people renting there had moved out, and all in all it looked like I remember.  However we'll have to go in and paint some of the rooms, especially the one with the bullshit written on the wall by some idiot teenager that says stuff like "TREVOR LOVES BIG BLACK DICK".  Charming stuff, I know.  Other than that and some carpet cleaning that needs to be done the house looks in good condition. 

The outside is going to need a bit of landscaping, but only because its been allowed to run rampant.  I think we can really do some nice things with desert trees and create a little orchard as well.  The perimeter of the house already has stone laid in to create a border, so right now its just a matter of what I'd like to put there.  I'm thinking I'll go with some low shrubs and cactus and possibly some flowering bushes.

I'm going to be busy driving posts and laying fencing as well, because the cow will be arriving on Saturday as well.  I've also got to create a chicken run as well, so I look forward to getting that all set up here as well as laying in my backyard fence and the raised bed garden.  I've got to say, having a house really gives you a lot of things to look forward to doing.  If anyone has any ideas for other useful projects, or know a source for 'southwestern' themed decor, I'd be interested in hearing them.

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