Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What the hell is going on in Florida?

I'd just like to run back to the Zimmerman show trial going on down and Florida and ask the question of What the hell is going on down there and Why the hell is this even going on?  Of course, I know the answer to the second, but I'll get there in a moment.  If you haven't been following this, you probably should if just see what the future is going to look like in Future America, a Diverse Society Free of Hate.

Most of us have an idea of the particulars of this case, specifically that made up ethnicity "white hispanic" George Zimmerman (reality: 1/4th black 3/4ths Peruvian) shot and killed would be astronaut-scientist-fighter jet pilot Trayvon Martin. If George Zimmerman had been Rashawn Brown, this wouldn't have made it outside of local news.  However some local metrosexuals and their professional race baiter allies got ahold of this case and off it went.  You had dated pictures of Zimmerman contrasted with pictures of a five year old Trayvon side by side, inane allegations, and NBC editing tapes to make up racial slurs when there was nothing of the sort.

Zimmerman, much like Paula Dean, was a good liberal.  Apparently he was active in local Democratic Party politics, and made a name for himself agitating against local police forces who had beaten the hell out of a black homeless man and tried to cover it up.  After a home invasion in the neighborhood, where two 'urban youfs' (blacks) broke into a house where a mother and her child locked themselves in the bedroom and called the police, Zimmerman walked over and told the woman to call him if she ever needed help. Zimmerman basically came across as someone who was trying to look out for his community.

Martin, the would be thug MMA fighter who was getting into burglary, smoking joints, and generally in a self-destructive nose dive - was presented as an angel to the community.  The big screaming headline was that HE WAS JUST BUYING SKITTLES AND GOT SHOT FOR IT, but somehow the watermelon ice tea got lost in the shuffle. And that's important, because when you mix watermelon ice tea, skittles, and cough medicine you get a drink called LEAN.  Something Martin was familiar with if you review his social media habits before they were sanitized.

Now Martin's parents hired themselves an idiot of an attorney named Benjamin Crump, who continually rails on about how Zimmerman "illegally profiled" Saint Trayvon of the Skittles.  What the fuck is an 'illegal profile'?  Can you point to me where an "illegal profile" is against the law?  No because there's no such thing for a civilian, which Zimmerman is, to see something suspicious and decide to check it out.  He may run afoul of laws such as Trespassing, but not this bullshit illegal profiling malarky that the Leftist Megaphone is railing against.  As Steve Sailer points out here, if you're "crimefighting billionaire Mayor Bloomberg" and you're profiling urban youths likely to be committing crimes, you get lauded for it.  If you're white hispanic George Zimmerman...Good luck!

To wit: George Zimmerman is in the middle of a racial show trial for fucking up the liberal media narrative of blacks either being passive victims of white racism or hyper intelligent astronaut sex gods and instead pointing out the disqueting facts about black crime rates (go check out interracial rape stats if you want a 'laugh') and defending himself and his neighborhood instead of passively being a victim.  Good for him. In a just world, he'd be given a medal and a statue with the words SIC SEMPER AFRICANUS on it.  However, as this trial demonstrates, we don't live in a fair world.

Rachael Jeantel couldn't read the note she supposedly wrote, but she's not facing any perjury charges.  Zimmerman's wife is going to trial for not remembering how much money was in her account for perjury.  Day after day the prosecution's 'case' has self destructed as witness after witness as either built up the defense's story of events (Saint Trayvon attacked Zimmerman and got shot for it) or the witness has simply self destructed (genius speaker of four languages and white liberal guilt totem Rachael Jeantel).

This is the future of America if we let this immigration treason pass: a nation where self defense is outlawed, and all must bend to the glorious cult of diversity at all costs.  Many of the effete ivory tower whites probably think that Zimmerman should have let himself be a victim to satisfy their white guilt complexes instead of saving his life.  So that gives me hope that with those parasites leading the other side, perhaps we have a fighting chance for a better future.


  1. I've been following the trial while I work and I can't see how there is any way on earth that a jury could convict Z.

    I was skeptical of the media presentation from day 1, but I did think Z was probably some over zealous wannabe a-hole. All the trial has done for me is show me where I was wrong. I now believe that Z was doing the right thing and he is squeaky clean. Every neighborhood should have citizens like Z in it.

    Still amazing how the talking heads on CNN get it so wrong watching the same trial. They are so desperate to find any kernel to suggest malfeasance on Z's part and righteousness on the part of the prosecution. These morons are helping anyone. When the jury votes to acquit the morons that the talking head morons are talking for are going to wonder what happened; probably burn a neighborhood or two.

    Should get interesting though. Next week the defense will no doubt present witnesses that will testify as to T's blooming thuggish criminality and hatred of whites.

    Obama, "Trayvon Martin could have been my son" and from that racist political grandstanding flows the persecution of an innocent citizen and potentially some kind riots. Nice. Real Nice job there chocolate messiah.

    1. Ahahaha. Everytime you someone uses chocolate messiah, elkern cries a little more.

      I've been amazed at the levels of self deception in the media, but when there's megabux on the line, you'll say anything with a straight face.

      All Zimmerman wanted was a safe neighborhood, but because of our national delusions about *eQuAlItY* we're expected to shut down our frontal lobes and not think.

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