Saturday, July 6, 2013

Travel & Links

Nothing too deep today.  I went up to Jerome with the wife and the dog, since she's been cooped up for a while.  It was a good four hour plus round trip, and the high plain scenery of Arizona is quite a change from when you're down in the Sonoran desert.  On the drive into Jerome, massive storm clouds were rolling in, with fat bolts of lightning striking down.  We got out, looked around, stretched our legs, and then hauled stakes for the Jeep as the first rain drops began to fall.  I'm glad we timed it when we did, because next thing I know the 'angriest hail ever', as my wife says, came crashing down. 

That was no exaggeration as for the next twenty minutes while we drove it sounded like someone was hurling chunks of ice at the Jeep.  Everyone unlucky enough to be on foot was running for shelter as the hail storm made its way through.  It seems like Jerome is typical of 'artsy' towns in Northern Arizona: too many aging hippies wearing open button up shirts, lots of idiots with obnoxious plugs and piercings, and stores centering around whatever theme the town is known for.  In Sedona, its vortexes and spiritualism and such.  In Jerome, its either copper mining or ghosts, as supposedly there's a very haunted hotel there.

The dog still thinks anything moving is a valid target, and we were treated to her throwing herself against the door out of nowhere and losing her shit.  I suppose it comes with the breed, so we just have to try and train her out of it.  We'll probably be thankful for it the minute someone tries to invade the casa and gets to deal with a head the size of a bowling ball.  A bowling ball with teeth.

Two competing links:

Ref beheaded after stabbing player to death. Both occuring on soccer field.  This is America's future if we keep importing the 3rd World.

Kenyan Cardinal to Obama: Your country is fucked.  Remember, only evil kkkonservatives dislike homosexuals.  Any rumors you've heard of Muslims, Africans, Latin Americans, Asians, and the rest not liking homos the way America loves them are just hatefacts. 

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