Monday, July 29, 2013

There is literally no arguing with fucking liberals

You cannot argue with them.  Every fucking argument is made up out of whole cloth, every fucking fact that disproves one of their sacred cows is rayciss, every experience you've had is simply ancedotal and there is zero comprehension of what statistics mean.  They live in their fucking whitopias, surround themselves with their carefully screened minority playdates, and then lecture everyone else about how racist they are.

Liberals have no sense of decorum, no sense of hospitality to anyone they perceive as having differing views.  I spent tonight arguing with my retarded sheltered cunt of an aunt who lives in a little whitopia and has no idea of what the fuck happens outside of the realm she lives in.  Not only does this retard think to lecture me about illegal immigration, but then she goes on to claim that Obama 'got us out of Iraq'.  No, you dumb fucking bitch, Obama wanted to keep us in Iraq but that country wouldn't agree to the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) so we had to leave.  Obama didn't get us out of shit.

Then this cow argues that "the economy got better with Obama" when everything points to the exact fucking opposite. More people are on food stamps than ever, more people are out of work (labor participation rate is in the fucking toilet), more people are on part time jobs - basically every single negative variable you can think of is up under Obama, but this "1 percenter" idiot can't figure it out while she's out buying real estate why her son can't find a job while she sings the praises of illegal aliens.  All while she's claiming that the riots in Sweden never happened.

Of course you can't argue stats with these idiots. You can't bring up how much more likely illegal aliens are to drink and drive, commit sex crimes, or any of that.  No, they're obsessed with the idea that every illegal alien 'just wants a better life' or some bullshit.  But hey look how well that thinking worked out for California, the fucking liberal idiots.  They shit up their paradise so badly that they have to flee to other states because they can't afford to live in the hell they created.

The killer of it all is that they want to bring that hell everywhere except their little gated community whitopias, where they can lecture us all on what morally superior beings they are.  Fuck em.  Liberals should be air dropped into the middle of Detroit and told to be multicultural.  The ones that survive will have a different opinion, I guran-fucking-tee it.

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