Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The world continues to spin

I promise that this will not turn into baby blog, but there was a moment where I was rocking the child and it felt like all my dead friends and family where there behind me. All greivances were forgotten for a moment, and they were happy for me.  Above them were choirs of angels, and St. Michael was there with me.

It sounds silly to type it now, days after the event itself, but it felt very real. Perhaps experiences of faith like that should remain personal, but I would like to share this if only so that in the future I know I didn't imagine it.

However, as the title said, the world continues to spin and things are still happening. As I said before, everything has changed and what there is to fight for has taken on a new level of intensity.  It seems as if the forces arrayed against traditionalism are in disarray for the moment.  Trayvon Martin's death was supposed to be the rally point for a new series of black greivance mau-mauing now seemingly run its course. Other alt-right commenters, especially Sailer have pointed out how blacks are being traded out for illegal aliens and homosexuals as far as the hierarchy of victims goes.

The 'justice for Trayvon' marches, other than proving the inability of the Left to deal with reality, also proved that most people just don't give a shit that "RealNigga4Lyfe" (Trayvon's twitter handle) got shot while attempting to beat someone's head in for not following double secret street justice rules.  Beyonce and Jay Z showed up in NYC - maybe a thousand people showed up.  There were a dozen in Arizona, I think.

Speaking of Arizona, our very own Judas McCain is getting his ego massaged by the media as he embraces his 'maverick' role again, talking about his amnesty treason and how Arizona's legislature is going to 'have another look' at our SYG laws.  You forgetful old fuck - no one is going to have a fucking look at these laws!  The legislature knew exactly what it was doing after the Harold Fish case cost a man years of his life when he got railroaded for defending himself.  I would love to see him run again in 2016. I would primary his ass if it came to it, just to get this treacherous old fucker who apparently betrayed his comrades in Vietnam and has continued to try and slow roll POW/MIA efforts out of DC.

Amnesty is still floating around, now with House Leader Boner refusing to comment one way or the other.  His party is on the brink of a civil war with itself, and he's probably sweating orange kool aid trying to figure out how to please his industrialist masters and importing a new serf class without being remembered as the fucking nitwit who destroyed the party.

This is our leadership in the brave new age America faces.


  1. Congratulations on the birth of your child. I hope for you the blessings of many more.

    We are all short links in very long chains. When a man seasons to clarity on this, he'll embrace his purpose as a steward and advocate for those that follow.

    1. Ah, that's very wise and a damn good point. I like the way you put that.

      I realised that there is so much more to fight for now.