Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Dinner and News

The family was invited to my aunt and uncle's tonight for dinner, so we had a lovely time there.  We didn't realize it would be a dinner party though, consisting of my cousin and his date, their friend, and my grandmother, but all in all it was a lovely time.  The only hiccup was when the immigration treason came up, and I started pointing out the bergs, steins, and mens behind it all.  This led to the family friend starting to get upset, because she's a white girl dating a black man, which I am no fan of.

I'm not sure exactly why she started to get upset, but I wasn't going to belabor the point, as I try to be a good guest.  All the same, there were some good gems, such as: "You should have been born in the 50s." "Well if I had maybe I could have made things turn out better."  The best thing to do, I've realized, is not to be ashamed of a racial realist position.  I've also seen how quickly things escalate emotionally when you begin pointing out flaws in someone's logic.  Its best to keep a pocket full of quips and facts, and to be ready to pound the table when need be.

However, the dinner went off without a hitch and was delicious.  The dinner conversation itself was charming and graceful, and that's about all you can ask for when enjoying a summer dinner.  Now if only we could catch some of these monsoons that are coming in.

With the long weekend, its been slow on news, even though Kerry went boating as Egypt burned.  Not that I think we need to be meddling in Egypt, but it just goes to show how the diversicrat children are running things in the Imperial City.  There's also the double whammy of seeing the 'Arab Spring' blow up in our face yet again, and idiots like Juan McCain declare that the Muslim Brotherhood should be left in power.  Exactly who's pocket is this fool in?

However there are two pieces I want to put out there.  One is that the border that King Janet Napalitano declares is secure ain't really.  Seems like a lot of terrorists from Africa and the Middle East like to make their way up through our southwest border.  This isn't news to anyone who's been paying attention, but unfortunately this is an inconvenient fact for many who are busy trying to make America into a post First World nation, so instead of hearing about this we get more retarded emotional stories about 'nation of immigrants' bullshit.

The other involves the Third Amendment and police just deciding to take over someone's house 'because'.  Being law enforcement, I can understand how annoying the heavily edited 'gotcha' videos are and how they often fail to tell the whole story (the UC Davis pepper spray incident, the recent dog shooting), but shit like this is a serious head scratcher.  It seems like many police departments won't touch minority neighborhoods with a ten foot pole, but love going into white suburbs and throwing their weight around.  They don't get that they only work with the consent of the people their policing, and being ridiculous like this is a great way to lose that consent.  More of the militarization of law enforcement, I bet.  I wonder if there was some veteran talking about how they used to do this shit all the time in Iraq, and the good idea fairy just ran with it.

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