Friday, July 12, 2013

Our daily 'Death of the West' scream

Another 'transgender' child that we all must support in mutilating its body for 'equality'

Most charmingly at the end: 

His parents will have to find a doctor who will begin tracking him for early signs of early puberty next year. And once there is a sign - they are a family of early bloomers, and that trait is genetic, Jean (Tyler's mother) said - they will have to decide whether to begin giving him puberty blockers to stop breasts and curves from blooming.

Mind you, the doctor's insanity is supporting the six year old's insanity as well.  As some wags over at Something Sensitive pointed out: "I wanted to be a fucking stegosaurus when I was six."  How the fuck a six year old can make a decision as permanent as lopping off their tits and keeping themselves from becoming women, I don't fucking know but that's the case here.

Maybe we should blame it on the cult of the child, where every child is a fucking genius and worldly.  Or we could blame it on idiot parents who've swallowed too much fucking multicultural pap that's pumped into popular culture 24/7.  Is it the doctor who is fucking this child over for her whole life because of retarded make believe voodoo?  Likely all of the above.

What does America want?  More medical abominations wandering around claiming to be something they're not?  All in the name of equality, of course, because once you start disregarding morals and virtue, everything else follows.  I watch the West crumble a little more around me everyday.  There is a connection between the abortion of justice going on down in Florida, and this nonsense right here.  However, we're not supposed to notice that as we fail in one area, we fail in others as well.

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