Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One Insane Tapestry

Everything that's happening lately shouldn't be looked at separately.  If you do, you tend to not notice the bigger picture of what is occuring.  I've talked at length at how George Zimmerman is currently going through Hell for the wicked crime of defending his own life.  To many on the Left, especially the lily white ivory tower 'academics', it would have been preferable for Zimmerman to have had his brains beaten out on the sidewalk.  He has slaughtered too many of their sacred cows, and now we see them trying to crush him.

I'm not one to get into trying to psychoanalyze other people.  However, the response of the Left on this issue has been not to admit that they were wrong, but instead to double down on the crazy and hysteria.  I've seen numerous people with national megaphones make ridiculous claims about how it was 'open season on young black men'.  Bullshit - its been open season on young black men for years, BY other black men.  The fable that there are hordes of racist whites waiting in the wings for any noble negro to stroll outside the library and beat them to death for saying thank you to a white girl is one carefully nurtured by "Law and Order", but has no basis in reality.

Instead the reality isn't agreeable to the Left, so that's why we get so much bullshit thrown at us by their allies in the media.  Its why "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" was so fucking laughable, with its white Swede going around raping immigrant women, when the truth is that Muslim immigrants are most likely to be raping Swedish women.  Of course, this news is buried by the leftist government responsible for the importation of a new class of people who will accede to their tolitarianism.

So we return to America, where the drive to do yet another Jewish backed immigration amnesty treason is stalled in the house.  I don't want to stay stopped, because it looks like the plutocrats are going to make one last push to bring in their serf labor.  I think the House Republicans, at least, realize that Paul Ryan can make his bed with amnesty if he wants to, but the rest of them have had their phones exploding off the hook with angry constituents.  However the myth of the sacred immigrant who came from immigrant land and is magically cleansed of all sins upon coming here is a big part of the mythos of the Left.  Did you know that two days ago there was a thousands strong march on Capital Hill by blacks protesting the importation of a bunch of illegal mexicans?  Nah, you didn't hear about that unless it was the Left screaming about how it was a bunch of phony blacks upset at being shoved down further because of illegal immigration.

So step back, and look at it all, and you're going to see a concerted effort to wreck the middle class, which is both the strongest bulwark of conservative society and where the revolutionaries tend to come from, and wonder why they're trying to crush them so.


  1. I have to admit that it is a little bit fun to watch the party of all inclusiveness cannibalize itself. Black and Hispanics going at each other and now blacks going after women (Jesse Jackson, for one, has disparaged women's ability to sit on juries and make sound decisions).

    1. I keep hoping the leftist circular firing squad will eventually kill itself off, but it seems almost hydra like in its antics.