Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh that President

It was with little surprise that the President gave a speech that tried for soaring rhetoric and turned out to be his typical ham fisted blather.  Yet ANOTHER 'national conversation on race'?  I've got an idea, how about we stop doubling down on the retarded idea that equal opportunity means equal outcomes?  That seems to be driving the Left insane, that for all their talk about 'gaps' and what have you, everything Senator Moynihan said would happen is happening.

He cried about people locking their doors when black people walked by?  Well jeeze, maybe if they weren't attacking people in their own living room and doing anti-social shit, we'd be a lot better off.  I don't have time to link to all the bullshit that causes reasonable people to lock their fucking doors, but White Girl Bleed A Lot really gets into the weeds here.  Scroll down past the initial post to read the updates on all the violence.

Our beloved President also had a lot to say about Stand Your Ground laws, even though SYG had nothing to do in this case.  To him, getting your head beaten in is an acceptable state of affairs, and we should all just let whatever happens, happens.  This goes against over a thousand years of Anglo-Saxon common law, but to him and all the other marxist assholes out there, that means nothing.  An angelic little black boy was killed by a "white hispanic"and all their emotion buttons have been pressed.

"Trayvon could have been me", yes I'm sure he could have while you were getting ready to go to school at Columbia he was busy assaulting bus drivers and learning how to break in houses.  I guess its not amazing that the President of the United States is as clueless as any other liberal about the facts in this case, but sometimes I have to hope.

My prediction though? Watch for this to be another sideways attempt to attack something liberals don't like. In this case, its would be thugs getting shot like the mad dogs they are when they decide to 'keep it real'.

I also promise this string of Zimmerman entries will stop soon.  Right now though its such an interesting prism to view the inane responses of the Left through, and see how their hysteria builds and builds as they realise what worked before isn't working again.

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