Thursday, July 11, 2013

Migraines and Zimmerman

I suffer from migraines, so this post might be a bit short as I am riding the crests and troughs of one currently. 

I am still on my 'Zimmerman kick' as the idea that the State can make up law to go after one person is still amazing to me and my wife.  She has been engrossed in the trial, wondering exactly what the media talking heads are going on about while the State flails about, throwing shit at the wall in the hope some of it sticks.  Remember these are the people who brought us Precious, the 19 y/o soon to be high school senior and darling of the internet left as the State's star witness.  Between her grunts, low vernacular, and the laughable defense of her disingeneous white liberal boosters, this was supposed to be the nail in Zimmerman's coffin.

Now today we are told that not only is judging Rachael Jeantel exactly as she is incorrect, but it is also RAYCISS because it goes against the precepts wife beater, whore seeking, communist backed Martin Luther King.  Seriously, this was the argument of the State in the end.  They also attempted to add, at the last minute, the charge of Third Degree Murder under the Child Abuse statute, since Saint Trayvon was a child.

These people are insane, and to many of my enemies on the Left, Zimmerman should have just laid there and died and let himself be a victim instead of fighting back.  Its also coming out that the US DOJ, which can't find the time to prosecute the banking fools who crashed our economy nor find justice for BPA Brian Terry, sent teams down to Sanford, Florida to racially agitate and get the police chief of Sanford fired.  All in the name of a retarded philosophy called cultural marxism, which is destroying this country and its system of civilization.  You can have a functioning society, or you can have insane egalitarianism.  You cannot have both.

An excellent overview of the logical fallacies in this trial.

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  1. I have been following this closely as has my wife. We both agree with your wife and yourself.

    This has been a farce that should have never happened.