Saturday, July 27, 2013

Liberalism as a Death Cult

Every day I think that the Left has hit a new level of insanity, and the next day I get to replay my shock all over again.  Its been said in the past that liberalism is simply a death cult, and with everyday I see them doing their damndest to embrace that image.  It goes simply beyond their support of abortion (though that is a big one) and their unstinting embrace of hedonism, but into something far more foul.

Abortion & feminism have to be looked at though, because they're the two biggest examples of the Left's obsession with "I do whatever I want and nothing I do is my fault" and it has had drastic consequences on the Western world.  Abortion on demand obviously devalues human life.  How this is controversial I'm not sure.  I think its ridiculous the kind of inane 'what if' scenarios that get thrown up (what if a rapist is the dad and the kid is 11 and and and and) when most abortions seem to be of the 'whoops I forgot my protection' bullshit.  Look at the Left absolutely losing its shit when Texas recently banned abortions after 20 weeks.  That's five months!

How do they do these abortions that are this late in term? Well they kill the baby by driving a spike into the brain and since the baby isn't totally born yet its totes legit or something.  I don't know how but I do know that this kind of shit is evil, and all because segments of the population fucking obsess over the freedom to do whatever the fuck they want.  Do they realize that feminism and female hypergamy is responsible for all of the shit they claim to hate? Fuck no, they demand that women continue to be able to do what the want, like children, and are allowed zero responsibility for their actions.  Look at what these motherfuckers are doing to language with their post modernism bullshit.

Its always about zero consequences and the destruction of the natural order so they can sate whatever desires they want.  When you take a step back, you see that for all their love of hedonism, it always ends in death.  Look at those idiots up in Sweden, killing themselves by importing as many Somalis and Pakis as possible to rape and murder their children and women.  Look at the Left here in America, demanding that women be allowed in the Infantry because 'equality!'. Ignore the fact that the relaxed standards will result in more dead men and women, just shut down your frontal lobes and embrace equality because.

This is the nightmare we live in.

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