Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July.  I went out of my way to see the fireworks tonight, something I haven't done in years.  That was thank to my wife's urging, who wanted to go and see them.  She was pretty impressed by them, and enjoyed them.  So it was a worthwhile night. She made an incredible dinner of steak, corn, salad, and red potato salad, which is par for the course with her.

What does the Fourth mean now?  A lot of sales, apparently.  We live in an age of an Imperial Presidency, of PRISM scanning everything, of an unattached capital doing whatever the hell it wants to, where those elected to represent us negotiate an amnesty treason that threatens to Balkanize our country into warring ethnic factions so they can get a little more money or a little more power.

You have to ask yourself what the Founders would say if they saw our obsessive focus on 'equality', enforced by a bloated government only interested in sustaining itself and pushing its ideology at the expense of our natural rights.  I imagine they wouldn't have much to say for the idea that faggots marrying and trannies lopping off their dicks for fun are 'natural rights'.

I imagine it wouldn't be very flattering.

Existential questions of country and history aside, people do remember out there that over 300 years ago, men stood against tyanny and the most powerful country in the world, and succeeded to bring forth a new thing the world had not seen befoe. Perhaps their heirs can do the same thing.

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