Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Federal Persecution

So much is going on in the world, isn't it?  I know I promised some juicy King Janet gossip and DHS shenanigans, but we're living in amazing times.  Holder's DOJ is specifically asking for help to prove Zimmerman's racism.  This is America in 2013, where the President's Attorney General is skating the line for suborning perjury from the public in order to push a political witch hunt.

This is madness!  The colonies went to war against their king for less.  But here's post racial Obama, bowing to the insanity of the mob because they demand blood.  As many other alt-right bloggers have pointed out, this was the Left putting all their chips on the fact that Zimmerman was their Great White Defendant, murdering an angelic future astronaut.  As I've said - the Left's belief system is a house of cards on a windy day.  Anything that challenges that system gives us a hysterical reaction - so that's why we have the Leftist media literally inventing facts out of whole cloth: Zims attacked Martin, Martin was 'illegally profiled' (wtf?), Zims chased Martin, etc. They have to believe in these lies or else everything they've invested in their lives will collapse.

That's just the Left's ivory tower though.  Right now we see the DOJ using its muscle, not to go after bankers, not to help secure the border, but to attempt to take away our right to defend ourselves.  Holder made a big issue out of Stand Your Ground laws, a law that wasn't even invoked in Florida.  But that's not the point though - the point is to make it so that you're reliant on the State for protection from criminals, as opposed to having the G-d given right to defend yourself from the depredations of banditry.

Which was what the trial was all about, of course - making it harder for law abiding folk to defend themselves from the depredations of black criminality.  If the NAACP really cared about black violence, they'd do something about the 11,000 blacks that we know about killed last year alone.  Instead it focused all of its efforts on trying to turn the drug using burglar Treyvon Martin, who bragged about how he could sucker punch someone, into an angel. It failed, and now we're hearing about how Martin was 'thug' and that's how things are done 'in the hood'.

How about maybe being anti-social will lead to a short, sharp life, and the rest of civilized society shouldn't have to adapt to how a small sect of the population takes every single interaction as an excuse for violence?  That's the real issue here, why after over a century certain parts of American society think they're exempt from the rules that govern us all, and that we should allow them to do as they please because of nebulous, unproven concepts of 'white privilege' and 'racism' that the Left believes in as articles of faith.

You'd think the NAACP and its ilk would look at the last fifty years with the implosion of the black family and the destruction of the black middle class and realize that the current course is unsustainable as Democrats are ditching them for the more polite (relatively speaking) LBGT crowd, and allowing them to be purged by the brown tide from the south.  Instead, they're doubling down on holding on to whatever power they have left, helped by ivory tower disingeneous liberals who have to resort to sophistry in order to convince themselves and their followers that Democrat Latino Zimmerman was some sort of racist monster.

One loss, and the Left has had a near meltdown.  One only knows what would happen if we had an actual conservative government in DC.


  1. "But here's post racial Obama, bowing to the insanity of the mob because they demand blood."

    Yes. Nice post, BTW.

    I think that politicians were always men of low character after the initial founders left the stage. However, the men they represented were not. Thus, politicians, lackeys as always, served the good, for the most part.

    Now they serve the filthy mob on the one hand and a miniscule elite on the other.

    This is because the opportunity that once presented in vast untapped resources, fresh industrialization and near free land for all willing to work it is gone.

    This is the end of America as we know it. Those who are connected know the Titanic has hit an iceberg and will sink. They are monopolizing the lifeboats while filling them with as much supplies as possible. The next class down (e.g. Obama) is fighting a rearguard action to delay a surge on the life boats. There will be much more distracting rabble rousing in the near future.

    1. Thank you. There were so many threads to try and connect in this post.

      The goal of all this, from Trayvon to "Marty the Magician" needing a disaster plan for his rabbit, is to crush the middle class, which is generally opposed to their statist, top down, one size fits all control freak schemes.

      The LA protest/chaos thing was interesting to watch, if only because we didn't have reporters trying to spin things as much as a straight talking woman saying things like "Well, they just robbed someone again. What a mob." with all the detachment of someone doing an ARCLIGHT mission.