Sunday, July 21, 2013

Detroit is fallen

The fact that Detroit, once the centerpiece of the 'arsenal of democracy' and the former 'Paris of the West' has declared bankruptcy is reduced to gimmedats and the retarded media's insistence on a "Left/Right" dichotomy.  Instead of breaking Detroit down to "plz help us Obama you're our only hope" VS "starve plebians ahahah", perhaps the media could do some investigating and point out the structural causes of Detroit's collapse among its political & business class.

Seriously, have you seen some of the meetings of the so called Detroit City Council?  This is real by the way, and there's plenty of other pictures of councilmembers wearing crowns or what not as they drive the city further into the pit they've created.  I find their expectation of a bailout to be preposterous as well, but totally in line with the mentality they've displayed in the past. A famous quote from a few years ago was that Obama owes Detroit, so sayeth a city council type thing.

This is the kind of inanity we'd expect from a banana republic, or an African kleptocracy, but not a first world government. However right on cue we've got Biden saying that the Feds might bail out Detroit.  How the fuck is this not the moral hazard that reasonable types in DC were raising hell about when we did TARP? It wasn't right then and its not right now.  I'd also like to note how apparently when it comes to bankruptcy law, the Feds can't do a fucking thing if the state constitution says otherwise.  I'm speaking of how certain elements at the Federal level are claiming that the MI state constitution forbids pension reductions, so they can't mess with those.  However when it comes to immigration law WHOA WHOA WHOA YOU RACIST.  Again, it all comes down to who can promise the most gimmedats.

Speaking of inanity, and most troubling to me in this entire brouhaha, is this line: "Judge Rosemary Aquilina also said the filing did not honor President Barack Obama's work for the city, who she said "took [Detroit's auto companies] out of bankruptcy." Aquilina said she would send a copy of her order to Obama."  Read the whole thing here.  Look at this judge going on about Obama like he's some sort of fucking king!  'Honor his work for the city' are you insane? I guess this is just the wisdom of the 'wise latina' that our current wide latina on the Supreme Court went on about.  I can't say enough about how insane this is to read and realize that a REAL JUDGE said this and its not a creation of a prank magazine.

We'll just have to see how this chain of bankruptcies continues to spin out.  Its not going to be pretty, no matter how much the usual suspects bleat in unison how "things are getting better".

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