Monday, July 1, 2013

Blood of the Martyr

Following up yesterday, here's some interesting bullet points to follow up on.

In other news, Fransiscan Father Francois Murad was martyred today in Syria by our 'allies' the Salafist jihadis. He had his head chopped with a kitchen knife and it was filmed by those savages and uploaded to the internet.  Of course, none of this made the news as our media has filled the airwaves with irrelevant bullshit, with Judas McCain demanding weapons for the Syrian 'freedom fighters' so Iran doesn't get nukes.

I think its worthwhile to notice that McCain and Rubio are big immigration treason pushers as well.  Who's behind the immigration treason? Well, the same tribe that thinks its entitled to go anywhere it wants to because otherwise they'll cry their Holocaust tears on you, and if you don't let in the Third World then you're worst than Hitler. Meanwhile, in Israel.

So is it any surprise that these two idiots, firmly under the Zionist thumb, would be pushing for a better situation for Greater Israel?  I reckon there's also the very real idea that the neocons/neoliberals are settling some thousand year old blood grudges with the Christians in the area.  Meanwhile, yet again we're bombing Christians and their protectors in the area on behalf of Muslims and Jews. What a fucking world.

I'm tired of hearing this cowardice dressed up as piety so that certain Christian denominations can roll over and show their belly to every single challenge.  They're always ready to talk about 'turn the other cheek' but ignore the context that line was presented in (referring to insults, not physical violence) and the rest of the Gospels where Jesus was not a pacifist by any means.  We know what is wrong and what is right, and allowing the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East is wrong.

The martyred Father died the best he could, secure in his Faith. We can all only hope to face death so bravely.  That being said, there should be an answer for his death.

Colonel Lang blogs about it here as well. His commentary is of course of a higher level than mine.


  1. The man died bravely and I'll bet his last thought, even as the knife sawed through his throat, was that G-d forgive his murderers.

    He was a better man than I am.

    Christian communities all over the muslim world are being destroyed. Many Christians have been murdered in Iraq and the so called Arab Spring countries. Many have been slaughtered in Syria by Obama's and McCain's "allies".

    I am pissed off to my core that none of the major news outlets are covering this story. That to me speaks to how far this country has declined into a propaganda driven bizzaro autocracy.

    We should be killing these jihadis, not supporting them. We need to kill them now and kill them thoroughly because if we don't there is going to be hell to pay a short while down the road.

    I don't give two flying fucks of a fat rat's ass about Iran; not today any how. Who knows, maybe assisting the Syrian government would gain us the opportunity to wean them away from Iran a little in the future. Doesn't matter, Iran, as a somewhat rational state actor, is not the threat to our interests that these jihadists are. I truly believe that the Iranian people are relatively cultured and do not want war with the west. This is in stark contrast to the jihadi savages, with whom there is no compromise or ability to reason.

    I think we need to remember the fate of Christian Armenians a hundred years ago. That's where the region is heading again.

    1. I agree with everything you've said. We've got this fetish with democracy, and if someone waves a banner that says DEMOCRACY GUD we''ve gotta go in guns blazing. If we don't deal with them now than we get to deal with them like Europe does.

      I can't get this obsession with Persia, but of course the Jews say frog and we start jumping. The Persians are chess players, like the Russians, and we're seeing the fruits of the 'long game' while we jump from shiny object to shiny object like children.

      BTW, I think I may have appropriated your line about McCain slaughtering Christians on Colonel Lang's blog - so apologies for that.

  2. I just sent this to McCain via his official website:

    Hello, I am wondering how you can justify supporting Syrian jihadists that are murdering Christians (e.g. Father Murad) in Syria. The so called Arab Spring has been a disaster for Christians as was the Iraq war, but these rebels you support are the worst yet. I know that you have a bone to pick with Iran and you believe that some how overthrowing the sovereign gov't of Syria will limit Iran's influence. Still, I think you owe it to the American people to explain how Asad - or Iran for that matter - is worse that the jihadists that seek to gain power. I think you need to explain the morality of sacrificing Christian communities to Islamic radicals in the larger scheme of things. So far you've done a good job keeping the death of Murad and others like him out of the main stream media. However, these situations are coming to America's attention, slowly, but surely, through alternative outlets. At some point critical information mass will be reached and you WILL have to answer to us. You will have to explain why you support their martyrdom. Please do the right thing and defend Christians instead of helping kill them. Find another way to get at Iran if you really believe it is necessary to do so. Thank you.

    1. I like what you wrote, and I appreciate the time you took to actually contact him. The problem is I think McCain knows he's done this time around. His town hall meetings have constantly devolved into him screaming at ranchers who are screaming back at him. I think his approval rate is in the 30s, along with Flake. I don't believe he cares about anything other than making sure he makes as much money as possible before going to whore as a lobbyist.