Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another day, another fight

It seems like amnesty may have finally gone down for the long count, with the nation having turned decisively against the Senate's amnesty treason (38% of the polled are in favor, even with the 'super secure borders' provision inserted into the question), and the House having reminded the Senate that they are not a lesser chamber of the Senate.  I've heard some good stuff coming from the House Republicans that makes me think they actually listen to their constituents, as opposed to trying to call Judas McCain or Flake and getting automatic robotic voice the minute you bring up amnesty.

They weren't happy to play the Obamacare game again either, remembering that the House has the Power of the Purse as opposed to the Senate.  Of course, this makes Obamacare unconstitutional, since Roberts ruled (insanely) that the ACA is a tax.  Also on this day, the Senate Republicans got together and demanded that Obama suspend implimentation of the ACA indefinitely since its an unworkable law.  Of course I'm sure our newest beneficiary of 'Unitary Executive' doctrine is going to just blow off Congress, but maybe they'll show some spine this time.

Maybe the Populists are finally waking up.  The eternal struggle of the modern Republican Party has been the Populists against the Plutocrats, and for the last twenty or thirty years we've had the Plutocrats calling the shots and giving us Bob Dole, GWB, and Romney.  We've also seen affirmative action, abortion rights, homosexual rights, and all the other diversity bullshit cornucopia of the Left shoved down our throats.  Maybe this is the first step in a long path back to normalcy, or maybe its a false dawn.  The good thing about being a pessimist is that the only surprises you get are pleasant ones.

Unfortunately, when it comes to this amnesty bullshit, they've only got to succeed once.  Freedom. Eternal vigilance.  You know the drill.

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