Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Laying in

Ive completed my move to the new house, but I won't be around for a bit since the only ISP in the area can't get out here to hook my service up for a week or two. On top of that, my phone service is splotchy as well, so there won't be too much phone blogging either.

So don't think I've side tracked this place, as I've got plenty to say still, just my voice has been cut off for a bit. I'll be back and yelling soon enough.  In the mean time Ive got the baby, more chickens, and a cow to get up and running. You guys take care of yourself though.

Monday, July 29, 2013

There is literally no arguing with fucking liberals

You cannot argue with them.  Every fucking argument is made up out of whole cloth, every fucking fact that disproves one of their sacred cows is rayciss, every experience you've had is simply ancedotal and there is zero comprehension of what statistics mean.  They live in their fucking whitopias, surround themselves with their carefully screened minority playdates, and then lecture everyone else about how racist they are.

Liberals have no sense of decorum, no sense of hospitality to anyone they perceive as having differing views.  I spent tonight arguing with my retarded sheltered cunt of an aunt who lives in a little whitopia and has no idea of what the fuck happens outside of the realm she lives in.  Not only does this retard think to lecture me about illegal immigration, but then she goes on to claim that Obama 'got us out of Iraq'.  No, you dumb fucking bitch, Obama wanted to keep us in Iraq but that country wouldn't agree to the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) so we had to leave.  Obama didn't get us out of shit.

Then this cow argues that "the economy got better with Obama" when everything points to the exact fucking opposite. More people are on food stamps than ever, more people are out of work (labor participation rate is in the fucking toilet), more people are on part time jobs - basically every single negative variable you can think of is up under Obama, but this "1 percenter" idiot can't figure it out while she's out buying real estate why her son can't find a job while she sings the praises of illegal aliens.  All while she's claiming that the riots in Sweden never happened.

Of course you can't argue stats with these idiots. You can't bring up how much more likely illegal aliens are to drink and drive, commit sex crimes, or any of that.  No, they're obsessed with the idea that every illegal alien 'just wants a better life' or some bullshit.  But hey look how well that thinking worked out for California, the fucking liberal idiots.  They shit up their paradise so badly that they have to flee to other states because they can't afford to live in the hell they created.

The killer of it all is that they want to bring that hell everywhere except their little gated community whitopias, where they can lecture us all on what morally superior beings they are.  Fuck em.  Liberals should be air dropped into the middle of Detroit and told to be multicultural.  The ones that survive will have a different opinion, I guran-fucking-tee it.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Liberalism as a Death Cult

Every day I think that the Left has hit a new level of insanity, and the next day I get to replay my shock all over again.  Its been said in the past that liberalism is simply a death cult, and with everyday I see them doing their damndest to embrace that image.  It goes simply beyond their support of abortion (though that is a big one) and their unstinting embrace of hedonism, but into something far more foul.

Abortion & feminism have to be looked at though, because they're the two biggest examples of the Left's obsession with "I do whatever I want and nothing I do is my fault" and it has had drastic consequences on the Western world.  Abortion on demand obviously devalues human life.  How this is controversial I'm not sure.  I think its ridiculous the kind of inane 'what if' scenarios that get thrown up (what if a rapist is the dad and the kid is 11 and and and and) when most abortions seem to be of the 'whoops I forgot my protection' bullshit.  Look at the Left absolutely losing its shit when Texas recently banned abortions after 20 weeks.  That's five months!

How do they do these abortions that are this late in term? Well they kill the baby by driving a spike into the brain and since the baby isn't totally born yet its totes legit or something.  I don't know how but I do know that this kind of shit is evil, and all because segments of the population fucking obsess over the freedom to do whatever the fuck they want.  Do they realize that feminism and female hypergamy is responsible for all of the shit they claim to hate? Fuck no, they demand that women continue to be able to do what the want, like children, and are allowed zero responsibility for their actions.  Look at what these motherfuckers are doing to language with their post modernism bullshit.

Its always about zero consequences and the destruction of the natural order so they can sate whatever desires they want.  When you take a step back, you see that for all their love of hedonism, it always ends in death.  Look at those idiots up in Sweden, killing themselves by importing as many Somalis and Pakis as possible to rape and murder their children and women.  Look at the Left here in America, demanding that women be allowed in the Infantry because 'equality!'. Ignore the fact that the relaxed standards will result in more dead men and women, just shut down your frontal lobes and embrace equality because.

This is the nightmare we live in.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Working Hard

It looks like this house thing is going to finally go off.  Perhaps there is something to the old saying that the third time is the charm.  I'm thankful that I have my in-laws here, especially my father in law, to give us a hand moving.  He's been very helpful so far, and he bought us some very nice appliances for the house. Thank you, John, its much oblidged.

We took a look at the house a few days ago after the people renting there had moved out, and all in all it looked like I remember.  However we'll have to go in and paint some of the rooms, especially the one with the bullshit written on the wall by some idiot teenager that says stuff like "TREVOR LOVES BIG BLACK DICK".  Charming stuff, I know.  Other than that and some carpet cleaning that needs to be done the house looks in good condition. 

The outside is going to need a bit of landscaping, but only because its been allowed to run rampant.  I think we can really do some nice things with desert trees and create a little orchard as well.  The perimeter of the house already has stone laid in to create a border, so right now its just a matter of what I'd like to put there.  I'm thinking I'll go with some low shrubs and cactus and possibly some flowering bushes.

I'm going to be busy driving posts and laying fencing as well, because the cow will be arriving on Saturday as well.  I've also got to create a chicken run as well, so I look forward to getting that all set up here as well as laying in my backyard fence and the raised bed garden.  I've got to say, having a house really gives you a lot of things to look forward to doing.  If anyone has any ideas for other useful projects, or know a source for 'southwestern' themed decor, I'd be interested in hearing them.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The world continues to spin

I promise that this will not turn into baby blog, but there was a moment where I was rocking the child and it felt like all my dead friends and family where there behind me. All greivances were forgotten for a moment, and they were happy for me.  Above them were choirs of angels, and St. Michael was there with me.

It sounds silly to type it now, days after the event itself, but it felt very real. Perhaps experiences of faith like that should remain personal, but I would like to share this if only so that in the future I know I didn't imagine it.

However, as the title said, the world continues to spin and things are still happening. As I said before, everything has changed and what there is to fight for has taken on a new level of intensity.  It seems as if the forces arrayed against traditionalism are in disarray for the moment.  Trayvon Martin's death was supposed to be the rally point for a new series of black greivance mau-mauing now seemingly run its course. Other alt-right commenters, especially Sailer have pointed out how blacks are being traded out for illegal aliens and homosexuals as far as the hierarchy of victims goes.

The 'justice for Trayvon' marches, other than proving the inability of the Left to deal with reality, also proved that most people just don't give a shit that "RealNigga4Lyfe" (Trayvon's twitter handle) got shot while attempting to beat someone's head in for not following double secret street justice rules.  Beyonce and Jay Z showed up in NYC - maybe a thousand people showed up.  There were a dozen in Arizona, I think.

Speaking of Arizona, our very own Judas McCain is getting his ego massaged by the media as he embraces his 'maverick' role again, talking about his amnesty treason and how Arizona's legislature is going to 'have another look' at our SYG laws.  You forgetful old fuck - no one is going to have a fucking look at these laws!  The legislature knew exactly what it was doing after the Harold Fish case cost a man years of his life when he got railroaded for defending himself.  I would love to see him run again in 2016. I would primary his ass if it came to it, just to get this treacherous old fucker who apparently betrayed his comrades in Vietnam and has continued to try and slow roll POW/MIA efforts out of DC.

Amnesty is still floating around, now with House Leader Boner refusing to comment one way or the other.  His party is on the brink of a civil war with itself, and he's probably sweating orange kool aid trying to figure out how to please his industrialist masters and importing a new serf class without being remembered as the fucking nitwit who destroyed the party.

This is our leadership in the brave new age America faces.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


My daughter was born today. I've been up since 8 am yesterday.  What a rollercoaster. Sleep now, but there is so much more to fight for suddenly.

Detroit is fallen

The fact that Detroit, once the centerpiece of the 'arsenal of democracy' and the former 'Paris of the West' has declared bankruptcy is reduced to gimmedats and the retarded media's insistence on a "Left/Right" dichotomy.  Instead of breaking Detroit down to "plz help us Obama you're our only hope" VS "starve plebians ahahah", perhaps the media could do some investigating and point out the structural causes of Detroit's collapse among its political & business class.

Seriously, have you seen some of the meetings of the so called Detroit City Council?  This is real by the way, and there's plenty of other pictures of councilmembers wearing crowns or what not as they drive the city further into the pit they've created.  I find their expectation of a bailout to be preposterous as well, but totally in line with the mentality they've displayed in the past. A famous quote from a few years ago was that Obama owes Detroit, so sayeth a city council type thing.

This is the kind of inanity we'd expect from a banana republic, or an African kleptocracy, but not a first world government. However right on cue we've got Biden saying that the Feds might bail out Detroit.  How the fuck is this not the moral hazard that reasonable types in DC were raising hell about when we did TARP? It wasn't right then and its not right now.  I'd also like to note how apparently when it comes to bankruptcy law, the Feds can't do a fucking thing if the state constitution says otherwise.  I'm speaking of how certain elements at the Federal level are claiming that the MI state constitution forbids pension reductions, so they can't mess with those.  However when it comes to immigration law WHOA WHOA WHOA YOU RACIST.  Again, it all comes down to who can promise the most gimmedats.

Speaking of inanity, and most troubling to me in this entire brouhaha, is this line: "Judge Rosemary Aquilina also said the filing did not honor President Barack Obama's work for the city, who she said "took [Detroit's auto companies] out of bankruptcy." Aquilina said she would send a copy of her order to Obama."  Read the whole thing here.  Look at this judge going on about Obama like he's some sort of fucking king!  'Honor his work for the city' are you insane? I guess this is just the wisdom of the 'wise latina' that our current wide latina on the Supreme Court went on about.  I can't say enough about how insane this is to read and realize that a REAL JUDGE said this and its not a creation of a prank magazine.

We'll just have to see how this chain of bankruptcies continues to spin out.  Its not going to be pretty, no matter how much the usual suspects bleat in unison how "things are getting better".

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh that President

It was with little surprise that the President gave a speech that tried for soaring rhetoric and turned out to be his typical ham fisted blather.  Yet ANOTHER 'national conversation on race'?  I've got an idea, how about we stop doubling down on the retarded idea that equal opportunity means equal outcomes?  That seems to be driving the Left insane, that for all their talk about 'gaps' and what have you, everything Senator Moynihan said would happen is happening.

He cried about people locking their doors when black people walked by?  Well jeeze, maybe if they weren't attacking people in their own living room and doing anti-social shit, we'd be a lot better off.  I don't have time to link to all the bullshit that causes reasonable people to lock their fucking doors, but White Girl Bleed A Lot really gets into the weeds here.  Scroll down past the initial post to read the updates on all the violence.

Our beloved President also had a lot to say about Stand Your Ground laws, even though SYG had nothing to do in this case.  To him, getting your head beaten in is an acceptable state of affairs, and we should all just let whatever happens, happens.  This goes against over a thousand years of Anglo-Saxon common law, but to him and all the other marxist assholes out there, that means nothing.  An angelic little black boy was killed by a "white hispanic"and all their emotion buttons have been pressed.

"Trayvon could have been me", yes I'm sure he could have while you were getting ready to go to school at Columbia he was busy assaulting bus drivers and learning how to break in houses.  I guess its not amazing that the President of the United States is as clueless as any other liberal about the facts in this case, but sometimes I have to hope.

My prediction though? Watch for this to be another sideways attempt to attack something liberals don't like. In this case, its would be thugs getting shot like the mad dogs they are when they decide to 'keep it real'.

I also promise this string of Zimmerman entries will stop soon.  Right now though its such an interesting prism to view the inane responses of the Left through, and see how their hysteria builds and builds as they realise what worked before isn't working again.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One Insane Tapestry

Everything that's happening lately shouldn't be looked at separately.  If you do, you tend to not notice the bigger picture of what is occuring.  I've talked at length at how George Zimmerman is currently going through Hell for the wicked crime of defending his own life.  To many on the Left, especially the lily white ivory tower 'academics', it would have been preferable for Zimmerman to have had his brains beaten out on the sidewalk.  He has slaughtered too many of their sacred cows, and now we see them trying to crush him.

I'm not one to get into trying to psychoanalyze other people.  However, the response of the Left on this issue has been not to admit that they were wrong, but instead to double down on the crazy and hysteria.  I've seen numerous people with national megaphones make ridiculous claims about how it was 'open season on young black men'.  Bullshit - its been open season on young black men for years, BY other black men.  The fable that there are hordes of racist whites waiting in the wings for any noble negro to stroll outside the library and beat them to death for saying thank you to a white girl is one carefully nurtured by "Law and Order", but has no basis in reality.

Instead the reality isn't agreeable to the Left, so that's why we get so much bullshit thrown at us by their allies in the media.  Its why "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" was so fucking laughable, with its white Swede going around raping immigrant women, when the truth is that Muslim immigrants are most likely to be raping Swedish women.  Of course, this news is buried by the leftist government responsible for the importation of a new class of people who will accede to their tolitarianism.

So we return to America, where the drive to do yet another Jewish backed immigration amnesty treason is stalled in the house.  I don't want to stay stopped, because it looks like the plutocrats are going to make one last push to bring in their serf labor.  I think the House Republicans, at least, realize that Paul Ryan can make his bed with amnesty if he wants to, but the rest of them have had their phones exploding off the hook with angry constituents.  However the myth of the sacred immigrant who came from immigrant land and is magically cleansed of all sins upon coming here is a big part of the mythos of the Left.  Did you know that two days ago there was a thousands strong march on Capital Hill by blacks protesting the importation of a bunch of illegal mexicans?  Nah, you didn't hear about that unless it was the Left screaming about how it was a bunch of phony blacks upset at being shoved down further because of illegal immigration.

So step back, and look at it all, and you're going to see a concerted effort to wreck the middle class, which is both the strongest bulwark of conservative society and where the revolutionaries tend to come from, and wonder why they're trying to crush them so.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Federal Persecution

So much is going on in the world, isn't it?  I know I promised some juicy King Janet gossip and DHS shenanigans, but we're living in amazing times.  Holder's DOJ is specifically asking for help to prove Zimmerman's racism.  This is America in 2013, where the President's Attorney General is skating the line for suborning perjury from the public in order to push a political witch hunt.

This is madness!  The colonies went to war against their king for less.  But here's post racial Obama, bowing to the insanity of the mob because they demand blood.  As many other alt-right bloggers have pointed out, this was the Left putting all their chips on the fact that Zimmerman was their Great White Defendant, murdering an angelic future astronaut.  As I've said - the Left's belief system is a house of cards on a windy day.  Anything that challenges that system gives us a hysterical reaction - so that's why we have the Leftist media literally inventing facts out of whole cloth: Zims attacked Martin, Martin was 'illegally profiled' (wtf?), Zims chased Martin, etc. They have to believe in these lies or else everything they've invested in their lives will collapse.

That's just the Left's ivory tower though.  Right now we see the DOJ using its muscle, not to go after bankers, not to help secure the border, but to attempt to take away our right to defend ourselves.  Holder made a big issue out of Stand Your Ground laws, a law that wasn't even invoked in Florida.  But that's not the point though - the point is to make it so that you're reliant on the State for protection from criminals, as opposed to having the G-d given right to defend yourself from the depredations of banditry.

Which was what the trial was all about, of course - making it harder for law abiding folk to defend themselves from the depredations of black criminality.  If the NAACP really cared about black violence, they'd do something about the 11,000 blacks that we know about killed last year alone.  Instead it focused all of its efforts on trying to turn the drug using burglar Treyvon Martin, who bragged about how he could sucker punch someone, into an angel. It failed, and now we're hearing about how Martin was 'thug' and that's how things are done 'in the hood'.

How about maybe being anti-social will lead to a short, sharp life, and the rest of civilized society shouldn't have to adapt to how a small sect of the population takes every single interaction as an excuse for violence?  That's the real issue here, why after over a century certain parts of American society think they're exempt from the rules that govern us all, and that we should allow them to do as they please because of nebulous, unproven concepts of 'white privilege' and 'racism' that the Left believes in as articles of faith.

You'd think the NAACP and its ilk would look at the last fifty years with the implosion of the black family and the destruction of the black middle class and realize that the current course is unsustainable as Democrats are ditching them for the more polite (relatively speaking) LBGT crowd, and allowing them to be purged by the brown tide from the south.  Instead, they're doubling down on holding on to whatever power they have left, helped by ivory tower disingeneous liberals who have to resort to sophistry in order to convince themselves and their followers that Democrat Latino Zimmerman was some sort of racist monster.

One loss, and the Left has had a near meltdown.  One only knows what would happen if we had an actual conservative government in DC.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman is Free

Sorry for not posting yesteday, I was torn between the desire to get hammered in the wake of Zimmerman being found not guilty and the possibility of needing to be prepared for SWPL liberals throwing a brick through my window.  That's a joke of course: while the hashtag "riots" was getting a lot of action last night, outside of Oakland and South Memphis it seems that slacktivism was the rule of the day. 

Of course, those two statements reflect the main themes behind the case itself.  Zimmerman being found not guilty, with the demonization in the press and by the Left, by the State itself, is a miracle in and of itself.  The man who was labeled a 'white Hispanic', whatever the fuck that means, who was/is a Democrat, made into some sort of racist monster who killed the angelic Trayvon, he of the skittles and iced tea.  The same cherub who was bragging about drug use, attacking people, and buying guns. That guy who was in a downward spiral that was going to end poorly for someone - it just happened that he did indeed reap what he sowed.

Behind it all was the spectre of black rage, that lovely relic of the 60s that got all the old liberals fired up - the negros are going to riot! This is going to be like the Civil Rights movement again!  Maybe it sent a 'tingle' up Chris Matthews' leg?  For all the claims of the Left that conservatives live in an 'idealized' version of the past, I'm still hearing about attempted rapist Emmett Till to this day.  It seems every week there's another 64th anniversary of a riot that kinda sorta falls under some sort of "civil rights" aegis. So I can't say I'm surprised about the Left (and their media allies) getting all sweaty over the idea of a riot or ten.  If there's another few hundred Trayvons in there, all the better for them!  That being said I spent about an hour loading magazines, I'm embarassed to admit, because it seemed like an appropriate action.

However, it seems like the drama continues, as the Holder's DOJ is looking into whether or not Zimmer broke any 'hate crimes', those tyrannical thought crime laws that are only used as a club when you need to punish whites. As much as I'd love to see the dramatic overstep by the DOJ and Obama, it seems that Holder would have to eat a baby live on TV to get any sort of negative press.  The man led an armed occupation of a ROTC building at Columbia, FFS, and he's taken as some sort of negro wisdom.

Speaking of the E Branch's crew of idiots, seems like King Janet retired.  Let me just tell you how happy that makes me, but I don't expect things to change any time soon.  I'll post more about that tomorrow.

With all this going on, if I was GZ I'd be moving to Peru.  Maybe Zimmerman should become a high powered hedge fund manager - then he could break all the laws he wanted and they wouldn't prosecute him.  Or claim he's an illegal alien - they don't prosecute those guys either.  "White hispanics" though? Oh, you better believe it.  Get out of here Zims while you can - self imposed exile is better than what THEY have waiting for you.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Our daily 'Death of the West' scream

Another 'transgender' child that we all must support in mutilating its body for 'equality'

Most charmingly at the end: 

His parents will have to find a doctor who will begin tracking him for early signs of early puberty next year. And once there is a sign - they are a family of early bloomers, and that trait is genetic, Jean (Tyler's mother) said - they will have to decide whether to begin giving him puberty blockers to stop breasts and curves from blooming.

Mind you, the doctor's insanity is supporting the six year old's insanity as well.  As some wags over at Something Sensitive pointed out: "I wanted to be a fucking stegosaurus when I was six."  How the fuck a six year old can make a decision as permanent as lopping off their tits and keeping themselves from becoming women, I don't fucking know but that's the case here.

Maybe we should blame it on the cult of the child, where every child is a fucking genius and worldly.  Or we could blame it on idiot parents who've swallowed too much fucking multicultural pap that's pumped into popular culture 24/7.  Is it the doctor who is fucking this child over for her whole life because of retarded make believe voodoo?  Likely all of the above.

What does America want?  More medical abominations wandering around claiming to be something they're not?  All in the name of equality, of course, because once you start disregarding morals and virtue, everything else follows.  I watch the West crumble a little more around me everyday.  There is a connection between the abortion of justice going on down in Florida, and this nonsense right here.  However, we're not supposed to notice that as we fail in one area, we fail in others as well.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Migraines and Zimmerman

I suffer from migraines, so this post might be a bit short as I am riding the crests and troughs of one currently. 

I am still on my 'Zimmerman kick' as the idea that the State can make up law to go after one person is still amazing to me and my wife.  She has been engrossed in the trial, wondering exactly what the media talking heads are going on about while the State flails about, throwing shit at the wall in the hope some of it sticks.  Remember these are the people who brought us Precious, the 19 y/o soon to be high school senior and darling of the internet left as the State's star witness.  Between her grunts, low vernacular, and the laughable defense of her disingeneous white liberal boosters, this was supposed to be the nail in Zimmerman's coffin.

Now today we are told that not only is judging Rachael Jeantel exactly as she is incorrect, but it is also RAYCISS because it goes against the precepts wife beater, whore seeking, communist backed Martin Luther King.  Seriously, this was the argument of the State in the end.  They also attempted to add, at the last minute, the charge of Third Degree Murder under the Child Abuse statute, since Saint Trayvon was a child.

These people are insane, and to many of my enemies on the Left, Zimmerman should have just laid there and died and let himself be a victim instead of fighting back.  Its also coming out that the US DOJ, which can't find the time to prosecute the banking fools who crashed our economy nor find justice for BPA Brian Terry, sent teams down to Sanford, Florida to racially agitate and get the police chief of Sanford fired.  All in the name of a retarded philosophy called cultural marxism, which is destroying this country and its system of civilization.  You can have a functioning society, or you can have insane egalitarianism.  You cannot have both.

An excellent overview of the logical fallacies in this trial.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another day, another fight

It seems like amnesty may have finally gone down for the long count, with the nation having turned decisively against the Senate's amnesty treason (38% of the polled are in favor, even with the 'super secure borders' provision inserted into the question), and the House having reminded the Senate that they are not a lesser chamber of the Senate.  I've heard some good stuff coming from the House Republicans that makes me think they actually listen to their constituents, as opposed to trying to call Judas McCain or Flake and getting automatic robotic voice the minute you bring up amnesty.

They weren't happy to play the Obamacare game again either, remembering that the House has the Power of the Purse as opposed to the Senate.  Of course, this makes Obamacare unconstitutional, since Roberts ruled (insanely) that the ACA is a tax.  Also on this day, the Senate Republicans got together and demanded that Obama suspend implimentation of the ACA indefinitely since its an unworkable law.  Of course I'm sure our newest beneficiary of 'Unitary Executive' doctrine is going to just blow off Congress, but maybe they'll show some spine this time.

Maybe the Populists are finally waking up.  The eternal struggle of the modern Republican Party has been the Populists against the Plutocrats, and for the last twenty or thirty years we've had the Plutocrats calling the shots and giving us Bob Dole, GWB, and Romney.  We've also seen affirmative action, abortion rights, homosexual rights, and all the other diversity bullshit cornucopia of the Left shoved down our throats.  Maybe this is the first step in a long path back to normalcy, or maybe its a false dawn.  The good thing about being a pessimist is that the only surprises you get are pleasant ones.

Unfortunately, when it comes to this amnesty bullshit, they've only got to succeed once.  Freedom. Eternal vigilance.  You know the drill.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zimmerman Pt II, Syria Forever, and Treason Never Prospers

The Zimmerman trial is pretty interesting simply for the fact that the defense is now actively calling the judge on her bullshit.  A ballsy move considering how the judge is pretty close to King in their courtroom, but I guess this comedy of errors finally built to the point where it could no longer be ignored.  I imagine, near the end of their defense, they figure they don't have a whole lot to lose in getting the judge's intranscience on the record.  West in particular seemed pretty cross with the judge, with O'Mara making "Easy Walter....Eaaaasssy Walter" gestures, like I was watching The Big Lebowski but with lawyers.  If he pulled out a .45 and started screaming about how this is COURT and there are rules, unlike the jungles of Vietnam where so many good men lost their lives...Well I think it would fit pretty well.  It would make a lot more sense than the damn foolishness coming out of the MSM, which seems to be getting a pretty big boner about the idea of 'black rage'.

Syria seems like it might stay free and not fall under the Sunni Salafist boot, unless the globalists and their masters come out in the open and do something really stupid. Homs is fallen, with only a foreign hardcore being bombed before dragged out into the streets by the Syrian Army and their Shia Hezbollah allies.  Gotta wonder if they're chopping off heads for Youtube purposes and eating hearts or just using hot lead injections to the back of the head.  I imagine the latter, but that would be reported in the US media as "EVIL DESPOT TERRORISTS EXECUTE FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR LOVING FREEDOM - MCCAIN DEMANDS INVASION OF SYRIA".  Between this, Zimmerman, and immigration, I have to wonder if the idiot media realizes how stupid they look to anyone who's paying attention.  Unfortunately, I don't think too many people are paying attention.

Steve Sailer comments on one such stupid piece on that bastion of liberal ivory tower make believe, The Atlantic.  Somehow, Emperor Hadrian wasn't expansionist enough so that's why the Roman Empire fell - because it built walls to keep out the barbarians.  That stuff about a decadent elite out of touch with their people and the devaluation of your money? Nah don't worry about that bro - its because the Romans kept out Picts in 200 AD the Empire fell a few hundred years later.  This is what passes for 'high thought' among SJWs.  I suppose I should be happy that this idiocy is quickly being called for what it is, as it seems like the 'progress' on the amnesty treason is coming to a halt, but we'll see what happens.  All they have to do is win once, and its all over.  The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, no?  Also,  I'm reading Gibbons "Decline of the Roman Empire", and the reading is amazingly clear and forthright, but scripted beautifully as well.  I thought I was reading something wrong when it was written in 1776, but damn man. Its free on Kindle as well - go check it out if you want something lovely and full of knowledge to read. 

Speaking of things to read, a short story of mine got selected for an anthrology.  Its a small press, but its a publishing credit and I'm thankful it got selected.  More when I hear more.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Dinner and News

The family was invited to my aunt and uncle's tonight for dinner, so we had a lovely time there.  We didn't realize it would be a dinner party though, consisting of my cousin and his date, their friend, and my grandmother, but all in all it was a lovely time.  The only hiccup was when the immigration treason came up, and I started pointing out the bergs, steins, and mens behind it all.  This led to the family friend starting to get upset, because she's a white girl dating a black man, which I am no fan of.

I'm not sure exactly why she started to get upset, but I wasn't going to belabor the point, as I try to be a good guest.  All the same, there were some good gems, such as: "You should have been born in the 50s." "Well if I had maybe I could have made things turn out better."  The best thing to do, I've realized, is not to be ashamed of a racial realist position.  I've also seen how quickly things escalate emotionally when you begin pointing out flaws in someone's logic.  Its best to keep a pocket full of quips and facts, and to be ready to pound the table when need be.

However, the dinner went off without a hitch and was delicious.  The dinner conversation itself was charming and graceful, and that's about all you can ask for when enjoying a summer dinner.  Now if only we could catch some of these monsoons that are coming in.

With the long weekend, its been slow on news, even though Kerry went boating as Egypt burned.  Not that I think we need to be meddling in Egypt, but it just goes to show how the diversicrat children are running things in the Imperial City.  There's also the double whammy of seeing the 'Arab Spring' blow up in our face yet again, and idiots like Juan McCain declare that the Muslim Brotherhood should be left in power.  Exactly who's pocket is this fool in?

However there are two pieces I want to put out there.  One is that the border that King Janet Napalitano declares is secure ain't really.  Seems like a lot of terrorists from Africa and the Middle East like to make their way up through our southwest border.  This isn't news to anyone who's been paying attention, but unfortunately this is an inconvenient fact for many who are busy trying to make America into a post First World nation, so instead of hearing about this we get more retarded emotional stories about 'nation of immigrants' bullshit.

The other involves the Third Amendment and police just deciding to take over someone's house 'because'.  Being law enforcement, I can understand how annoying the heavily edited 'gotcha' videos are and how they often fail to tell the whole story (the UC Davis pepper spray incident, the recent dog shooting), but shit like this is a serious head scratcher.  It seems like many police departments won't touch minority neighborhoods with a ten foot pole, but love going into white suburbs and throwing their weight around.  They don't get that they only work with the consent of the people their policing, and being ridiculous like this is a great way to lose that consent.  More of the militarization of law enforcement, I bet.  I wonder if there was some veteran talking about how they used to do this shit all the time in Iraq, and the good idea fairy just ran with it.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Travel & Links

Nothing too deep today.  I went up to Jerome with the wife and the dog, since she's been cooped up for a while.  It was a good four hour plus round trip, and the high plain scenery of Arizona is quite a change from when you're down in the Sonoran desert.  On the drive into Jerome, massive storm clouds were rolling in, with fat bolts of lightning striking down.  We got out, looked around, stretched our legs, and then hauled stakes for the Jeep as the first rain drops began to fall.  I'm glad we timed it when we did, because next thing I know the 'angriest hail ever', as my wife says, came crashing down. 

That was no exaggeration as for the next twenty minutes while we drove it sounded like someone was hurling chunks of ice at the Jeep.  Everyone unlucky enough to be on foot was running for shelter as the hail storm made its way through.  It seems like Jerome is typical of 'artsy' towns in Northern Arizona: too many aging hippies wearing open button up shirts, lots of idiots with obnoxious plugs and piercings, and stores centering around whatever theme the town is known for.  In Sedona, its vortexes and spiritualism and such.  In Jerome, its either copper mining or ghosts, as supposedly there's a very haunted hotel there.

The dog still thinks anything moving is a valid target, and we were treated to her throwing herself against the door out of nowhere and losing her shit.  I suppose it comes with the breed, so we just have to try and train her out of it.  We'll probably be thankful for it the minute someone tries to invade the casa and gets to deal with a head the size of a bowling ball.  A bowling ball with teeth.

Two competing links:

Ref beheaded after stabbing player to death. Both occuring on soccer field.  This is America's future if we keep importing the 3rd World.

Kenyan Cardinal to Obama: Your country is fucked.  Remember, only evil kkkonservatives dislike homosexuals.  Any rumors you've heard of Muslims, Africans, Latin Americans, Asians, and the rest not liking homos the way America loves them are just hatefacts. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Great Housing Game

Steve Sailer has a very good dissertation on one of the uncomfortable truths of the mortgage meltdown, that minorities were disproportionately given home loans they did not qualify for through subprime ARMs, and when rates blew up so did the housing market.  The actual link to the report itself is here, and it gets into detail about how government pushing more minority home loans helped blow up the bubble and led to unqualified applicants getting loans.

I've been in the process of trying to buy a home since about February now.  We're on our third attempt to buy, and seeing the hurdles involved makes me wonder how the hell they're talking about certain cities (including Phoenix) blowing up another bubble. Our original home loan was through Wells Fargo, who decided after sixty three days that they didn't want to extend us a home loan and left us hanging.  Throughout the entire process, I never got the feeling that they wanted to extend us the loan, but were going through the motions.

It was a nonstop request for documents, explanations about this or that, and demanding the most abstract paperwork I can think of to finance a $92K purchase.  I have to wonder what the hell we 'bailed out' these banks for if they just want to borrow money at the federal trough and sit on it to make more money, instead of lending it out for home loans.  I guess I just find it amazing how gardeners and day laborers were given $400K loans and now the pendulum has swung so far the other way that its nearly impossible to get a home loan.

The idea of minority home borrowers began with Clinton, but Bush the Younger doubled down on the idea of 'ownership society' and got rid of "the racist concept of down payments', to paraphrase Steve Sailer.  There were also incentives to loan agencies to push more minority borrowers, which led to more and more unqualified applicants showing up in the system.  This link here to VDare goes on at length about minority home ownership and how 'race neutral' lending practices, enshrined in law under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (among others) blew up the bubble and implicity encouraged lenders to make risky loans because....equality!

So I reckon that this is part of the reason that I'm jumping through hoops to purchase a home, but this time around its much easier.  I'm going through a mortgage company and using a realtor, which is so worth it this time around.  Having someone competent in your corner really takes the stress factor off when you're juggling forms and trying to get things done.  I'm quite happy with the work she's been doing, and thankful for it as well.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July.  I went out of my way to see the fireworks tonight, something I haven't done in years.  That was thank to my wife's urging, who wanted to go and see them.  She was pretty impressed by them, and enjoyed them.  So it was a worthwhile night. She made an incredible dinner of steak, corn, salad, and red potato salad, which is par for the course with her.

What does the Fourth mean now?  A lot of sales, apparently.  We live in an age of an Imperial Presidency, of PRISM scanning everything, of an unattached capital doing whatever the hell it wants to, where those elected to represent us negotiate an amnesty treason that threatens to Balkanize our country into warring ethnic factions so they can get a little more money or a little more power.

You have to ask yourself what the Founders would say if they saw our obsessive focus on 'equality', enforced by a bloated government only interested in sustaining itself and pushing its ideology at the expense of our natural rights.  I imagine they wouldn't have much to say for the idea that faggots marrying and trannies lopping off their dicks for fun are 'natural rights'.

I imagine it wouldn't be very flattering.

Existential questions of country and history aside, people do remember out there that over 300 years ago, men stood against tyanny and the most powerful country in the world, and succeeded to bring forth a new thing the world had not seen befoe. Perhaps their heirs can do the same thing.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What the hell is going on in Florida?

I'd just like to run back to the Zimmerman show trial going on down and Florida and ask the question of What the hell is going on down there and Why the hell is this even going on?  Of course, I know the answer to the second, but I'll get there in a moment.  If you haven't been following this, you probably should if just see what the future is going to look like in Future America, a Diverse Society Free of Hate.

Most of us have an idea of the particulars of this case, specifically that made up ethnicity "white hispanic" George Zimmerman (reality: 1/4th black 3/4ths Peruvian) shot and killed would be astronaut-scientist-fighter jet pilot Trayvon Martin. If George Zimmerman had been Rashawn Brown, this wouldn't have made it outside of local news.  However some local metrosexuals and their professional race baiter allies got ahold of this case and off it went.  You had dated pictures of Zimmerman contrasted with pictures of a five year old Trayvon side by side, inane allegations, and NBC editing tapes to make up racial slurs when there was nothing of the sort.

Zimmerman, much like Paula Dean, was a good liberal.  Apparently he was active in local Democratic Party politics, and made a name for himself agitating against local police forces who had beaten the hell out of a black homeless man and tried to cover it up.  After a home invasion in the neighborhood, where two 'urban youfs' (blacks) broke into a house where a mother and her child locked themselves in the bedroom and called the police, Zimmerman walked over and told the woman to call him if she ever needed help. Zimmerman basically came across as someone who was trying to look out for his community.

Martin, the would be thug MMA fighter who was getting into burglary, smoking joints, and generally in a self-destructive nose dive - was presented as an angel to the community.  The big screaming headline was that HE WAS JUST BUYING SKITTLES AND GOT SHOT FOR IT, but somehow the watermelon ice tea got lost in the shuffle. And that's important, because when you mix watermelon ice tea, skittles, and cough medicine you get a drink called LEAN.  Something Martin was familiar with if you review his social media habits before they were sanitized.

Now Martin's parents hired themselves an idiot of an attorney named Benjamin Crump, who continually rails on about how Zimmerman "illegally profiled" Saint Trayvon of the Skittles.  What the fuck is an 'illegal profile'?  Can you point to me where an "illegal profile" is against the law?  No because there's no such thing for a civilian, which Zimmerman is, to see something suspicious and decide to check it out.  He may run afoul of laws such as Trespassing, but not this bullshit illegal profiling malarky that the Leftist Megaphone is railing against.  As Steve Sailer points out here, if you're "crimefighting billionaire Mayor Bloomberg" and you're profiling urban youths likely to be committing crimes, you get lauded for it.  If you're white hispanic George Zimmerman...Good luck!

To wit: George Zimmerman is in the middle of a racial show trial for fucking up the liberal media narrative of blacks either being passive victims of white racism or hyper intelligent astronaut sex gods and instead pointing out the disqueting facts about black crime rates (go check out interracial rape stats if you want a 'laugh') and defending himself and his neighborhood instead of passively being a victim.  Good for him. In a just world, he'd be given a medal and a statue with the words SIC SEMPER AFRICANUS on it.  However, as this trial demonstrates, we don't live in a fair world.

Rachael Jeantel couldn't read the note she supposedly wrote, but she's not facing any perjury charges.  Zimmerman's wife is going to trial for not remembering how much money was in her account for perjury.  Day after day the prosecution's 'case' has self destructed as witness after witness as either built up the defense's story of events (Saint Trayvon attacked Zimmerman and got shot for it) or the witness has simply self destructed (genius speaker of four languages and white liberal guilt totem Rachael Jeantel).

This is the future of America if we let this immigration treason pass: a nation where self defense is outlawed, and all must bend to the glorious cult of diversity at all costs.  Many of the effete ivory tower whites probably think that Zimmerman should have let himself be a victim to satisfy their white guilt complexes instead of saving his life.  So that gives me hope that with those parasites leading the other side, perhaps we have a fighting chance for a better future.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Blood of the Martyr

Following up yesterday, here's some interesting bullet points to follow up on.

In other news, Fransiscan Father Francois Murad was martyred today in Syria by our 'allies' the Salafist jihadis. He had his head chopped with a kitchen knife and it was filmed by those savages and uploaded to the internet.  Of course, none of this made the news as our media has filled the airwaves with irrelevant bullshit, with Judas McCain demanding weapons for the Syrian 'freedom fighters' so Iran doesn't get nukes.

I think its worthwhile to notice that McCain and Rubio are big immigration treason pushers as well.  Who's behind the immigration treason? Well, the same tribe that thinks its entitled to go anywhere it wants to because otherwise they'll cry their Holocaust tears on you, and if you don't let in the Third World then you're worst than Hitler. Meanwhile, in Israel.

So is it any surprise that these two idiots, firmly under the Zionist thumb, would be pushing for a better situation for Greater Israel?  I reckon there's also the very real idea that the neocons/neoliberals are settling some thousand year old blood grudges with the Christians in the area.  Meanwhile, yet again we're bombing Christians and their protectors in the area on behalf of Muslims and Jews. What a fucking world.

I'm tired of hearing this cowardice dressed up as piety so that certain Christian denominations can roll over and show their belly to every single challenge.  They're always ready to talk about 'turn the other cheek' but ignore the context that line was presented in (referring to insults, not physical violence) and the rest of the Gospels where Jesus was not a pacifist by any means.  We know what is wrong and what is right, and allowing the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East is wrong.

The martyred Father died the best he could, secure in his Faith. We can all only hope to face death so bravely.  That being said, there should be an answer for his death.

Colonel Lang blogs about it here as well. His commentary is of course of a higher level than mine.