Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Treachery Marches On

The traitors in the Congress continue with their plan to stuff a new people down our throats. After promising a 'fair and transparent' process, they refuse to allow any amendments dealing with actual border security to come up for a vote.  No, not the make believe border security that Rubio and his fellow quislings pretend is going to do anything, but actually enforcing border security and taking the power of enforcement decisions away from the Executive.  They haven't been exactly honest about enforcing these laws, after all.  Yet again and again the text 'at the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security' shows up.  The Republicans are the ones looking after our national interest? Fucking laughable.

Ann Coulter said it best: (If the Republican Party is this stupid, it deserves to die.) and she's 100% correct.  What the fuck am I voting for if the Republicans are going to toss aside their base so they can appeal to effete elites on either coast and a tiny sliver of a smaller population.  No Republican President has EVER won more than 50% of the hispanic vote, and even if Romney had won 70% of their vote he would have lost.  They're throwing over their white constituents at the behest of the rentier class.

The historical analogues are there with the British and their way of 'divide and conquer'.  They used a tiny minority to rule with their support over the majority, with the implicit fact that if they withdrew their support the majority would overrun the minority.  So here we are, with our 'elites' trying to import a new serf class because Americans won't work for pennies an hour, shock and fucking awe.  Meanwhile we get to hear about how brave these criminals illegal aliens undocumented border crossers DREAMERS are living their DREAMS so they can fulfill the AMERICAN DREAM and aren't DREAMS what America is all about.

Fucking pathetic and disgusting.  Almost as disgusting as that motherfucking whore Rubio saying one thing in Spanish ("Legalization now!") while that jew Zuckerberg buys tuff sounding ads talking about how the upcoming amnesty is REAL REFORM.  What a fucking joke this is.  Of course I make my conservative turn when mainstream conservatism is run by idiots, whores, and fools who can't wait to fuck me the minute my back is turned. 

I hope Grassley, Cruz, and Sessions do their best to fight the good fight, and perhaps they can rally the troops and kill this thing in the Senate.  I don't trust the House, and I especially don't trust that orange crybaby Boner to actually take a stand, since he's not only a whore but a loud mouth as well who talks tough but rolls over and shows his belly at the first sign of confrontation.  What a disgusting mess we're looking at coming down the pipe.

If you're reading this CONTACT YOUR SENATORS, CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMEN, especially if they're Republican. Tell them you'll never vote for them or any other Republican ever again if this amnesty passes, because what's the fucking point? So Wal Mart can have lower taxes? Fuck that shit.  I'll save my time and spend more of it at the range, cause its going to be needed in the future these motherfuckers have set up for us.


  1. Just clicked over from your comment at Sailers. Enjoyable blog. Well done.

  2. Glad you enjoy it - I'll try to keep up the good work. Thanks for stopping by.