Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Traitors traitors everywhere

Unsurprisingly, when the neoliberal statists who control both 'parties' in the US are faced with a real threat, they close ranks.  That is why you have Speaker of the House and resident crybaby John Boner calling Ed Snowden a traitor while he plays footsie with surrendering the United States to the Aztec hordes south of the line.  He's been silent this entire time about the treachery going on in the Senate where John McCain is busy trying to drag us into a war with Syria in between rolling over on his back for the La Raaaaaaaazzzzzzzaaaa activists after campaigning in the primary as an immigration hawk. 

This was once upon a time stuff that would relegate you to tinfoil hat, black helicopter status where people would roll their eyes and smugly say "UH HUH".  Now that we know the US government is literally recording every phone conversation everyday, the same sheep who wouldn't have believed it a month ago are now saying we should have expected it.  This is what passes for logic today in the United States.  Don't think too deeply about it or else you might not be able to absorb the deep trends in season 22 of "The Bachelor". 

Of course our friends on the Left are by and large silent.  There are some exceptions, but jewess gun grabber Feinstein can't bleat treason fast enough.  Not that I'm surprised as both sides are bought lock, stock, and barrel by the same interests that demand more moral degredation, more cheap labor, and more free movement of whatever they want.  Expecting something like intellectual consistency is just too much in this day and age.

So who are the traitors?  Snowden, hoping that Jefferson's dream is not smothered to death silently?  He remembered HIS oath to the Constitution.  The liars and traitors in the Congress who are whoring our future and stability for gains now, those are the real treasonous fucks here.  The ones who knew about this illegal and unworthy violation of our rights are the ones who should be answering questions about why they failed in their duties. 

Now Snowden is likely to flee to Russia.  The former Communist giant is busy passing laws against homosexual displays and protecting conservative values.  How the world has turned.

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