Thursday, June 13, 2013

They're not even trying anymore

The news sure is alive with fun stories, isn't it?  First, you've got Third Graders introducing the President at a meeting of mentally disturbed idiots.  Because when I think of faggots and men deluded into thinking they can wear dresses, I think of children.  There's no low that the Marxists won't sink to in order to indoctrinate children or advance their goals.  So they got a twofer here.

Something swimming around the alt-Right is the story in the Washington Post about an attack on a bicyclist by the eponymous "youths". For those of you who might not have figured it out, youths is Media speak for blacks, hispanics, or other diverse peoples who seem to be unable to follow the basic rules laid down in the social contract.  You see, if you start pointing out that minorities tend to be more violent and criminal, it might make them be more violent and criminal! Its called stereotype threat, or racism, or something.  Everytime you disprove an insane Leftist theory, seems another one pops up with the same wacky science behind it.

Schumer says that while we have to legalize the millions of criminal illegal aliens in the country RIGHT NOW, securing the border is going to take "years and years".  So let's do another amnesty with more broken promises about border enforcement, and then in twenty years when "the United States" consists of portions of the MidWest and parts of the Eastern Seaboard, they can wonder how they got to this point.  Its the same thing all over again, and that smug fucking Prince Rubio thinks we're all too stupid to figure out he's playing us.  He has a face meant for punching if there ever was one.

Oh yes, and now Bill Clinton is telling Obama to go into Syria with the military.  So let's see, you have the same policies that the last guy had that you protested against, but now apparently the Media thinks its okay to: spy on the citizenry, engage in foreign wars without constraint, and assassinate US citizens. Where's all the protests now against our Chocolate Messiah?

They can't hide their agenda anymore.  Pride goeth before the fall and all that. Let's see how this all shakes out.

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  1. A disgusting display of brainwashing and then using children in that manner (again).

    Let children be children and keep them out of politics!!!! BUt, like I've said before, the left is insidious in that it has infiltrated the education system and is molesting - at least mentally - our children.