Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Santa Monica Shooter is likely named Zawahri

Its amazing how things vanish down the media memory hole. Chris Dorner, the black LAPD officer who terrorized California like some bizzaro world Batman, is hardly mentioned.  Nidal Hassan, the traitor terrorist who attacked Fort Hood is still breathing the air of the living.  The FBI shot an unarmed man (from behind!) who might have maybe had something to do with one of the Boston bombers, but we don't talk about that anymore.

So its no surprise that when I go to Google News I see that its all about the NSA watching over your shoulder.  By the way, an NSA whistleblower is saying that illegal surveillance of GEN Petraeus' mail was what brought him down (Story here).  Talk about US politics being Byzantine and Imperial, but I digress.  The fact is that stories have a very short life span if they don't appreciate the narrative.  Its why we can't hear enough about the Sandy Hook shooting (as long as you ignore some of the oddities about the story) with the families somehow being able to be at every single attempt to restrict our Second Amendment freedoms and weep for the cameras.  However when it comes to the Virginia Tech shootings (immigrant killer) or the Boston Bombers (immigrant killers), we never seem to hear about how we need to screen our immigrants better.

The shooter in Santa Monica is looking more and more like he's got the last name of Zawahri.  If that name sounds familiar, its because its also the last name of al-Qaeda's number one (both references thanks to Steve Sailer).  Don't look for this fact to be heralded that yet another minority mass shooter (which is pretty common across history) has killed a bunch of people.  Meanwhile, we're still hearing about how crazy white people are responsible for all these shootings (when in reality they're a minority).

Again, it comes down to who are you going to believe: Me or your lying eyes?  The Left would love for there to be an actual right wing mass murderer in the US, but the closest they can get to is Tim McVeigh, a pro-abortion atheist who blew up a building back in 1994.  I mean at least Anders Brevik is recent, but he's not Christian.  That being said, he's still an intense dude who was taking no prisoners that day, and knew where to hit the Left where it hurt.

We'll see if this story ignites some debate about our immigration system and the role of minorities in mass shootings, or if we'll get yet another bunch of hot air op eds about evil guns in massively anti-gun California with Jew Schumer telling us that we're still getting a new minority underclass no matter what.

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  1. Anne Coulter has recently been speaking about this issue. She's about as loud of a national media voice you'll hear.

    We can add the DC sniper to the list of Islamic terrorism if we look at it objectively. The guy changed his name to John Allen Muhammed and went around as a sniper shooting the white devils at random gas stations. Shut the DC/Maryland area down for weeks. Killed a fair number of people. (i notice now you link to this already)

    "initially identified as a white man with assumed military experience," You better look out all you white veterans, youre prime scapegoat material these days.