Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Purge Movie Review

Saw The Purge tonight, which is apparently supposed to be some sort of morality play with the Tea Party poorly dressed up and having taken over as the "New Founding Fathers" deciding to take extreme measures to make everything better.  So once a year, there's a 'Purge Night' where you can kill just about anyone with just about anything.

There were some good things about the movie.  None of the 'protagonists' turned into Two Gun Mojo-ing Death Gods spinning around blasting everything that moved.  I got a sense that it was basically a bunch of amateurs with guns attempting to blast the fuck out of each other.  No one pulled any fancy tacti-cool tricks out of their hat, so that was alright.  Last thing I needed was SWPL mom or daughter exploding heads from two miles out with a pistol.

Another thing was that the camera work was respectable.  I know this doesn't seem like a big thing, but SO MANY of the movies I've seen on the big screen have decided to go with a faux handicam style filming.  When you add in that big BRRRROOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHH sound that directors seem unable to get enough of in every movie ever, its like Michael J Fox with a camcorder recording that shit.  So it was nice to see a film that wasn't super jerky everywhere and gave me a headache.

Unfortunately, the movie was viewed through the SWPL lens with all of its cliches and other wild ass assumptions that gets people maimed and killed in real life.  More on that in a moment.  The actors playing the antagonists were likely told to watch American Psycho a hojillion times, but instead of channeling Bale's anomie and sociopathy, they came across campy, goofy, and not at all threatening.  There's also a number of deus ex machinas where OH NO SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET KILLED wait another character shows up and kills the killer.  That gets tiresome really fast.

So what's this SWPL lens I'm talking about? And some of you are asking: what the fuck is a 'SWPL'? Its pronounces 'Swipple', and its an abbreviation from the 'Stuff White People Like' blog, which 'ironically' mocked the tendencies of hipsters and other young urbanites by talking about things they 'liked'.  Imagine your average twenty something Obama voter, 40K in debt with student loans for English and Gender Studies, and you've got a SWPL.  Its a clueless liberal who loves his burritos, but doesn't want to connect the dots between Pedro, illegal immigration, and his inability to get a job because that would be a racist hatefact.

This movie has a lot of the stock SWPL silliness, mainly surrounding the conservative concentric loyalty versus the liberal leapfrogging loyalty that Steve Sailer talks about.  In this movie, the young autistic acting son decides that the loyalty to a total stranger outweighs his loyalty to his family, so he decides to open up the fort to let the homeless (!) black (!!) veteran (!!!!!!!) stock Noble Negro character in.  In reality, this is a fucking horrible idea and I doubt the directors/writers of the movie have been near a homeless negro unless it was in a controlled environment, but hey Noble Negro so let's go with it.  Maybe his name was Trayvon as well?

The other leapfrogging loyalties deals with the daughter character, who has an older boyfriend that her parents don't want around.  As a soon to be father, I had to laugh when the boyfriend is like 'he has no right to keep us apart'.  Unfortunately, this is what Director James DeMonaco likely believes is 'normal'.  I can find no record of him having children or a wife, so we have more 'talking out my ass'.  Regardless, the daughter's leapfrogging and the SWPL father's reluctance to take charge of his daughter has dire consequences.

That was something that got me.  The director showed the SWPL family as doing idiot things, and paying a serious price for their idiocy, but I never got the idea he was saying "Look! Look at what this idiot boy has done! Now they will suffer because he was an idiot and you should never do this shit!"  It seemed more like "Oh man these SWPLs are doing the totes right thing its just that oh man society is a bummer but its better to live for insane egalitarianism than be a racist maaaaaannn."

Then there was the constant repetition of maybe forty words by the antagonists.  Real dialogue written by a grown ass man includes winners like: "We must PURGE our souls and UNLEASH THE BEAST" and "This filthy pig is meant to serve us! The producers!" I heard that first line about sixty times throughout the movie.  The 'twist' ending is when the SWPL neighbors show up and execute the Fine Young Cannibals straight up Resevoir Dogs style before deciding to hold hands and say a weird prayer circle about "Blessed be the New Founding Fathers and the United States, reborn!" or some such and then Noble Negro Trope shows up and kills an asian.

I'll leave it there.  The Purge could have been an entertaining movie, but instead it gets bogged down with heavy handed moralism about the Tea Party and sacrificing yourself for cultural marxism.


  1. Respect to you for being able to sit through that movie. I saw one preview and knew it was going to be awful. I was almost sure the historical reference for the movie (Stalin etc) was going to be ignored other than the soviet-font and the title.

    Its just like Liberalism to try and twist the concept of political purges (a great pastime of the left when they've come into power historically) into being the tool of small government independent lifestyle patriots who oppose the leftist power grab.

    The low information consumer is being taught to hate conservatives by the ~MSM~ The conservatives will kill you and your family if they get the chance, better get them first!

    1. I don't know if they'll be able to connect the dots other than on a vaguely animal level. Most of the SWPLs I know would rather rely on the magical forces of the government to save them in any low intensity civil conflict.