Saturday, June 29, 2013

The New State Religion

GL Piggy has been doing some fine yeoman journalism on the George Zimmerman trial, as has Legal Insurrection.  The trial is amazing for several reasons, the biggest of which was that if George Zimmerman was another black guy, this wouldn't have made it outside of the local news media.  However, since the media thought they found their Great White Defendant, they ran with it.  Unfortunately the very Anglo sounding George Zimmerman is some sort of Peruvian-Black mongrel, which caused an unrepentant media to label him as a 'white hispanic' whatever the fuck that is.

The prosecution has made a real horse abortion out of this case with witness after witness playing right into the defense's theory of what went down that night.  However the gem of this entire thing has been one Rachel Jeantel, aka Precious, who is an amazing woman in her own right.  Apparently able to be a nineteen year old "child" who will be a senior in high school next year, as well as attend Miami University all at once, this hulk of a woman is just the darling of the Leftist media.

I put child in quotes up there because its amazing how we keep on pushing back the delinating line for when a child becomes an adult.  Not even teenager or youth, but I keep on seeing the word CHILD being used by the Leftist mouthpieces, as if this innocent nineteen year old capricious nature could be blamed on the fact she was a CHILD and therefore not responsible for her actions.  Its because she's a CHILD that she can't deal with lawyers and their wily ways, so when she's obviously lying, making things up, or acting ridiculous its because she's just a CHILD and this is how she defends herself.

You've got this idiot right here pretending that Jeantel is some sort of street saint/savant, something I haven't seen in quite a while from idiot liberals, but here we are.  This seems to be one of the more common fall back positions when minorities are portrayed doing the shit minorities do, like rioting, lootings, and what have you. "ITS JUST THEIR WAY", shouts the cry baby liberal, when people point out the difference between Katrina and the Japanese tsunami disaster.  "POVERTY. WHITE PRIVILEGE," they yell, clinging to their inane beliefs that are unprovable.

The amazing thing about shit like this is how the Left is always down on Christianity, but man they don't seem to realise how much of their insane 'philosophy' is all about faith in unproveable machinations.  Why can't they close the knowledge gap? Why that's POVERTY.  Why are our inner cities mostly black and mostly shit? Well that's WHITE PRIVILEGE keeping them down.  Think homosexuals are gross and disgusting? OMG HOMOPHOBE BURN THE WITCH.  Of course, the biggest difference between Leftism and Christianity is that Christianity is a real and engaging way to deal with the world, as opposed to the blinders and retarded beliefs that have no grounding in how to deal with people that Leftists push.

Of course, much of Christianity has gone so far off the reservation its devolved into little more than a feel good mental masturbation session where "Everything is okay ever as long as no one's feelings get hurt" has replaced "Christ's suffering was the bitter potion from G-d that humanity needed in order to be redeemed".  So its how we get Leftists co-opting Christians because they're too big of idiots to stand up for themselves and understand what Christ was saying.  Furthermore, who gives a fuck what a non-Christian has to say about what Christians do? 

If more Christians would accept that, the entire religion would be better off. You think Muslims give a fuck about what we think about them? Fuck no! The West is more than willing to mock Christians but you draw a picture of Mohammed and oh man do they freak the fuck out.  If Catholics went all militant and started beheading comedians, blowing up abortion clinics, and firebombing faggot marriages, there'd be some interesting responses that follow.

I meant this to be about Rachel Jenteal and her idiot ways, but somehow we ended up talking about the new State Religion (egalitarianism!), so I hope the trip was pleasant for all involved.

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