Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Blind Idiot Giant

So let me get this straight.  We've got a government that couldn't track the Boston Bombers, couldn't stop Nidal Hassan killing a group of soldiers, and was unable to prevent Benghazi.  When you talk about sealing the southern border, all we hear is how impossible it is, how there's no way to deport the illegal aliens here, how we can't track the visa overstays that come here and vanish in the mass of humanity.

However, the government needs to have EVERY SINGLE phone call, text, and GPS locator of every single cell phone of every US citizen without a single articulable fact because "security".  However stopping illegal aliens, preventing actual terrorist attacks without needing the FBI to set up terror attacks, keeping the border secures,  the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, respecting civil liberties, not spying on reporters, not using the IRS as a weapon against groups you don't like.  Well the Constitution is a living document and its only racist Tea Party types who are affected so who cares?

Hyperbole, of course, but that seems to be the attitude of many on the Left.  These are the same types who shit the bed over Bush II's hiding behind 9/11, but then went and justified Obama's use of sky executions against USC's because "uh terrorists or something and you're a racist for questioning him".  How is this legal or accepted in America in 2013?  What would the Founding Fathers say about this shit?

Meanwhile the Administration refuses to punishing anyone for anything.  Fast and Furious, the AP spying scandal, Prism, the IRS scandal, and all the rest have seen no one punished for their illegal acts. This isn't a republic anymore.  Its not even that 'lowest form of government', a democracy.  Its the stirrings of a tyranny, the death of the Founder's dreams.

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