Thursday, June 27, 2013

So what happened to Michael Hastings?

My wife brought up some interesting points about Michael Hastings and his odd death.  Wait, who's Michael Hastings again?  The journalist who wrote The Operatives and got GEN McChrystal fired - generally good book.  I especially enjoyed his recounting GEN McChrystal going to a FOB where his COIN policies got a soldier killed and the cold reaction he got there.

The thing is he's fallen off the radar and into the memory hole, not that there haven't been actual issues going on right now.  You've got the entire immigration treason that the Senate surrendered to (more on that later), the Nixonian scheme of using the IRS as a political bludgeon, the entire PRISM/Snowden spying scene, and of course Benghazi.  I'd like to note here I think its hilarious that Paul Ryan is being set up to try and Rubio the House Republicans that have to face the voters next year, but that's another story.

Hastings death was weird for a variety of reasons.  One, German sportscars just don't explode into flames and launch the powertrain & engine 100 feet away for no reason.  Yet that's exactly what happened with Hastings because he hit a palm tree. Fascinating, especially when you combine it with the fact he was talking about how he needed to go off the radar and he had something big planned.  I haven't heard what it was though - I imagine anyone who does is terrified about getting into a car that might just suddenly decide to explode.

Hacking the car isn't out of the question either.  With the amount of wireless sensors, GPS locators, and other assorted controls, apparently there's about twelve different ways to get into that thing.  Oddly enough, you can indeed control acceleration with it.  I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to overload certain systems as well.

Of course, when the LAPD takes a look at the scene where a car just decided to explode into flames and launch a drive train through the air, and says "NOPE, NOTHING SUSPICIOUS", well let me tell you I feel convinced.  Remember when Andrew Breitbart just died out of the blue, the coroner commits 'suicide', and hey what do you know, he was on the brink of a big story too!

We don't have conspiracies in America though. We're too freedomey for all that.

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