Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sex Assault Brouahaha

Usually when someone posts something tangential to sexual assaults, you're supposed to preface it with a disclaimer about how you're not calling out real sexual assault victims. It is not as if this ritual appeasement is going to stop feminsists from getting their tampons jammed up against their cervix in outrage about RAPE CULTURE and THE PATRIARCHY so bad boy of the internet Jack Hanson ain't going to do it.  I'm also posting this from my phone so please ignore any weird typos.

The latest assault on a pillar of traditional culture, the military, is in full swing.  Now everyone on the Left, from the organizers all the way up to that decadent institution known as the US Senate, is busy getting their panties in a knot over sexual assaults.  Well what exactly is a sexual assault? I don't really fucking know because studies are really good at hiding their metrics, but if its anything like history has shown us its basically "a guy kissed me and I was drunk and IDK he was kinda gross now that I think about it".

So a bunch of traitor generals got dressed up in their fancy new Class As with all their "I Followed the Narrative" medals and made the appropriate appeasement gestures to the gaggle of know-nothing fucks we call the US Senate.  Why are they up there kowtowing to gun grabbing, non serving, empty headed, big statists Kirstin Gillebrand?Oh because now the big push on the Left is to take judicial authority from commanders and give it to boards of bureaucrats when it comes to sexual assault cases because
sexual assault is super DUPER bad and those tuff commanders haven't been to
the right gender studies courses.

Ignore the fact that this upsets centuries of military tradition, with the exception of the Red Army and their commissars. Whoa wait, you mean the Left is slipping in similar organs to a communist society in our country's foundations?  That now its starting to look like they want to put unaccountable mandarins in charge of those mean boys who won't get with the program of gender equality or else?

Here's the nasty two pronged fucking secret of the big sex assault nonsense. First, sexual assaults, even using their gigantic metric, are still outnumbered by false sexual assault claims. Secondly, a lot of sexual assaults that ARE ooccurring are male on male sexual assaults. Wait whoa what. So you're telling me that after allowing faggots to serve openly, now they're reverting to form? HATEFACT.  So not only do we have a lot of bullshit, but the real crux of the matter is being buried because it doesn't fit with the new 'diversity is our strength' bullshit of the military.

Remember guys, its not the fact that the Pentagon refuses to classify the terrorist attack by Nidal Hassan as a wartime action and abandoned the families involved that's a problem here. Its not veterans coming home and being unable to find a job while their Senators insist upon bringing in more helot labor to do 'jobs Americans won't' and then killing themselves. Its not a dysfunctional VA that's more concerned about making sure that veterans don't have access to firearms than actually helping them.

Its the fact that the military isn't 'progressive' enough for a bunch of traitor sons of bitches in the Senate. This is the pressing problem.

I'm surprised those tough, blustery generals, led by that idiot Odierno, didn't roll on their backs and piss themselves in supplication like the omega cunt bitches they are. Every other time that puppet Hagel gets a twitch from his handler in the WH, he can't tear down the institutions he fought for as a grunt in Vietnam fast enougGH and the generals can't wait to help him.

"I was just following orders" didn't work for those handsome Prussian generals when Nuremberg went down. Precedent was set there, gentlemen. Keep that in mind that you always have to answer for what you've done, in this world or in the next.

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