Monday, June 10, 2013

Run Snowden Run

So Edward Snowden fled for Hong Kong, and the Media is seriously asking itself 'Patriot or Traitor'.  The amazing thing about all this is I think Chris Dorner got more sympathetic coverage than Snowden is currently getting.  The disingeneousness of the media is showing as well (Sailer calls it the media's tendency to ignore the obvious) in that they're shocked (shocked!) that he ran to evil Communist China.  I heard one bobble head talking about how him running to China makes his entire story circumspect.

Uh yeah because Julian Assange is totally not living the gilded cage existance in the Ecudorian Embassy. That idiot Bradley Manning got treated to cold water alarm clocks and blasted with noise for hours.  The amazing thing about all these retards is that its like recent history doesn't exist for them anymore.  Its like the 24 hour news cycle has become their life.  They're either greater liars and paid shills for the government's line than I give them credit for, or they really can't understand why an NSA contracted technician would haul stakes for HK.

Now it seems like the current line of attack is POSSIBLE CHINESE ESPIONAGE based off the fact he ran to China.  Ignore, if you will, that China is one of two countries that could 1) protect Snowden from a US snatch team and 2) resist demands to extradite him.  The other country is Russia, and that's where I'd take my chances, but that's me.  Certain South American countries might be willing to resist attempts at extradition, but unless you manage to find a heavily armed Nazi commune in the jungles of Paraguay you're rolling the dice on the CIA hunting you down.

I'd say there's a third prong to this fork as well: the country in question being able to use what you know as leverage.  I don't think anyone is too worried about Bolivia's intelligence services doing any harm to the US, but remember this guy probably figured out where all the relevant damaging covert information was and took it with him.  If the US gets too noisy I imagine there's a good chance he'll start spilling where all the spies are hiding.  Could get messy, and I don't see why China wouldn't use this information to its advantage.

I reckon there's also a sense of Chinese amusement here as well, since we were always more than happy to harbor and support dissidents in our embassy. The shoe's on the other foot now.  Its amazing how far our prestige has fallen in my lifetime alone, to say nothing of the 'old hands' who played the game during the Cold War across the globe.


  1. It's been my thinking that Snowden had the possibility of passing intel to China as an ace up his sleeve all along.

    Now I'm kind of for Snowden, today, but if he sells out to China in exchange for protection then I see him as a traitor. Too bad, I understand his personal reasons if he goes this route. Still, it's treason.

    1. Thats using the letter of the law to violate the Spirit, id say. Is it treason to give secrets to China? yes. Is it Illegal for the government to run these data collection programs? According to that ragged old document the constitution, yes it is illegal.

      I've always been of the opinion that the more the goverment or authorities act in violation of the spirit of the law, the less laws apply to everyone.
      So now we have a government thats willing to violate the principles behind it's founding at every chance.

      If the people have no right to privacy, neither does the Government which supposedly is "of the people and by the people"

      Snowden will die in his hotel room shower like the others.

  2. Ken, two wrongs don't make a white........Snowden is A OK in my book *if* he doesn't sell the secrets for his protection. Remember the tree of liberty gets watered with the blood of patriots too. Snowden may have to make a martyr of himself to preserve his integrity as a patriot.

    Of course that's easy for me to say sitting here enjoying a cold beer without the threat of imprisonment and torture or assassination the next moment.