Thursday, June 20, 2013

Proud Independent Womyn

GL Piggy had a nice take on this article about pregnant women in the workforce and how clueless the author is.  She goes on about how pregnancy should be treated like a disability while ignoring the very obvious fact that there are already laws on the book.  Its just in her world she thinks that there should be more because of what special snowflakes working pregnant women are.

My issue is that it shows more of the female hysteria and triumph of emotion over logic that is the hallmark of what passes for feminist 'thought'. Pregnancy is special!, shouts the childless cosmopolitan while demanding the right for abortion on demand and defending post-natal abortion.  Women can do anything a man can do!, says the feminist while equally demanding lower physical standards for women in the military.  Drunken sex is NEVER consensual, says the strong empowered womyn, while ignoring that often both parties are drunk and the woman is taking as much 'advantage' of a drunk man as she is being taken 'advantage' of.

Either women are special and should be cherished (historical narrative) or they're just another cog in the great equality machine (post modern thought).  You can't have it both ways, and that's where we get these inane reactions from many women.  They've been told their whole lives that yes, they can have the career and the baby and the family.  They can have a man who is both a total alpha badass and is sensitive and caring of their needs.  However these dreams get crushed by reality.  The woman who devotes herself to her career for twenty years is going to have a hard time giving birth, and they'll probably give birth to disabled babies.  Girls think the badass can be changed while they get strung along because they've swallowed all the chicancery of Hollywood, when in reality they're going to get used badly physically and emotionally.  Speaking of which, Hollywood loves to push that interracial white woman/black man relationship as ebony and ivory, side by side in harmony, but the reality is a lot more ugly.

So perhaps that's why the response is so viscerally emotional, on the verge of  violent schizophrenia, because they've been lied to their entire lives and they're emotionally invested in these lies they've been told. Entire industries have been built around perpetuating the lie.  The problem is the same one that the Left has confronte throughout its existence: that you can't change the natural order.  We all suffer though, while the Left continues to reinvent the wheel.


  1. I have what may appear to be an unusual question for you, Jack.

    I am hearing stories about female military personnel prostituting themselves during deployments. I'm not talking so much about strolling around the green in fishnet stockings, but more like they're bored and a little frustrated and lonely and that contractor over there is kinda cute and a he has a fat wallet and, well, there's still bills to be paid back home kind of thing.

    I say it happens relatively frequently based on what soldiers who were actually there are saying (it pretty much makes sense to me that it would happen that way).

    Someone I know who is moderate cultural Marxist and who was enlisted in the Army, 22 years, getting out in the late '80s or very early '90s, tells me that he never saw any female personnel engage in prostitution and that the stories coming out of Iraq/A-stan are the product of over active imaginations.

    Have you heard these stories? What level of credence do you give them? My interest is purely academic and for the purpose of knowing that I didn't shoot my mouth off half cocked.

    1. No, this was definitely a thing. There was a story a while back about two female officers who arranged a massive gangbang while overseas. The whole thing came out in the open, and the men got smashed by the UCMJ while the women got sent home. It was either in Iraq or Afghanistan - I'm trying to use my google fu here but its definitely vanished down the memory hole.

      My own personal experience in Iraq was of females wandering around the compound where our infantry battalion was camped at around 930 at night. Wearing the physical training uniform, lip gloss, heavy eye liner, and always looking excited and ashamed if you asked them "Why the fuck are you walking around here?"

      Of course, we both know why. However, yes, there were girls giving it up for money. They got sent home in short order and you were to never talk about what happened to the signals/MP/clerk who was kinda cute ever again.

      On Marez, in Mosul, some guy had figured out the female soldiers were forgetting to delete the explicit photos they were sending their husbands/boyfriends on the public computers, and so compiled them and burned them on a CD. It was called "Girls Gone Wild: Marez" and cost $10.

      Yes, it does happen very frequently, and you were right to suspect it. No one, especially the brass, wants anything to destroy the 'equality' that they've worked so hard to engineer. That 'anything' includes reality.

  2. Thanks. That's pretty much what my son told me. My Navy daughter has told me some real horror stories about the experience of being in the modern, integrated service.