Friday, June 21, 2013

Paula Dean what have you done?!

I'm going to try and keep this post short because I am tired from house stuff all day, but we'll see how it all ends up.  Apparently the progressive thought police are busy circling the wagons because of one little old lady might have said nigger and made some jokes about wanting blacks dressed as slaves to serve soul food.  Meanwhile Jamie Fox brags about how he kills all the white people in Django Unchained and the fucking idiot SWPL progs of SNL studio audience cheer and laugh.

This is where we are: hounding an old woman out of work because she admitted she had "bad thought" in the past.  If you're undecided, if you think they're just going to leave you alone because you work hard and mind your own business, you're fucking deluded. They not only want you to think the way they do, they demand you do it with the same fervor.  Otherwise you're going to be the target of a three minute hate by the progressive commissars in this country.

They do not want you to be free. Look at how a bunch of sodomites made up of MAYBE, at best, 2% of the population makes it so that pointing out uncomfortable facts about homosexual men means that you might lose your job or be the target of assaults (dressed up as 'cute' because its called glitterbombing, but throwing blood on doctors performing abortions is a terrorist act).  George Zimmerman defended himself from that violent thug in training, Saint Trayvon of the Skittles, and now he's likely going to be the target of an illegal federal 'civil rights' style witch hunt.  If George Zimmerman's name was Rufurius Brown and he was black, this wouldn't have made it out of the local news.

Figure out where you stand.  If you think that you can just not be interested in what the Left is doing, well as Trotsky said: You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you! Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Well, looks like I had things to get off my chest afterall. More on this illegal amnesty and the Trojan Horse 'bill' they had waiting in the wings for any populist uprisings against it tomorrow. Twenty thousand new agents? They can barely pay the ones they have now!


  1. Yet Eric Holder is cool as a former black panther activist. I'm betting he said something hateful about white people, ooohhh, once or twice.

    This isn't about equality or building a better society. It's about an aggressive take over by minorities and sexual deviants. I cannot understand how white liberals can engage in such self hatred that they play along and aid and abet.

    1. This is all about a culture war, where you have to not only win but destroy your opponents. Witness the IN YO FACE WHITE BOY chest bumping by the usual hooknoses and their ax wound allies in the MSM after Obama won. You can't fucking appease these people. Some jew reporter was talking about how THIS WAS A SIN THAT WOULD STAY WITH HER FOREVER. Killing Christ, on the other hand...

      Culture wars lead to real wars, which are fought with bullets. So that should work out well.