Monday, June 3, 2013

How the hell did we get here?

I'm really not sure where this sudden push for the normalization of transgender mental illness came from.  In the last decade or so I've seen it go from a mental illness that you wouldn't wish on someone to this weird community where 'oh man my life is a mess time to chop my dick off and hope for the best!!!".  The internet has also created yet another giant echo chamber where trannies convince each other that they know better than stupid DOCTORS.  What's a medical diagnosis when some guy with 10,000 wiki edits on social justice issues is telling you to totes go for it because you sound totally transgender and not depressed/lonely/upset at all.

I'd say this is another trainstop on the liberal drive for the normalization of more and more perverse behavior, breaking down societal mores in the name of... what? Egalitarianism? Freedom at all costs?  As I've said before if you start thinking that there's a line where you need to end the slippery slope, the entire house of cards liberals have constructed mentally for themselves comes crashing down around their ears.  So they've deluded themselves into thinking that gender is a social construct (a social construct that every culture across the world has divided itself along) while homosexuality isn't a choice but just 'genetic' (based off a debunked study and Ken Kersey's bullshit sexuality studies).

So where are we now?  Well a decade ago I remember reading an Army Times in Airborne School and there was a story about a Green Beret Colonel who decided he was a woman. Okay, whatever. Now Chris Beck has convinced himself he's a women called Kristen Beck, and he's being fellated by the media for his bravery in coming out and this totally proves that women and transgender basket cases can be SEALs.  I'd say this shows how war can fuck people up, and that maybe the SEALs need a better mental screening process.  You can call yourself whatever the fuck you want to, but Chris Beck is still a man, with male genetics and male organs, and the closest thing he can become is a botched abominable medical horror and pretend he's a woman.

Of course, the tranny types are all for more people jumping on the bandwagon.  You only have to see how disgusting it is when they demand that any 9 year old boy who plays with dolls be put on estrogen and anti-androgens because!  How fucking disgusting is that? More so is that people go along with this madness of crowds.  When everything crumbles apart, we'll all have more to worry about than  than vanity sex changes.  First off, we'll deal with the enablers for this disgusting, unnatural bullshit.

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  1. Simple.It's a feminist power grabbing tactic. If they can get us accept as normal the lunatic fringe of the "gender issues" then no one will think twice about a woman in this or that traditionally male role.

    Also, enemy of my enemy is my friend (i.e. both women and transgenders see the white htero male as the enmeny.