Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day makes marxists furious apparently

Today it seems that the usual mouthpieces have to twist themselves around and around in order to insist that Father's Day isn't limited to fathers.  We've got the Chocolate Messiah, in the middle of preparing us for another disastrous globalist intervention, telling us that Father's Day is hard for faggot dads and single moms .  Also, a cursory glance makes it seem like there was some signal sent out that made all the liberal drones talk about 'single moms'. Don't they have a day called Mother's Day?

Of course, the reason that Father's Day annoys so many on the Left is that its about fathers, who by most metrics tend to be white men.  The idea of a two parent household with one father and one mother just rubs them the wrong way, it seems. Of course, a steady family makes it hard for the marxist statists to try and indoctrinate children and break up families so the State can come in and 'fix' everything.

We can see how the defenstration of fatherhood has destroyed black families in America, with something like 10% of all black families having a father present. The willingness of Uncle Sugar to step in and provide the money needed hurts everyone involved.  The bastards born out of such wedlock often under perform throughtout life and are more likely to track negative social modifiers. Keynes was insane and often wrong, but he was right when he said 'you subsidize the behaviors you want'.  With our retarded 'war on Poverty' we've been subsidizing bastardry for the last fifty plus years.  Today I got treated to "16 and Pregnant": a bunch of single moms give birth to idiot girls who become single moms, so this shouldn't be news to anyone.

Of course, as Steve Sailer points out often and early, you'd think someone would figure out that we'd want to subsidize nuclear families as they have positive attributes and form the nucleus of a stable society.  Instead we see both sides of the political aisle doing all they can to cause a wealth transfer from the middle class families into the coffers of either the underclass or the elites.  Everything is in decline and yet we still think we need to make sure LaSawhndra and Ofelia are able to pump out eight kids from eight different swinging dicks.  This is what my taxes are going towards, making sure that the EBT cards keep working.

However, the takers have outnumbered the doers for quite a while, and now we're seeing the cracks appear on the edges of the empire. The border is lawless by and large, our inner cities have been ceded to chaos, and our political system strangles itself in an attempt to continue to provide for those who cannot and will not provide for themselves.  If I was a betting man, I'd say this is how it all collapses: with the takers rioting because the government can't pay for their gimmedats anymore. 

The ground is always fertile after a plowing under though, so there is hope.

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  1. In rural parts of my state, it seems nothing has been more harmful than DSHS. I've been inside the offices (not to sign up, we sometimes provide our services to goverment agencies) and seen the payout chart on the wall. I'm not kidding, its a "This many kids = this many monies per month" type information poster.

    There is an entire generation of young women making their living off of having children. These unwanted bastard paychecks are going to be useless to society when they come of age, having learned all the wrong lessons.

    It seems the corruption and decay is thriving wherever one looks in America today. Some day a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.