Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another day in the death of the West

As I've said in other places, I can't go a day without something screaming in my face that the West is dying.  The last three days have been surreal, watching the teeter totter of idiots known as the Roberts Court handing down decisions that make no sense.  First, we get to see the Supreme Court punt on Affirmative Action in order to enshrine the caste system we've got going on in the United States because it decides that it can't make a decision on laws due to federalism.  Where the fuck was this logic in the health care debacle, or SB 1070?

Then you have the Voting Rights Act getting gutted, the last boot of federal occupation upon the South.  Almost fucking immediately you get breathless reports so panicked you can almost hear the sound of eyes rolling in pure animal panic.  Apparently, this means that blacks can no longer vote or some other amazing leap of logic that only the Left seems to be able to jump to. Regardless, I was also assailed with op-eds about how this was going to fire up the Democratic base and the Republicans better watch out in 2014.  This ignores the string of issues that the Left has constantly pushed down the throats of Americans as a whole, to say nothing of the current amnesty treason going on right now.  On that note, it was pathetic and amusing to watch Marco Rubio beg for his job.  This was the great hispanic hope of the GOP, this crybaby? Ahaha.

Then today, we find out that people have a right to marriage.  I didn't know the Supreme Court was in the business of making up rights out of whole cloth or was concerned with the dignity of faggot marriage.  That's going to have to be explained to me, because for the life of me I can't find where people have a right to marriage. This position is even more insane when you consider that two days ago the Supreme Court punted on Affirmative Action, something it could actually do something about.  The actual decision is a work of twisted and inane logic, declaring that the people can't bring suit when their government refuses to do its work and that federal courts don't have jurisdiction over the federal judiciary. What the fuck is this? Much like the Obamacare decision, where Roberts ruled that Obamacare was a 'tax', it makes no damn sense. Taxes are supposed to originate in the House, but the ACA was originated in the Senate.  Doesn't that make it null and void? No wait, don't think about that.  The rules are only to be used as a club, not followed.

This is the standard though for the Roberts Court.  Make inane decisions that push the agenda of the Left, and overrule the states when its convenient to their agenda.  Don't you dare make a law that goes against what the mandarins in DC want, because all it takes is an aggrieved group to go whine to the Supreme Court that they're oppressed, and you're getting overruled.

What a fucking mess this country is in.

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