Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A World Upside Down

Here we are again.

The US goes into the Middle East, claiming that anyone who opposes it is 'isolated' and on the wrong side of history while scanty evidence is used to justify a 'humanitarian intervention'. Is it 2003 or 2013 I forget, but here we are.  Obama tried to give Putin a stern talking to, with PM Harper of Canada filling in for Tony Blair as far as foreign allies who are all about this war goes. As I said yesterday, we have no concept of history as a nation because so much of our leadership are whores paid to forget things.

However, a resurgent Russia stands in the way of the US charging in on the side of the Sunnis, which is a wrench in the plans of the US to sprinkle magical democracy fairy dust all over the ME for the Gulf kingdoms.  Russia sends arms, trainers, and we don't know what else to Assad to help support him in his fight against Salafist terrorists. There's also the small fact that Assad has always been a friend of the religious minorities in Syria, and the "Arab Spring" chaos has resulted in the sacrifice of these communities on the altar of democracy.

Since the Vatican isn't spreading her arms to try and support these communities (at least, not that I know of. I'd love to be proven wrong on this count), I'm heartened to see Russia doing her part for them.  Someone has to look out for them, because its not like anyone in the US has their interests in mind or even deals in reality, not with John Kerry demanding the Pentagon go in and drop some bombs

It must be a different thing, having a President that looks out for his own country first and foremost rather than worrying about say, Mexico. Speaking of that, commenter Kao Hsien Chih makes the very relevant point that both Assad and Obama are supported by cosmopolitan minorities, and opposed by rural traditionalists. Quite observant, but Obama's cosmopolitan elites are the 'good kind', and Assad is oppressing his people.  I wonder if he has an agency like the NSA to track everything said, ever.

Finally, I notice that the Petreaus was PRISM'd story fell off the radar rather quickly.  This deep state shit gets scary fast to Americans, while its a way of life in the Middle East. Another reason why we shouldn't be over there.

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