Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Conspriacy of Dunces

One of the more common arguments I hear against the existance of conspiracies is that 'there are so many leaks that eventually something would come out'. Well, yes, that's true.  Look at what is (sort of) dominating the media right now, with the entire PRISM program that let analysts read anyone's email that they wanted. Some people look at this and say 'See! If this gets out that means all the other conspiracy theories are insane and totally not true!'.

The powers that be have done a good job in America of painting anyone who points out that certain groups of people might get together to make certain things happen in their favor as a crazy tin foil hat wearer.  Hell, even PRISM was crazy tin foil hat land before last week. This was an administration that RESPECTS civil rights, and besides Obama said he wouldn't spy on anyone, nope no way.  Now that the truth has come out, this is being used as evidence that those other conspiracy theories are just crazyness so can we stop talking about them right now?

For example, Steve Sailer likes to point out over and over again about the very real conspiracy against the American people in the form of the current surrender amnesty immigration reform.  You have the Big Business wing of the Republicans all for it to depress labor prices.  You have the Democrats all about it in order to continue their brand of identity politics into eternity.  And finally you have the usual brown racial superiority groups (La Raza, MeCHA etc) and other countries (such as South Korea) all demanding to get their dicks wet in our collective asses.  However it seems only the alt-Right can notice that there's some sort of wacky conspiracy here, while the media continues to pretend that everyone has their most altruistic reasons for doing what they do. Funny that.

Other things that are a bit off are how Sandy Hook and OBL's assassination were handled. Sandy Hook espcially, where you have the 'grief actors' showing up to cry about their children, the constantly changing story (three men! no two! no there was only one but they caught the other two and they just happened to be hanging out super duper promise!  Oh yeah the AR-15 was in the school. No it was in the trunk. No it was in the front seat), and now the law to protect the families from 'grief'.  Okay so bascially they outlawed trolling up there what the fuck.  We were able to see photos of OKC, Tucson, Dorner's Rampage, the DC Snipers, etc, but this massacre is so totally different we have to seal everything from public view.  Huh.

OBL's shooting was weird in that when they killed Uday and his brother no one had any issue putting their dead faces on newspapers across the US, but when its OBL (who the US had the largest man hunt in the world going for) we have to double super secret bury him at sea and super classify the photos.  Oh yeah and then we send the SEAL team responsible into an ambush in the middle of the night with zero support and the majority of them just happen to get wiped out.

Noticing these connections and how they're always claimed to be coincidental when they're as common as mushrooms after the rain is hateful though.  A lot like pointing out that no one really wants to live in 'diverse neighborhoods, free of hate', except on the television.

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