Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Underlying Fundamentals

I'm constantly amazed at the ability of people to delude themselves into thinking everything is hunky dory.  I hear over and over again how our economy is strong, recovering, or turned the corner.  This was the exact same horseshit I heard every three months in regards to Iraq.  It seems like unless you're in the FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) economy - things ain't been better for you.  Likely, they've been worst. Its obvious to all and sundry how things have been getting worst. 

More people have gone on social services since Obama took office - food stamp and welfare use have gone through the roof. More people are unable to find fulltime work, and instead they become part time wage service economy wage slaves.  Hell, even Wal Mart is having problems with their legendary logistics because they can't afford to hire enough people. 

Then there's real unemployment.  Not the heavily manipulated U-6 stat that doesn't take into account people who have given up work, or the U-10 stat that ignores people on SSDI.  The real unemployment around this country is somewhere around 16%.  Figure that as nearly one fifth of the nation is not working.  Our labor force participation rate is about 64%.  How the hell is our economy 'strong' in the face of this?

Of course, the press is in full on protect Obama mode.  They can't make up their mind about whether the weak metrics are good for the economy, or the strong metrics are good for the economy.  Some days you'll see the same report blaming both.  Its an insane series of events, but we're expected to believe that a generation in student debt working as service level drones is going to be great.

We've got Obama announcing his 'war on coal', with the energy sector being one of the few that's doing alright.  Remember those green jobs that Obama promised would save the economy? How'd that work out? Meanwhile coal, oil, and shale are booming, but those jobs don't help out Obama's constinuents or make coastal elites happy, so we have to get rid of them.  Ignore the fact that global warming is a farce - its all about punishing your enemies in every way possible.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The New State Religion

GL Piggy has been doing some fine yeoman journalism on the George Zimmerman trial, as has Legal Insurrection.  The trial is amazing for several reasons, the biggest of which was that if George Zimmerman was another black guy, this wouldn't have made it outside of the local news media.  However, since the media thought they found their Great White Defendant, they ran with it.  Unfortunately the very Anglo sounding George Zimmerman is some sort of Peruvian-Black mongrel, which caused an unrepentant media to label him as a 'white hispanic' whatever the fuck that is.

The prosecution has made a real horse abortion out of this case with witness after witness playing right into the defense's theory of what went down that night.  However the gem of this entire thing has been one Rachel Jeantel, aka Precious, who is an amazing woman in her own right.  Apparently able to be a nineteen year old "child" who will be a senior in high school next year, as well as attend Miami University all at once, this hulk of a woman is just the darling of the Leftist media.

I put child in quotes up there because its amazing how we keep on pushing back the delinating line for when a child becomes an adult.  Not even teenager or youth, but I keep on seeing the word CHILD being used by the Leftist mouthpieces, as if this innocent nineteen year old capricious nature could be blamed on the fact she was a CHILD and therefore not responsible for her actions.  Its because she's a CHILD that she can't deal with lawyers and their wily ways, so when she's obviously lying, making things up, or acting ridiculous its because she's just a CHILD and this is how she defends herself.

You've got this idiot right here pretending that Jeantel is some sort of street saint/savant, something I haven't seen in quite a while from idiot liberals, but here we are.  This seems to be one of the more common fall back positions when minorities are portrayed doing the shit minorities do, like rioting, lootings, and what have you. "ITS JUST THEIR WAY", shouts the cry baby liberal, when people point out the difference between Katrina and the Japanese tsunami disaster.  "POVERTY. WHITE PRIVILEGE," they yell, clinging to their inane beliefs that are unprovable.

The amazing thing about shit like this is how the Left is always down on Christianity, but man they don't seem to realise how much of their insane 'philosophy' is all about faith in unproveable machinations.  Why can't they close the knowledge gap? Why that's POVERTY.  Why are our inner cities mostly black and mostly shit? Well that's WHITE PRIVILEGE keeping them down.  Think homosexuals are gross and disgusting? OMG HOMOPHOBE BURN THE WITCH.  Of course, the biggest difference between Leftism and Christianity is that Christianity is a real and engaging way to deal with the world, as opposed to the blinders and retarded beliefs that have no grounding in how to deal with people that Leftists push.

Of course, much of Christianity has gone so far off the reservation its devolved into little more than a feel good mental masturbation session where "Everything is okay ever as long as no one's feelings get hurt" has replaced "Christ's suffering was the bitter potion from G-d that humanity needed in order to be redeemed".  So its how we get Leftists co-opting Christians because they're too big of idiots to stand up for themselves and understand what Christ was saying.  Furthermore, who gives a fuck what a non-Christian has to say about what Christians do? 

If more Christians would accept that, the entire religion would be better off. You think Muslims give a fuck about what we think about them? Fuck no! The West is more than willing to mock Christians but you draw a picture of Mohammed and oh man do they freak the fuck out.  If Catholics went all militant and started beheading comedians, blowing up abortion clinics, and firebombing faggot marriages, there'd be some interesting responses that follow.

I meant this to be about Rachel Jenteal and her idiot ways, but somehow we ended up talking about the new State Religion (egalitarianism!), so I hope the trip was pleasant for all involved.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

So what happened to Michael Hastings?

My wife brought up some interesting points about Michael Hastings and his odd death.  Wait, who's Michael Hastings again?  The journalist who wrote The Operatives and got GEN McChrystal fired - generally good book.  I especially enjoyed his recounting GEN McChrystal going to a FOB where his COIN policies got a soldier killed and the cold reaction he got there.

The thing is he's fallen off the radar and into the memory hole, not that there haven't been actual issues going on right now.  You've got the entire immigration treason that the Senate surrendered to (more on that later), the Nixonian scheme of using the IRS as a political bludgeon, the entire PRISM/Snowden spying scene, and of course Benghazi.  I'd like to note here I think its hilarious that Paul Ryan is being set up to try and Rubio the House Republicans that have to face the voters next year, but that's another story.

Hastings death was weird for a variety of reasons.  One, German sportscars just don't explode into flames and launch the powertrain & engine 100 feet away for no reason.  Yet that's exactly what happened with Hastings because he hit a palm tree. Fascinating, especially when you combine it with the fact he was talking about how he needed to go off the radar and he had something big planned.  I haven't heard what it was though - I imagine anyone who does is terrified about getting into a car that might just suddenly decide to explode.

Hacking the car isn't out of the question either.  With the amount of wireless sensors, GPS locators, and other assorted controls, apparently there's about twelve different ways to get into that thing.  Oddly enough, you can indeed control acceleration with it.  I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to overload certain systems as well.

Of course, when the LAPD takes a look at the scene where a car just decided to explode into flames and launch a drive train through the air, and says "NOPE, NOTHING SUSPICIOUS", well let me tell you I feel convinced.  Remember when Andrew Breitbart just died out of the blue, the coroner commits 'suicide', and hey what do you know, he was on the brink of a big story too!

We don't have conspiracies in America though. We're too freedomey for all that.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another day in the death of the West

As I've said in other places, I can't go a day without something screaming in my face that the West is dying.  The last three days have been surreal, watching the teeter totter of idiots known as the Roberts Court handing down decisions that make no sense.  First, we get to see the Supreme Court punt on Affirmative Action in order to enshrine the caste system we've got going on in the United States because it decides that it can't make a decision on laws due to federalism.  Where the fuck was this logic in the health care debacle, or SB 1070?

Then you have the Voting Rights Act getting gutted, the last boot of federal occupation upon the South.  Almost fucking immediately you get breathless reports so panicked you can almost hear the sound of eyes rolling in pure animal panic.  Apparently, this means that blacks can no longer vote or some other amazing leap of logic that only the Left seems to be able to jump to. Regardless, I was also assailed with op-eds about how this was going to fire up the Democratic base and the Republicans better watch out in 2014.  This ignores the string of issues that the Left has constantly pushed down the throats of Americans as a whole, to say nothing of the current amnesty treason going on right now.  On that note, it was pathetic and amusing to watch Marco Rubio beg for his job.  This was the great hispanic hope of the GOP, this crybaby? Ahaha.

Then today, we find out that people have a right to marriage.  I didn't know the Supreme Court was in the business of making up rights out of whole cloth or was concerned with the dignity of faggot marriage.  That's going to have to be explained to me, because for the life of me I can't find where people have a right to marriage. This position is even more insane when you consider that two days ago the Supreme Court punted on Affirmative Action, something it could actually do something about.  The actual decision is a work of twisted and inane logic, declaring that the people can't bring suit when their government refuses to do its work and that federal courts don't have jurisdiction over the federal judiciary. What the fuck is this? Much like the Obamacare decision, where Roberts ruled that Obamacare was a 'tax', it makes no damn sense. Taxes are supposed to originate in the House, but the ACA was originated in the Senate.  Doesn't that make it null and void? No wait, don't think about that.  The rules are only to be used as a club, not followed.

This is the standard though for the Roberts Court.  Make inane decisions that push the agenda of the Left, and overrule the states when its convenient to their agenda.  Don't you dare make a law that goes against what the mandarins in DC want, because all it takes is an aggrieved group to go whine to the Supreme Court that they're oppressed, and you're getting overruled.

What a fucking mess this country is in.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Purge Movie Review

Saw The Purge tonight, which is apparently supposed to be some sort of morality play with the Tea Party poorly dressed up and having taken over as the "New Founding Fathers" deciding to take extreme measures to make everything better.  So once a year, there's a 'Purge Night' where you can kill just about anyone with just about anything.

There were some good things about the movie.  None of the 'protagonists' turned into Two Gun Mojo-ing Death Gods spinning around blasting everything that moved.  I got a sense that it was basically a bunch of amateurs with guns attempting to blast the fuck out of each other.  No one pulled any fancy tacti-cool tricks out of their hat, so that was alright.  Last thing I needed was SWPL mom or daughter exploding heads from two miles out with a pistol.

Another thing was that the camera work was respectable.  I know this doesn't seem like a big thing, but SO MANY of the movies I've seen on the big screen have decided to go with a faux handicam style filming.  When you add in that big BRRRROOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHH sound that directors seem unable to get enough of in every movie ever, its like Michael J Fox with a camcorder recording that shit.  So it was nice to see a film that wasn't super jerky everywhere and gave me a headache.

Unfortunately, the movie was viewed through the SWPL lens with all of its cliches and other wild ass assumptions that gets people maimed and killed in real life.  More on that in a moment.  The actors playing the antagonists were likely told to watch American Psycho a hojillion times, but instead of channeling Bale's anomie and sociopathy, they came across campy, goofy, and not at all threatening.  There's also a number of deus ex machinas where OH NO SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET KILLED wait another character shows up and kills the killer.  That gets tiresome really fast.

So what's this SWPL lens I'm talking about? And some of you are asking: what the fuck is a 'SWPL'? Its pronounces 'Swipple', and its an abbreviation from the 'Stuff White People Like' blog, which 'ironically' mocked the tendencies of hipsters and other young urbanites by talking about things they 'liked'.  Imagine your average twenty something Obama voter, 40K in debt with student loans for English and Gender Studies, and you've got a SWPL.  Its a clueless liberal who loves his burritos, but doesn't want to connect the dots between Pedro, illegal immigration, and his inability to get a job because that would be a racist hatefact.

This movie has a lot of the stock SWPL silliness, mainly surrounding the conservative concentric loyalty versus the liberal leapfrogging loyalty that Steve Sailer talks about.  In this movie, the young autistic acting son decides that the loyalty to a total stranger outweighs his loyalty to his family, so he decides to open up the fort to let the homeless (!) black (!!) veteran (!!!!!!!) stock Noble Negro character in.  In reality, this is a fucking horrible idea and I doubt the directors/writers of the movie have been near a homeless negro unless it was in a controlled environment, but hey Noble Negro so let's go with it.  Maybe his name was Trayvon as well?

The other leapfrogging loyalties deals with the daughter character, who has an older boyfriend that her parents don't want around.  As a soon to be father, I had to laugh when the boyfriend is like 'he has no right to keep us apart'.  Unfortunately, this is what Director James DeMonaco likely believes is 'normal'.  I can find no record of him having children or a wife, so we have more 'talking out my ass'.  Regardless, the daughter's leapfrogging and the SWPL father's reluctance to take charge of his daughter has dire consequences.

That was something that got me.  The director showed the SWPL family as doing idiot things, and paying a serious price for their idiocy, but I never got the idea he was saying "Look! Look at what this idiot boy has done! Now they will suffer because he was an idiot and you should never do this shit!"  It seemed more like "Oh man these SWPLs are doing the totes right thing its just that oh man society is a bummer but its better to live for insane egalitarianism than be a racist maaaaaannn."

Then there was the constant repetition of maybe forty words by the antagonists.  Real dialogue written by a grown ass man includes winners like: "We must PURGE our souls and UNLEASH THE BEAST" and "This filthy pig is meant to serve us! The producers!" I heard that first line about sixty times throughout the movie.  The 'twist' ending is when the SWPL neighbors show up and execute the Fine Young Cannibals straight up Resevoir Dogs style before deciding to hold hands and say a weird prayer circle about "Blessed be the New Founding Fathers and the United States, reborn!" or some such and then Noble Negro Trope shows up and kills an asian.

I'll leave it there.  The Purge could have been an entertaining movie, but instead it gets bogged down with heavy handed moralism about the Tea Party and sacrificing yourself for cultural marxism.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Deranged State of Affairs

Sorry if I've been a bit slow, but this immigration thing is actually very depressing to me.  I've heard it said that 'despair is the only unforgiveable sin', but I'm not despairing - just weary.  As the immigration bill was beginning to fall apart two weeks ago, all of a sudden Corker and that other traitor whore are shuffled to the front with a 'border security compromise' just in time.  Unsurprisingly, its looking more and more like they had this ace in the hole just in case it suddenly became super apparent that this bill does nothing for 'border security' and is a massive gimmedat to Mexico and the rest of the world.

The bottom line is that this bill does absolutely NOTHING for border security. Fuck, it doesn't even throw money at border security, just platitudes.  Double the Border Patrol, put drones on the border!  Ignore the very salient fact that they can't even AFFORD WHAT THEY HAVE NOW, but they're going to double the fucking Border Patrol? Ahaahahaha. Not for four years, though, and King Janet can nix it AND the border fence if she decides its a waste of resources.  This is the dick who hasn't met an illegal immigrant she wants to stay here (as long as they vote Democratic.  Those white Germans who applied for homeschooling? Get them the fuck out of here!)

Another fun fact about the bill? Visa overstays automatically become applicable for a green card. This is fucking insane.  All you need to do is afford a B-2 Visa and guess what? You're eligible for permanent residency. This isn't an enforcement bill, this is a document for the destruction of the United States.  It doesn't treat the US as a country, but as an airport where we all happen to be.  Meanwhile try going into fucking Mexico and pulling this bullshit about 'racism'.  Those corrupt fuckers will laugh as they throw your ass in a Mexican prison.

Another great idea: The so called 'Female Immigrant' Amendment that gives more green cards to poor women.  Because what we need is more poor females in this country, because that's what America is for: making sure illiterate Bangladeshis can come over here and empty bedpans.  I know that's the first thing I think of when I read the Preamble to the Constitution.

Call them if you haven't. Let them know that if they pass this you'll not only send money to their opponent the next race, you'll never vote for a Republican again.  What the fuck is the point if their only issue is MOAR TAX CUTS while fucking us Americans?

Maybe it all has to come down though? Maybe this is it and all we have left is to watch the idiocy and self destruction we created bear fruit?  I guess we'll see.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Paula Dean what have you done?!

I'm going to try and keep this post short because I am tired from house stuff all day, but we'll see how it all ends up.  Apparently the progressive thought police are busy circling the wagons because of one little old lady might have said nigger and made some jokes about wanting blacks dressed as slaves to serve soul food.  Meanwhile Jamie Fox brags about how he kills all the white people in Django Unchained and the fucking idiot SWPL progs of SNL studio audience cheer and laugh.

This is where we are: hounding an old woman out of work because she admitted she had "bad thought" in the past.  If you're undecided, if you think they're just going to leave you alone because you work hard and mind your own business, you're fucking deluded. They not only want you to think the way they do, they demand you do it with the same fervor.  Otherwise you're going to be the target of a three minute hate by the progressive commissars in this country.

They do not want you to be free. Look at how a bunch of sodomites made up of MAYBE, at best, 2% of the population makes it so that pointing out uncomfortable facts about homosexual men means that you might lose your job or be the target of assaults (dressed up as 'cute' because its called glitterbombing, but throwing blood on doctors performing abortions is a terrorist act).  George Zimmerman defended himself from that violent thug in training, Saint Trayvon of the Skittles, and now he's likely going to be the target of an illegal federal 'civil rights' style witch hunt.  If George Zimmerman's name was Rufurius Brown and he was black, this wouldn't have made it out of the local news.

Figure out where you stand.  If you think that you can just not be interested in what the Left is doing, well as Trotsky said: You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you! Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Well, looks like I had things to get off my chest afterall. More on this illegal amnesty and the Trojan Horse 'bill' they had waiting in the wings for any populist uprisings against it tomorrow. Twenty thousand new agents? They can barely pay the ones they have now!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Proud Independent Womyn

GL Piggy had a nice take on this article about pregnant women in the workforce and how clueless the author is.  She goes on about how pregnancy should be treated like a disability while ignoring the very obvious fact that there are already laws on the book.  Its just in her world she thinks that there should be more because of what special snowflakes working pregnant women are.

My issue is that it shows more of the female hysteria and triumph of emotion over logic that is the hallmark of what passes for feminist 'thought'. Pregnancy is special!, shouts the childless cosmopolitan while demanding the right for abortion on demand and defending post-natal abortion.  Women can do anything a man can do!, says the feminist while equally demanding lower physical standards for women in the military.  Drunken sex is NEVER consensual, says the strong empowered womyn, while ignoring that often both parties are drunk and the woman is taking as much 'advantage' of a drunk man as she is being taken 'advantage' of.

Either women are special and should be cherished (historical narrative) or they're just another cog in the great equality machine (post modern thought).  You can't have it both ways, and that's where we get these inane reactions from many women.  They've been told their whole lives that yes, they can have the career and the baby and the family.  They can have a man who is both a total alpha badass and is sensitive and caring of their needs.  However these dreams get crushed by reality.  The woman who devotes herself to her career for twenty years is going to have a hard time giving birth, and they'll probably give birth to disabled babies.  Girls think the badass can be changed while they get strung along because they've swallowed all the chicancery of Hollywood, when in reality they're going to get used badly physically and emotionally.  Speaking of which, Hollywood loves to push that interracial white woman/black man relationship as ebony and ivory, side by side in harmony, but the reality is a lot more ugly.

So perhaps that's why the response is so viscerally emotional, on the verge of  violent schizophrenia, because they've been lied to their entire lives and they're emotionally invested in these lies they've been told. Entire industries have been built around perpetuating the lie.  The problem is the same one that the Left has confronte throughout its existence: that you can't change the natural order.  We all suffer though, while the Left continues to reinvent the wheel.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A World Upside Down

Here we are again.

The US goes into the Middle East, claiming that anyone who opposes it is 'isolated' and on the wrong side of history while scanty evidence is used to justify a 'humanitarian intervention'. Is it 2003 or 2013 I forget, but here we are.  Obama tried to give Putin a stern talking to, with PM Harper of Canada filling in for Tony Blair as far as foreign allies who are all about this war goes. As I said yesterday, we have no concept of history as a nation because so much of our leadership are whores paid to forget things.

However, a resurgent Russia stands in the way of the US charging in on the side of the Sunnis, which is a wrench in the plans of the US to sprinkle magical democracy fairy dust all over the ME for the Gulf kingdoms.  Russia sends arms, trainers, and we don't know what else to Assad to help support him in his fight against Salafist terrorists. There's also the small fact that Assad has always been a friend of the religious minorities in Syria, and the "Arab Spring" chaos has resulted in the sacrifice of these communities on the altar of democracy.

Since the Vatican isn't spreading her arms to try and support these communities (at least, not that I know of. I'd love to be proven wrong on this count), I'm heartened to see Russia doing her part for them.  Someone has to look out for them, because its not like anyone in the US has their interests in mind or even deals in reality, not with John Kerry demanding the Pentagon go in and drop some bombs

It must be a different thing, having a President that looks out for his own country first and foremost rather than worrying about say, Mexico. Speaking of that, commenter Kao Hsien Chih makes the very relevant point that both Assad and Obama are supported by cosmopolitan minorities, and opposed by rural traditionalists. Quite observant, but Obama's cosmopolitan elites are the 'good kind', and Assad is oppressing his people.  I wonder if he has an agency like the NSA to track everything said, ever.

Finally, I notice that the Petreaus was PRISM'd story fell off the radar rather quickly.  This deep state shit gets scary fast to Americans, while its a way of life in the Middle East. Another reason why we shouldn't be over there.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Shipping guns to insane, cannibalistic, religious fanatics/BAN ANYTHING THAT SCARES ME

The post title is something of a paradox, because our current situation in the US is something of a paradox.  Right now we've got our President deciding to come in on the side of cannibals who likely think 9/11 was a great idea, taking sides in a centuries old religious schism and make believing DEMOCRACY (that soma of the government) will rain from the sky once Assad is deposed.  I'm not sure if this is just a front or if they really honestly believe that they can manage to keep the arms they give to the effete 'moderates' away from the heart seeking Salafists, but this administration has been so clueless and inept I can't even begin to know what they're thinking. 

Honestly, this is the administration that missed the Boston Borat Bombing Brothers, Nidal Hassan's terrorist rampage, the Benghazi attacks,  and killed BPA Brian Terry in a botched gun running operation.  They aren't exactly batting .1000 here, and seem to believe their own hype.  So its not surprising that Putin, who lived through the exact same series of fiascos and 'spinning the dog' bullshit in the USSR isn't impressed.  Apparently Putin treats diplomacy like he does judo: he dismissed Obama's joke with a point blank block ("The President is trying to lessen the tension") and  brought up the very salient fact that the rebels aren't exactly the heroic freedom fighters America loves to portray in mass media.   They're also busy purging ancient Christian communities, and trusting on the benevolence of the Salafists who Cameron double pinky promises will be super nice to them is unlikely to end well.  (David Habakkuk has a lengthy expose here on COL Lang's blog)

However, these facts (...hatefacts?) are likely not going to change the fact we're shipping arms to the Syrians who are busy eating the hearts of their enemies and executing children for blasphemy.  Of course, the reality likely is we're coming in on the side of the Sunnis because the Gulf Oil kingdoms want us there so they don't have to deal with what Erdogan is dealing with in Turkey.  Bismarck was right when he said that "G-d watches over idiots, children, and the United States of America."  Its like our collective memory goes back ten years.  Does anyone ever fucking remember Afghanistan?

Meanwhile, here in the USA, a feminist tries to prove that women aren't hysterical and prone to vapors over everyday occurances and fails miserably as she becomes hysterical and prone to vapors over an everyday occurance.  In this case its carrying a pistol around, an unloaded pistol at that, on her hip.  You can read it here if you want, and I fully recommend it.  I'm not one to resort to trigger warnings, and I think its best you read the uh 'arguments' of your enemy.  For those of you who wonder why I'm so full of piss and vinegar at the Left, here's an answer for you.

This woman, too terrified to get correct training, a danger to herself and others, can't stop being a victim long enough to look at her situation rationally.  Instead every sentence in that 'article' is a mishmash designed to elicit sympathy from the reader (big hairy men with guns...yelling at me! a poor sweet innocent female!) and shut down your frontal lobes and instead let a soothing tide of emotion fueled by dopamine take over your logic.  Some other unintentionally hilarious and very real quotes from that article:

"Tony told me a Glock doesn’t have an external safety feature, so when I got home and opened the box and saw the magazine in the gun I freaked. I was too scared to try and eject it as thoughts flooded my mind of me accidentally shooting the gun and a bullet hitting my son in the house or rupturing the gas tank of my car, followed by an earth-shaking explosion."

An earth shaking explosion from a 9mm making the gas tank explode because her unloaded gun fired a magical HATEBULLET.

"The cop thought I was an idiot and suggested I take a class. But up to that point I’d done nothing wrong, nothing illegal."

Well no shit. What do you expect? For your Big Blue Daddy to take you by the hand and make you feel better? Actually, probably.

"In some way, I feel a certain vindication. I was right to protest Starbucks policy. Today, they have a woman with absolutely no firearms training and a Glock on her hip sitting within arm’s reach of small children, her hands shaking and adrenaline surging."

She was a danger to everyone and no one as her gun was unloaded but if a barista dropped a frappachino this lady would probably have a stroke.

This is what America the Brave has become: a nation of women terrified of firearms, refusing to get training, and demanding anything that is scary be banned because it is scary.  The awful totems of Sandy Hook get dredged out from state to state, but we're shipping arms to cannibal rebel Salafists while Russia protects Christians in the Middle East.

A world gone mad.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day makes marxists furious apparently

Today it seems that the usual mouthpieces have to twist themselves around and around in order to insist that Father's Day isn't limited to fathers.  We've got the Chocolate Messiah, in the middle of preparing us for another disastrous globalist intervention, telling us that Father's Day is hard for faggot dads and single moms .  Also, a cursory glance makes it seem like there was some signal sent out that made all the liberal drones talk about 'single moms'. Don't they have a day called Mother's Day?

Of course, the reason that Father's Day annoys so many on the Left is that its about fathers, who by most metrics tend to be white men.  The idea of a two parent household with one father and one mother just rubs them the wrong way, it seems. Of course, a steady family makes it hard for the marxist statists to try and indoctrinate children and break up families so the State can come in and 'fix' everything.

We can see how the defenstration of fatherhood has destroyed black families in America, with something like 10% of all black families having a father present. The willingness of Uncle Sugar to step in and provide the money needed hurts everyone involved.  The bastards born out of such wedlock often under perform throughtout life and are more likely to track negative social modifiers. Keynes was insane and often wrong, but he was right when he said 'you subsidize the behaviors you want'.  With our retarded 'war on Poverty' we've been subsidizing bastardry for the last fifty plus years.  Today I got treated to "16 and Pregnant": a bunch of single moms give birth to idiot girls who become single moms, so this shouldn't be news to anyone.

Of course, as Steve Sailer points out often and early, you'd think someone would figure out that we'd want to subsidize nuclear families as they have positive attributes and form the nucleus of a stable society.  Instead we see both sides of the political aisle doing all they can to cause a wealth transfer from the middle class families into the coffers of either the underclass or the elites.  Everything is in decline and yet we still think we need to make sure LaSawhndra and Ofelia are able to pump out eight kids from eight different swinging dicks.  This is what my taxes are going towards, making sure that the EBT cards keep working.

However, the takers have outnumbered the doers for quite a while, and now we're seeing the cracks appear on the edges of the empire. The border is lawless by and large, our inner cities have been ceded to chaos, and our political system strangles itself in an attempt to continue to provide for those who cannot and will not provide for themselves.  If I was a betting man, I'd say this is how it all collapses: with the takers rioting because the government can't pay for their gimmedats anymore. 

The ground is always fertile after a plowing under though, so there is hope.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mother Clucker

With the news being what it is (going to war with Syria apparently, 'immigrants our strength forever' nonsense, spying on citizens now aok), its been a depressing week.  In other news, we have Nancy Pelosi somehow claiming that late term abortions are totally in line with her Catholic beliefs.  Why this cunt isn't excommunicated I'll never know.  Maybe eventually the Church will grow some balls and stop pretending that this kind of poison is acceptable.

More on that later though.  Right now I'm busy dealing with some new baby chickens we got last week.  Chickens are nothing new for us here in the Hanson household - we've had Golden Stars for nearly a year now.  The ease of keeping and cost effectiveness makes me wonder why more people don't keep chickens.  Every morning we wake up to fresh eggs, and our ant problems are non-existent this year. That's kind of surprising considering last year we got to deal with three ant infestations, and now we know when the ants are being killed because there's a flurry of activity as they dig for the queen.

The Golden Stars we have are known by many names - Golden Sex Links, Golden Buffs, Red Stars.  However regardless of what they're called they have the same traits: brown eggs, prolific layers, rather docile personality. They tend to look after themelves pretty well, and can deal with the heat out here in Arizona decently enough.  All the same, I have to make sure their water is cooled with ice two or three times a day.

The new ones we picked up are called Ameraucanas.  They're a breed off shoot of the Araucana, which had a fatal gene where it grew cheek flaps that ended up killing it (no really).  They also are known informally as "Easter Eggers" because they produce blue-green eggs.  Descriptions indicate that they're considered 'dual purpose', but I don't see how that is considering how they probably dress out at three pounds of meat. These chickens are also considered reliable layers, dropping about 300 eggs a year.  So far two of our chicks are skittish, while one is much more relaxed and prone to nesting.

When we make our move, we plan on keeping around ten chickens and a rooster.  No, you do not need a rooster to get eggs.  Roosters are there to help keep the hens in line, and also as a first line security solution.  We're planning on getting a Rhode Island Red, since its ten pounds of muscle with a "Glory or Death" mentality. I saw a thread online entitled "Woke up to this..." and it was a picture of a dead coyote with an RIR rooster on the corpse.  I've already lost two chickens to hawks.  In that case, the dog ended up scrapping with the hawk. However, that was after the hawk killed the hen.  I'm looking for a more preventative solution.

All you really need to keep chickens is a coop, feed, and cold water. That's it.  You don't even need the coop right away, as you'll be keeping the chicks in a brooding box with a heat lamp.  While it sounds fancy, a brooding box is basically a cardboard box or other structure you've appropriated for the purpose of keeping your chicks. Once they get all their feathers in, then you can start putting them outside. On that note, I'd also recommend buying your chickens as chicks and not as adults (known as pullets).  My reasoning is that raising chicks from scratch gives you a better feel for the husbandry, as well as not having to deal with other people's problems.  Most people who are selling pullets are mass raising them, so you're going to have a lot of breaking in issues.  When I bought two to supplant mine, I ended up having to deal with them running around the yard at two in the morning cawing loudly.

Be aware of what type of breed you're getting as well, since some are designated as meat birds and others as egg layers.  Some are dual purpose, but I'm not too hot on the idea of killing an egg layer when it takes five months for her to get to egg laying maturity.  I'm planning to buy twenty five Freedom Rangers and then process them over a long weekend after 11 weeks of growing.  They dress out at five or six pounds, and I'm thinking that I'll have chickens for the rest of the year and can sell any excess for a tidy sum.

Finally, I've been asked why I would raise chickens when I'm not making money off of them.  While I plan to do something about all these excess eggs in the future, right now I'm doing it for the simply joy of raising something with my own hands and enjoying the fruits of my labor.  This is the mentality behind my homesteading plan with the cow, the quail, the rabbits, and all the rest: To be able to take care of myself and my family in this most basic way. America is two generations removed from the soil, and look where we are.

Ain't no time to argue about how gender is a social construct when you've got a cow that needs milking, after all.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

They're not even trying anymore

The news sure is alive with fun stories, isn't it?  First, you've got Third Graders introducing the President at a meeting of mentally disturbed idiots.  Because when I think of faggots and men deluded into thinking they can wear dresses, I think of children.  There's no low that the Marxists won't sink to in order to indoctrinate children or advance their goals.  So they got a twofer here.

Something swimming around the alt-Right is the story in the Washington Post about an attack on a bicyclist by the eponymous "youths". For those of you who might not have figured it out, youths is Media speak for blacks, hispanics, or other diverse peoples who seem to be unable to follow the basic rules laid down in the social contract.  You see, if you start pointing out that minorities tend to be more violent and criminal, it might make them be more violent and criminal! Its called stereotype threat, or racism, or something.  Everytime you disprove an insane Leftist theory, seems another one pops up with the same wacky science behind it.

Schumer says that while we have to legalize the millions of criminal illegal aliens in the country RIGHT NOW, securing the border is going to take "years and years".  So let's do another amnesty with more broken promises about border enforcement, and then in twenty years when "the United States" consists of portions of the MidWest and parts of the Eastern Seaboard, they can wonder how they got to this point.  Its the same thing all over again, and that smug fucking Prince Rubio thinks we're all too stupid to figure out he's playing us.  He has a face meant for punching if there ever was one.

Oh yes, and now Bill Clinton is telling Obama to go into Syria with the military.  So let's see, you have the same policies that the last guy had that you protested against, but now apparently the Media thinks its okay to: spy on the citizenry, engage in foreign wars without constraint, and assassinate US citizens. Where's all the protests now against our Chocolate Messiah?

They can't hide their agenda anymore.  Pride goeth before the fall and all that. Let's see how this all shakes out.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Treachery Marches On

The traitors in the Congress continue with their plan to stuff a new people down our throats. After promising a 'fair and transparent' process, they refuse to allow any amendments dealing with actual border security to come up for a vote.  No, not the make believe border security that Rubio and his fellow quislings pretend is going to do anything, but actually enforcing border security and taking the power of enforcement decisions away from the Executive.  They haven't been exactly honest about enforcing these laws, after all.  Yet again and again the text 'at the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security' shows up.  The Republicans are the ones looking after our national interest? Fucking laughable.

Ann Coulter said it best: (If the Republican Party is this stupid, it deserves to die.) and she's 100% correct.  What the fuck am I voting for if the Republicans are going to toss aside their base so they can appeal to effete elites on either coast and a tiny sliver of a smaller population.  No Republican President has EVER won more than 50% of the hispanic vote, and even if Romney had won 70% of their vote he would have lost.  They're throwing over their white constituents at the behest of the rentier class.

The historical analogues are there with the British and their way of 'divide and conquer'.  They used a tiny minority to rule with their support over the majority, with the implicit fact that if they withdrew their support the majority would overrun the minority.  So here we are, with our 'elites' trying to import a new serf class because Americans won't work for pennies an hour, shock and fucking awe.  Meanwhile we get to hear about how brave these criminals illegal aliens undocumented border crossers DREAMERS are living their DREAMS so they can fulfill the AMERICAN DREAM and aren't DREAMS what America is all about.

Fucking pathetic and disgusting.  Almost as disgusting as that motherfucking whore Rubio saying one thing in Spanish ("Legalization now!") while that jew Zuckerberg buys tuff sounding ads talking about how the upcoming amnesty is REAL REFORM.  What a fucking joke this is.  Of course I make my conservative turn when mainstream conservatism is run by idiots, whores, and fools who can't wait to fuck me the minute my back is turned. 

I hope Grassley, Cruz, and Sessions do their best to fight the good fight, and perhaps they can rally the troops and kill this thing in the Senate.  I don't trust the House, and I especially don't trust that orange crybaby Boner to actually take a stand, since he's not only a whore but a loud mouth as well who talks tough but rolls over and shows his belly at the first sign of confrontation.  What a disgusting mess we're looking at coming down the pipe.

If you're reading this CONTACT YOUR SENATORS, CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMEN, especially if they're Republican. Tell them you'll never vote for them or any other Republican ever again if this amnesty passes, because what's the fucking point? So Wal Mart can have lower taxes? Fuck that shit.  I'll save my time and spend more of it at the range, cause its going to be needed in the future these motherfuckers have set up for us.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Traitors traitors everywhere

Unsurprisingly, when the neoliberal statists who control both 'parties' in the US are faced with a real threat, they close ranks.  That is why you have Speaker of the House and resident crybaby John Boner calling Ed Snowden a traitor while he plays footsie with surrendering the United States to the Aztec hordes south of the line.  He's been silent this entire time about the treachery going on in the Senate where John McCain is busy trying to drag us into a war with Syria in between rolling over on his back for the La Raaaaaaaazzzzzzzaaaa activists after campaigning in the primary as an immigration hawk. 

This was once upon a time stuff that would relegate you to tinfoil hat, black helicopter status where people would roll their eyes and smugly say "UH HUH".  Now that we know the US government is literally recording every phone conversation everyday, the same sheep who wouldn't have believed it a month ago are now saying we should have expected it.  This is what passes for logic today in the United States.  Don't think too deeply about it or else you might not be able to absorb the deep trends in season 22 of "The Bachelor". 

Of course our friends on the Left are by and large silent.  There are some exceptions, but jewess gun grabber Feinstein can't bleat treason fast enough.  Not that I'm surprised as both sides are bought lock, stock, and barrel by the same interests that demand more moral degredation, more cheap labor, and more free movement of whatever they want.  Expecting something like intellectual consistency is just too much in this day and age.

So who are the traitors?  Snowden, hoping that Jefferson's dream is not smothered to death silently?  He remembered HIS oath to the Constitution.  The liars and traitors in the Congress who are whoring our future and stability for gains now, those are the real treasonous fucks here.  The ones who knew about this illegal and unworthy violation of our rights are the ones who should be answering questions about why they failed in their duties. 

Now Snowden is likely to flee to Russia.  The former Communist giant is busy passing laws against homosexual displays and protecting conservative values.  How the world has turned.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Run Snowden Run

So Edward Snowden fled for Hong Kong, and the Media is seriously asking itself 'Patriot or Traitor'.  The amazing thing about all this is I think Chris Dorner got more sympathetic coverage than Snowden is currently getting.  The disingeneousness of the media is showing as well (Sailer calls it the media's tendency to ignore the obvious) in that they're shocked (shocked!) that he ran to evil Communist China.  I heard one bobble head talking about how him running to China makes his entire story circumspect.

Uh yeah because Julian Assange is totally not living the gilded cage existance in the Ecudorian Embassy. That idiot Bradley Manning got treated to cold water alarm clocks and blasted with noise for hours.  The amazing thing about all these retards is that its like recent history doesn't exist for them anymore.  Its like the 24 hour news cycle has become their life.  They're either greater liars and paid shills for the government's line than I give them credit for, or they really can't understand why an NSA contracted technician would haul stakes for HK.

Now it seems like the current line of attack is POSSIBLE CHINESE ESPIONAGE based off the fact he ran to China.  Ignore, if you will, that China is one of two countries that could 1) protect Snowden from a US snatch team and 2) resist demands to extradite him.  The other country is Russia, and that's where I'd take my chances, but that's me.  Certain South American countries might be willing to resist attempts at extradition, but unless you manage to find a heavily armed Nazi commune in the jungles of Paraguay you're rolling the dice on the CIA hunting you down.

I'd say there's a third prong to this fork as well: the country in question being able to use what you know as leverage.  I don't think anyone is too worried about Bolivia's intelligence services doing any harm to the US, but remember this guy probably figured out where all the relevant damaging covert information was and took it with him.  If the US gets too noisy I imagine there's a good chance he'll start spilling where all the spies are hiding.  Could get messy, and I don't see why China wouldn't use this information to its advantage.

I reckon there's also a sense of Chinese amusement here as well, since we were always more than happy to harbor and support dissidents in our embassy. The shoe's on the other foot now.  Its amazing how far our prestige has fallen in my lifetime alone, to say nothing of the 'old hands' who played the game during the Cold War across the globe.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Conspriacy of Dunces

One of the more common arguments I hear against the existance of conspiracies is that 'there are so many leaks that eventually something would come out'. Well, yes, that's true.  Look at what is (sort of) dominating the media right now, with the entire PRISM program that let analysts read anyone's email that they wanted. Some people look at this and say 'See! If this gets out that means all the other conspiracy theories are insane and totally not true!'.

The powers that be have done a good job in America of painting anyone who points out that certain groups of people might get together to make certain things happen in their favor as a crazy tin foil hat wearer.  Hell, even PRISM was crazy tin foil hat land before last week. This was an administration that RESPECTS civil rights, and besides Obama said he wouldn't spy on anyone, nope no way.  Now that the truth has come out, this is being used as evidence that those other conspiracy theories are just crazyness so can we stop talking about them right now?

For example, Steve Sailer likes to point out over and over again about the very real conspiracy against the American people in the form of the current surrender amnesty immigration reform.  You have the Big Business wing of the Republicans all for it to depress labor prices.  You have the Democrats all about it in order to continue their brand of identity politics into eternity.  And finally you have the usual brown racial superiority groups (La Raza, MeCHA etc) and other countries (such as South Korea) all demanding to get their dicks wet in our collective asses.  However it seems only the alt-Right can notice that there's some sort of wacky conspiracy here, while the media continues to pretend that everyone has their most altruistic reasons for doing what they do. Funny that.

Other things that are a bit off are how Sandy Hook and OBL's assassination were handled. Sandy Hook espcially, where you have the 'grief actors' showing up to cry about their children, the constantly changing story (three men! no two! no there was only one but they caught the other two and they just happened to be hanging out super duper promise!  Oh yeah the AR-15 was in the school. No it was in the trunk. No it was in the front seat), and now the law to protect the families from 'grief'.  Okay so bascially they outlawed trolling up there what the fuck.  We were able to see photos of OKC, Tucson, Dorner's Rampage, the DC Snipers, etc, but this massacre is so totally different we have to seal everything from public view.  Huh.

OBL's shooting was weird in that when they killed Uday and his brother no one had any issue putting their dead faces on newspapers across the US, but when its OBL (who the US had the largest man hunt in the world going for) we have to double super secret bury him at sea and super classify the photos.  Oh yeah and then we send the SEAL team responsible into an ambush in the middle of the night with zero support and the majority of them just happen to get wiped out.

Noticing these connections and how they're always claimed to be coincidental when they're as common as mushrooms after the rain is hateful though.  A lot like pointing out that no one really wants to live in 'diverse neighborhoods, free of hate', except on the television.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Santa Monica Shooter is likely named Zawahri

Its amazing how things vanish down the media memory hole. Chris Dorner, the black LAPD officer who terrorized California like some bizzaro world Batman, is hardly mentioned.  Nidal Hassan, the traitor terrorist who attacked Fort Hood is still breathing the air of the living.  The FBI shot an unarmed man (from behind!) who might have maybe had something to do with one of the Boston bombers, but we don't talk about that anymore.

So its no surprise that when I go to Google News I see that its all about the NSA watching over your shoulder.  By the way, an NSA whistleblower is saying that illegal surveillance of GEN Petraeus' mail was what brought him down (Story here).  Talk about US politics being Byzantine and Imperial, but I digress.  The fact is that stories have a very short life span if they don't appreciate the narrative.  Its why we can't hear enough about the Sandy Hook shooting (as long as you ignore some of the oddities about the story) with the families somehow being able to be at every single attempt to restrict our Second Amendment freedoms and weep for the cameras.  However when it comes to the Virginia Tech shootings (immigrant killer) or the Boston Bombers (immigrant killers), we never seem to hear about how we need to screen our immigrants better.

The shooter in Santa Monica is looking more and more like he's got the last name of Zawahri.  If that name sounds familiar, its because its also the last name of al-Qaeda's number one (both references thanks to Steve Sailer).  Don't look for this fact to be heralded that yet another minority mass shooter (which is pretty common across history) has killed a bunch of people.  Meanwhile, we're still hearing about how crazy white people are responsible for all these shootings (when in reality they're a minority).

Again, it comes down to who are you going to believe: Me or your lying eyes?  The Left would love for there to be an actual right wing mass murderer in the US, but the closest they can get to is Tim McVeigh, a pro-abortion atheist who blew up a building back in 1994.  I mean at least Anders Brevik is recent, but he's not Christian.  That being said, he's still an intense dude who was taking no prisoners that day, and knew where to hit the Left where it hurt.

We'll see if this story ignites some debate about our immigration system and the role of minorities in mass shootings, or if we'll get yet another bunch of hot air op eds about evil guns in massively anti-gun California with Jew Schumer telling us that we're still getting a new minority underclass no matter what.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Blind Idiot Giant

So let me get this straight.  We've got a government that couldn't track the Boston Bombers, couldn't stop Nidal Hassan killing a group of soldiers, and was unable to prevent Benghazi.  When you talk about sealing the southern border, all we hear is how impossible it is, how there's no way to deport the illegal aliens here, how we can't track the visa overstays that come here and vanish in the mass of humanity.

However, the government needs to have EVERY SINGLE phone call, text, and GPS locator of every single cell phone of every US citizen without a single articulable fact because "security".  However stopping illegal aliens, preventing actual terrorist attacks without needing the FBI to set up terror attacks, keeping the border secures,  the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, respecting civil liberties, not spying on reporters, not using the IRS as a weapon against groups you don't like.  Well the Constitution is a living document and its only racist Tea Party types who are affected so who cares?

Hyperbole, of course, but that seems to be the attitude of many on the Left.  These are the same types who shit the bed over Bush II's hiding behind 9/11, but then went and justified Obama's use of sky executions against USC's because "uh terrorists or something and you're a racist for questioning him".  How is this legal or accepted in America in 2013?  What would the Founding Fathers say about this shit?

Meanwhile the Administration refuses to punishing anyone for anything.  Fast and Furious, the AP spying scandal, Prism, the IRS scandal, and all the rest have seen no one punished for their illegal acts. This isn't a republic anymore.  Its not even that 'lowest form of government', a democracy.  Its the stirrings of a tyranny, the death of the Founder's dreams.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sex Assault Brouahaha

Usually when someone posts something tangential to sexual assaults, you're supposed to preface it with a disclaimer about how you're not calling out real sexual assault victims. It is not as if this ritual appeasement is going to stop feminsists from getting their tampons jammed up against their cervix in outrage about RAPE CULTURE and THE PATRIARCHY so bad boy of the internet Jack Hanson ain't going to do it.  I'm also posting this from my phone so please ignore any weird typos.

The latest assault on a pillar of traditional culture, the military, is in full swing.  Now everyone on the Left, from the organizers all the way up to that decadent institution known as the US Senate, is busy getting their panties in a knot over sexual assaults.  Well what exactly is a sexual assault? I don't really fucking know because studies are really good at hiding their metrics, but if its anything like history has shown us its basically "a guy kissed me and I was drunk and IDK he was kinda gross now that I think about it".

So a bunch of traitor generals got dressed up in their fancy new Class As with all their "I Followed the Narrative" medals and made the appropriate appeasement gestures to the gaggle of know-nothing fucks we call the US Senate.  Why are they up there kowtowing to gun grabbing, non serving, empty headed, big statists Kirstin Gillebrand?Oh because now the big push on the Left is to take judicial authority from commanders and give it to boards of bureaucrats when it comes to sexual assault cases because
sexual assault is super DUPER bad and those tuff commanders haven't been to
the right gender studies courses.

Ignore the fact that this upsets centuries of military tradition, with the exception of the Red Army and their commissars. Whoa wait, you mean the Left is slipping in similar organs to a communist society in our country's foundations?  That now its starting to look like they want to put unaccountable mandarins in charge of those mean boys who won't get with the program of gender equality or else?

Here's the nasty two pronged fucking secret of the big sex assault nonsense. First, sexual assaults, even using their gigantic metric, are still outnumbered by false sexual assault claims. Secondly, a lot of sexual assaults that ARE ooccurring are male on male sexual assaults. Wait whoa what. So you're telling me that after allowing faggots to serve openly, now they're reverting to form? HATEFACT.  So not only do we have a lot of bullshit, but the real crux of the matter is being buried because it doesn't fit with the new 'diversity is our strength' bullshit of the military.

Remember guys, its not the fact that the Pentagon refuses to classify the terrorist attack by Nidal Hassan as a wartime action and abandoned the families involved that's a problem here. Its not veterans coming home and being unable to find a job while their Senators insist upon bringing in more helot labor to do 'jobs Americans won't' and then killing themselves. Its not a dysfunctional VA that's more concerned about making sure that veterans don't have access to firearms than actually helping them.

Its the fact that the military isn't 'progressive' enough for a bunch of traitor sons of bitches in the Senate. This is the pressing problem.

I'm surprised those tough, blustery generals, led by that idiot Odierno, didn't roll on their backs and piss themselves in supplication like the omega cunt bitches they are. Every other time that puppet Hagel gets a twitch from his handler in the WH, he can't tear down the institutions he fought for as a grunt in Vietnam fast enougGH and the generals can't wait to help him.

"I was just following orders" didn't work for those handsome Prussian generals when Nuremberg went down. Precedent was set there, gentlemen. Keep that in mind that you always have to answer for what you've done, in this world or in the next.

Monday, June 3, 2013

How the hell did we get here?

I'm really not sure where this sudden push for the normalization of transgender mental illness came from.  In the last decade or so I've seen it go from a mental illness that you wouldn't wish on someone to this weird community where 'oh man my life is a mess time to chop my dick off and hope for the best!!!".  The internet has also created yet another giant echo chamber where trannies convince each other that they know better than stupid DOCTORS.  What's a medical diagnosis when some guy with 10,000 wiki edits on social justice issues is telling you to totes go for it because you sound totally transgender and not depressed/lonely/upset at all.

I'd say this is another trainstop on the liberal drive for the normalization of more and more perverse behavior, breaking down societal mores in the name of... what? Egalitarianism? Freedom at all costs?  As I've said before if you start thinking that there's a line where you need to end the slippery slope, the entire house of cards liberals have constructed mentally for themselves comes crashing down around their ears.  So they've deluded themselves into thinking that gender is a social construct (a social construct that every culture across the world has divided itself along) while homosexuality isn't a choice but just 'genetic' (based off a debunked study and Ken Kersey's bullshit sexuality studies).

So where are we now?  Well a decade ago I remember reading an Army Times in Airborne School and there was a story about a Green Beret Colonel who decided he was a woman. Okay, whatever. Now Chris Beck has convinced himself he's a women called Kristen Beck, and he's being fellated by the media for his bravery in coming out and this totally proves that women and transgender basket cases can be SEALs.  I'd say this shows how war can fuck people up, and that maybe the SEALs need a better mental screening process.  You can call yourself whatever the fuck you want to, but Chris Beck is still a man, with male genetics and male organs, and the closest thing he can become is a botched abominable medical horror and pretend he's a woman.

Of course, the tranny types are all for more people jumping on the bandwagon.  You only have to see how disgusting it is when they demand that any 9 year old boy who plays with dolls be put on estrogen and anti-androgens because!  How fucking disgusting is that? More so is that people go along with this madness of crowds.  When everything crumbles apart, we'll all have more to worry about than  than vanity sex changes.  First off, we'll deal with the enablers for this disgusting, unnatural bullshit.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rape Lizards

When I wrote my first few short stories in the FOSsil Corps series, I created the Khajal as a major foil to the Terran Empire.  The Khajal are a race of crocodillian humanoid warriors, armed and armored in thrombium alloy and incredibly skilled at arms. Their culture is one of pillaging and warfare with a strong sense of personal  honor.  Uniquely, they possess a series of pheromones that allow them to 'infect' the females of any race to transform them into uitable mates for the Khajal.

That last sentence made a few readers uncomfortable, since the only acceptable role for females in Sci-Fi is 'tuff grrrrrrrl butt kicker' and rape analogies are only allowed when its Ridley Scott doing it in Alien.  I was honestly amazed at the level of vitriol the Khajal got, with the dismissive term 'rape lizard' being coined by a former friend of mine. Vox Day has had several posts about the liberalization of Sci-Fi/fantasy, and how more and more its becoming less of a space for exploring ideas and instead an ideological straightjacket based off of the bullshit idea of 'inclusiveness'.  So that's why the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section is stagnating with Twilight for Grownups and Harlequin Romance in Space.

The state of Sci-Fi aside, the Khajal are interesting for anothe reason.  I had the Khajal splinter as a race after being introduced to the concept of monogamy, with a sizeable minority leaving the Khajal and the Peace Federation to join the Terran Empire. I've enjoyed writing the Khajali Schismatics, because they provide a contrast to the other aliens, coming from an even more 'out there' culture.  Personally, I enjoy this exhange between the Schismatic Pairna and a Peace Federation Khajal.  For some context: A rai'lith is a kind of spear/cannon combination.  This takes place after Paris, a rillik (human male exposed to Khajal pheromones during adolescence) is defeated by the Peacer Khajal:

The rai’lith glanced off something and shot back into the air with enough force to cause the enemy Khajali to step back. Paris leaned his head back, and saw familiar black scales come into view, sparks dancing over Pairna’s body as he stepped over Paris to defend his fallen student.

                “So, the false Khajal attacks the Unblooded now? “ mocked Pairna, who stood a head taller than his enemy.

                “The only lie is that which you live, heretic! You have no right to interfere in a duel. Rillik or Khajali, he drew the Second Breath so he lives the Code!” snarled the Peacer.

                “He is Unblooded,” repeated Pairna, shifting his stance and using one claw to push Paris behind him.

                “He bears the sacred metal, and he fights like one of the Pure,” spat the Khajali, sending a glob of something viscous against a crate where it hissed.  “I refuse to believe it.”

                “You said it yourself; he is a child of the Weeper and Rhulo.  We did not think he would bear the blade against a Khajali his first time out.  Regardless, he is not released,” stated Pairna.

                “Inconsequential!” the Khajali shot back, chopping its claw for emphasis.

                Pairna nodded, and his response belied the animosity that hung in the air after he stated it. “Indeed,” he said simply, and raised his rai’lith.

                “You…  You cannot,” the enemy said, raising his own rai’lith to parry as he took several steps back.
                                “I do. Prepare yourself,” Pairna told him, and then blasted forward in a blur, sending the Khajali flying.

  I hate providing small excerpts out of the blue, because I feel a lot of the weight is lost without the appropriate build up, but there you go.  Thinking about it, the two sides of the Khajal have inadvertently become a parable for masculine impulses and drives.  The 'true' Khajal are rapacious and warlike to the point of frenzy and hedonistic in their pursuit of battle and sport.  The schismatics are more thoughtful, providers, protective, and paternal, but no less fierce for all that.  Either way, the Khajal give me a good contrast to play with - either against themselves, the other aliens, or the FOSsils.

  As an aside, I feel like the posts about writing aren't my strongest (because on some level I am uncomfortable talking about it all and it shows), so thank you for bearing with me through them.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


A lot of the discourse about how men should behave revolves around the Alpha/Beta dichotomy, pushed by so called "pick up artists" (PUAs) and men's rights types.  While I agree with the basic concepts, I think the implementation and applied theory gets kind of fucked up in practice.  Feminism a broken, unnatural concept? I agree.  Men (specifically white men) under systematic cultural attack by the media and academia? Oh yeah.  That being a man means slinging your cock everywhere? Not so much.

The last sentence there is of particular importance because of its association with the entire 'free love' of the 60s.  Nothing is free, "except for the grace of G-d", as the narrator of True Grit reminds us.  The psychological and physiological effects of rampant hypergamy aren't limited to females, even though PUAs will go on and on about how female hypergamy is extremely problematic (which it is). However as Christ reminds us to 'remove the beam from thy own eye', we should examine what effects it has on us as men.

The thing that grinds is how PUAs adopt a superior attitude about how smart they are for refusing to get tied up with one woman.  They claim often this is part of their 'alpha' credentials because they're swaggering cocks who can't be tied down while beta providers allow themselves to be sucked in by a woman.  This is the equivalent of someone who only works a punching bag claiming that he's an awesome boxer because he never gets hit versus those boxers who actually spar with other people.

While there's a time to discover yourself, and relationships are part of that discovery for a man, the idea that continuing to repeat the behavior of your 20s into your 30s and 40s and so on is unhealthy and leads to stunted growth as a man and a human being.  Part of growth is making mistakes and learning from them; as I quoted before "the burned hand teaches best'.  Refusing to put yourself in a situation to learn is cowardly, and no amount of smokescreening and self rationalization can change that.

However, there is definitely a set of actions that is manly demonstrates arete, and those that do not.  Perhaps its necessary for the PUAs and the like to expand beyond thinking the amount of yoga instructors you bang makes you a man, and instead look at how men throughout the ages have protected, provided, and created.