Sunday, May 19, 2013

Whoops cartels in Oregon

So much for the 'border is secure' bullshit that King Janet loves to push everytime she's in front of Congress.  This kind of shit has spread all over the country because we lack the will to deal with the issue.  Bringing illegal aliens 'out of the shadows' or any other poetic bullshit you want to use isn't going to stop these people.  You have to take away the sea the fish swim in.  Get rid of the illegals here stealing jobs from citizens, and you're going to take away the MS-13 gangbangers as well.

I see we've arrested another immigrant who came here from Central Asia to teach other would be terrorists how to kill Americans.  I'm not sure if he was a refugee or not, but what the fuck exactly are we getting from being the grease trap of the world?  We can barely find out if the Chechen commando crew was on the dole (which they were!), and this incident seems like its being thrown down the memory hole as well.

The second piece, by the way, is more "immigrants love America!" horseshit that shows we can't see the fucking forest for the trees. Meanwhile we've got cartels killing each other in American cities, 'refugees' from the Middle East and Central Asia killing US citizens for Allah, but hey here's an article by some liberal journo telling us how great immigration is. What the fuck ever happened to telling the truth?

Oh yeah, Jason Richwine demonstrated that.

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