Saturday, May 25, 2013

Who shall salt the earth this time?

Some of you may have heard of this, but if not let me break it down for you.  Down in Florida, there's a case involving a young lady named Kaitlyn Hunt, who was busy engaging in a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl.  The original report made it out to be all about 'tru luv', with Juliet and Juliet having started dated when Kaitlyn was 17 and the unknown girl was 15.  If you believe the proponents behind the FreeKate 'campaign', this was all about evil religious bigots hating on homosexuals, and since homosexuality is totally awesome according to the Narrative then these people have no right to interfere in their daughter's fingerbanging ways.

Problem is that if it was 'tru luv' it started in a high school bathroom where 18 year old (not 17 year old) Kaitlyn finger banged the unknown female when she was 14 years old (not 15, as was originally reported).  After asking the adult Ms. Hunt to knock off the sexual predation of their daughter twice, their daughter runs away one night to Ms. Hunt's house.  Waking up and discovering their daughter missing, they assume the worst (abduction!) until the truth comes out. Then they call the police on this preadator.

The post's title references the act the Romans took after crushing Carthage for the last time - salting the earth so nothing would grow. I bring up Carthage because they sacrificed their children to their gods to fulfill some insane mandate.  Here in America, the expectation in 2013 is that we do the same thing for our insane mandate of diversity dressed up as 'love'.  It is amazing how our 'elites' will continue to drive towards whatever new hedonism they can devise in order to keep their ideological house of cards from crushing them. 

In this case, they expect us to sacrifice our children in the name of diversity and tolerance by offering them up for the predation of sexual predators, hiding behind post-modernist reasoning ("18 is an arbitrary number!") and flimsy science ("Uh people mature at 12 now so why shouldn't they be allowed to have adult relationships").  This two prong attack not only attempts to legitimize yet another fucking sexual sickness, but also attempts to break up the family by injecting the influence and sexuality of a random adult in the parent-child relationships.  Why do I have to listen to what Mom and Dad say about bedtimes when I can go over to my boyfriend who's got his own house and stay with him?

Remember, NAMBLA marched with homosexuals 'pride' parades back in the 60s and 70s until faggots got wise to the idea that the straights might not be down with bearded leather daddies buggering their kids. However, with our national suicide pact with diversity no matter what, who knows where this ends.  In a reasonable society, someone shooting a child predator would be given a fucking medal, but watch for it to become the next 'gay bashing' and civil rights event to rally around.  Can't wait to see the push for tv shows displaying the true love between a 'mature' 15 year old Ellen Page sort with all sorts of witty quips and her interracial 19 year old girlfriend and the evil racist religious homophobes who want to keep them apart.

How fucking disgusting is this? Will the clergy come out against this as well?  Or will we be treated to more perversions of Christ's words going on and on about 'love' as if its the highest virtue of Christianity.  No, you rent seeking, pew sucking fuckers, the core concept of Christianity is that we were sanctified by Christ's blood and through him we may achieve the Kingdom.  This bullshit about 'love' is just dressing up perversion.  Perhaps Paul the Apostle was right when he said 'it is better to marry than to burn'. 

So will America bow to their ivory tower overlords and allow them to sate their sexual deviancies on the children?  Or will we instead call it a bridge too far and burn their fuckdens around their ears with them inside of them? Only time will tell - with the average American wallowing in hedonism, who knows what the future holds.

Edit: Some links that I forgot to add. Justification for pedophilia because... SCIENCE!

Both are in regards to the Kaitlyn Hunter sex predator story.


  1. Here in NY (upstate) the schools are teaching teenagers that they should experiment with both heterosexual and homosexual relationships before they decide which they prefer (I suppose "both" is also a conclusion acceptable to the liberals).

    When my 15 year old daughter (this was a few years ago) came home from the local public high school with this ideology I went right over there to have a talk with the principal. I was told that my daughter had correctly reported the school's philosophy and its curriculum.

    I don't think that it is good (or legal) to encourage 15 year olds to have sex of any kind.

    I raised a ruckus and as a result my daughter, unbeknownst to my wife or I, was pulled into counseling sessions where the school officials tried to get her to confess that she was being raised in an abusive home; presumably because I stated that my daughter wasn't even allowed to date until 16 and then only in limited and fairly controlled circumstances and certainly not another girl (maybe it was the way I said it). Nothing to that, of course, and nothing came of it other than my hiring a lawyer and threatening to sue the school district. Just a shady attempt by over reaching elitist liberal ideologues to brainwash a generation of children.

    But make no mistake. The left is insidious and, to give the devil his due, effective. They have ensconced themselves in the education system where ever possible and it is absolutely their plan to use their educational roles to win the culture wars by brainwashing our children into their mode of thinking.

    Why was the older girl in this case not expelled from school?

  2. And then they wonder why more and more families are dropping out of the public school system/ideological indoctrination facilities. Perhaps the Republican push for 'school choice', flawed as it is by rent seekers, was injected at the right time. Your experience is not unique or surprising, just disgusting in the fact that its so common. I'm sure many of these 'administrators' had no fucking clue about raising children as well.

    Isn't it amazing how sexuality is injected into EVERYTHING nowadays? A choice about what you stick your dick in (and it is a choice) infecting every institution we hold dear. Why the fuck did the BSA even take up the debate? Why did they betray their principals as a Christian organization?

    "You cannot serve G-d and Mammon."

    You'd think this organization would know the Gospel of Matthew.

    As an aside, the older girl (Kate Hunt) was expelled for molesting the younger girl.

  3. "As an aside, the older girl (Kate Hunt) was expelled for molesting the younger girl."

    Ok. Good. Some semblance of sanity exists out there.

    1. In Florida, at least. Glad they were able to resist the screaming voices of the internet and do the right thing.

  4. If Kate were Ken he'd be labeled a sexual predator for life, with the left baying the loudest for imprisonment.

    1. Hi Fred, just saw your comment. Glad you could make it over here. You're totally spot on of course - one rule for thee, another for me. There's also the small fact that Kaitlyn Hunt is a photogenic girl, and perfect poster child for the normalization of this kind of thing, if you ignore all the other facts of her continued predation.