Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I'm starting up the home buying process again.  Nice little property, but damned if there isn't something wrong with the water (nitrates) that makes me wonder how badly the VA is going to hammer that.  I can still remember how stressed out I was the last time around, and here I am doing it again.  I'll just have to put my faith in G-d and hope for the best.

Two Muslims hacked an UK soldier to death while shouting "Allah Ackbar!", saying that this was their land and demanding the end of the government.  A lot of noise and hand waving from the usual suspects in the UK leadership about how terrorism has no place, blah blah blah.  The reality of the situation is these are the same people who are responsible for a soldier of the UK being hacked to the death in the middle of the capital city of the country he was serving.  Those fat fuckers in Labor, UK Conservatives, and the rest of them are delusional if they think they don't have that soldier's blood on their hands.  Labor just admitted, after years of denying it, that they traveled to countries seeking more immigration so they could 'create a new electorate'. 

Now that fucking disgrace has made its way across the oceans, and in the Imperial City the Senate prepares to raise a white flag to the world, insisting that America means nothing more than unbridled consumerism and hedonism and a dumping place for the human floatsam of the world. So there's an abortion of a bill they've passed through committee, the one where the racial greivance lobby chanted "Si, se puede" while that fucking cunt Leahy smiled indulgently, and its disgusting.  The country that so many fought, died, and believed in is on sale to the highest bidder as the lobbies of various countries try to get various visas set aside for their country. A city of whores spreading their legs to the highest bidder, while those of us in the real world will get fucked by it. This is America in 2013.

This hate, this digust I feel for people is not normal, but it is there and I cannot deny it.  I'm no fool, I know many on the other side of the aisle feel the same way of me and my allies.  For a country though, it is not normal.  There is a feeling in the air, a conflux of forces that only needs a spark to set it all off. No one saw Fort Sumter as the thing that set off the Civil War.  What will do it this time?

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