Friday, May 10, 2013


If you haven't been paying attention, Jason Richwine has been let go from the Heritage Foundation.  Why is this important to you? Well Mr. Richwine was a co-author in the recent study "The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer".  This inconvenient study torpedoes the idea pushed by the traitors in the Senate that letting in a bunch of third world meztizos is going to turn everything into sunshine and rainbows.

Mr. Richwine, during his time in Harvard, published a study about illegal immigrant IQ.  This study was thoroughly researched, and signed off on by three tenured professors.  It really can't be said that Harvard is a bastion of stolid paleo-conservative thought, at best.  However, Harvard saw no problem with his research based in facts.  However, this was too much for the Leftists and their dogs in ConservativeInc, always looking for a fucking pat on the head.

Jennifer Rubin, the jewess house 'conservative' on the Washington Post, is currently waving around Richwine's scalp and now demanding the rest of the Heritage Foundation kowtow to her unique reality where we're all equal or something, and Americans have no right to their own country. Meanwhile she's all about the measures Israel is taking in preventing 'illegal infiltrators' from entering the country, such as a giant wall and armed patrols that she probably doesn't think are racist.  Be advised, Rubin was another neocon who was in charge of Bush II's hispandering.

Its fucking disgusting how the Right runs like a fucking scalded dog anytime someone says the word 'racism', no matter what the fucking facts are.  Our inner cities are wrecked, we've got an unsustainable welfare state, we're selling jobs to foreigners while American citizens are unemployed, but don't you dare look at fucking facts you dirty racist.  You just go on thinking everyone is the same and diversity is the best thing ever and don't you dare look out for yourself.  Meanwhile the writers who claim to be 'conservative' piss themselves whenever some of these Marxist fucks raises their voices, because then they might not get invited to a cocktail soiree.  What a disgusting turn of events we've come to.

These things have two end results: segregation or ethnic cleansing.  Its not like Rubin and her fantasy island ilk are going to have to deal with this shit storm that's coming. No, they'll write long winded articles about how great all this diversity is while the common man has to suffer through it.  In a less civilized age, they hung and quartered fuckers for that kind of thing.

The wheel is always turning, and it looks like we're heading towards a less civilized age. So there's a silver lining to every cloud. Get those torches ready, boys.


  1. I thought the Heritage Found. had more balls than this. This really is at the core of the GOP's failure. Its a party of rich capital owners who've come to power every time on the hopes and identity of white middle class America. Now its racist and evil to advocate for policy that benefits this group, so the GOP runs scared any time theyre pressed to defend the people who put them in power. Sprinkle a little "International capitalism" in there and we're left out to dry.

    1. What we're seeing is a battle between the Populist Wing and the Industrialist (Rentier?) Wings of the Republican Party. The Industrialists love this one world neoliberal globalist bullshit, and are simply worried about the bottom line. The irony of it all is that the policies they support wreck a stable society. You're not going to raise the rest of the world to First World living standards by flooding the US with Somalis - you're just going to drag down the US.

      However, in the chaos that they've help create hopefully a few of these shitheads end up dead.