Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thoughtcrime, Redux

The amazing thing about the entire Richwine non-scandal was how busy everyone was clutching their pearls and going into full on 'point and sputter' mode. To be fair, I shouldn't say it was amazing because this has been the Left's tactic since the 60s whenever someone points out the massive gaping hole in their logic.  However, the complex ideological house of cards they've built up to justify not only the insanity they believe in, but also to push it on the rest of us makes me wonder what world they live in

Honestly though, what world do rich white liberals live in?  They live in gated little whitopias where they send their one child to a carefully selected kindergarten with carefully screened minority classmates.  They watch Law and Order (where every DA is a white female, every judge a black female, and every criminal an evil white frowning man) or Glee (where homosexuality is happy and fun and about neat clothes and not gift giving parties and eating a gun eventually).

Their paradigm is fucked, in other words.  The world they inhabit and exist in has all the structural integrity of a soap bubble.  However, they've constructed their entire world around this soap bubble, and so when someone like Richwine pokes it, they can't form a coherent argument about it.  Instead you get a series of emotional invectives and a full on BURN THE WITCH response. 

That's why you never saw a reasoned, rational response that didn't link to disproved Blank Slate studies, or left you hanging with statements that ended with "obviously disproven" but never said how or why or by who, or who totally misunderstood the terms tossed about.  Instead you had a full on emotional, female response where one uh 'scientific american' writer postulated about how research on race 'had to be banned' (Thanks to GL Piggy ) .

This is America in 2013.  We can't face the truths that are destroying our country, so instead we'll double down on the written equivalent of LA LA LA LA I CAN'T FUCKING HEAR YOU and 'When did you stop beating your wife?' and hope that somehow our insane theories that have never been proven will kick in before everything goes screaming on fire over the fucking cliff because we couldn't acknowledge what was right in front of our fucking faces.

No wonder strong men tend to have right wing views. Who else is going to put the shit back together? A nice sensitive beta gender studies major?

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