Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"The only cure for decadent liberals is a bullet"

Its the truth. 

I've posted before how a lot of the 'pros' to liberals in regards to immigration come from the hedonistic pleasure drive.  The idea that you get 'authentic' burritos and cheap housekeeping/lawn care for free is a lie.  There's a social cost born by the rest of us that don't go downtown to eat Oaxacan inspired cuisine and don't mind taking an hour to mow our lawn, but this never factors into the equation.

Now we've got the winner of the Cannes film festival depicting a sexual relationship between a fifteen year old girl and an older woman.  Reading the articles about the choice, Speilberg said the fact that it was a lesbian relationship played nothing into his decision.  I'm sure.  I also notice the careful way the news tip toes around the issue at hand - the depicted pedophilia - as simply 'lesbian' and throws in a lot of adjectives about how brave it is.

What we are seeing now is an attempt to whitewash pedophilia by Hollywood, who gave homosexuality the same treatment and now look where we are.  We were laughed at for saying that legitimizing homosexual relations would open the door to all sorts of sexual deviancy.  "No! All gays are fun, well dressed gays like on Sex and the City, Will and Grace, and everything else that Hollywood pumps into our houses! It was that evil homophobe Reagan who ignored AIDS!"

The reality is that the bath houses of the Castro Distict were a real thing, and the homosexuals themselves didn't give a shit because they were too busy getting while the getting is good.  You wouldn't know that from watching Netflix with the 1200 or so documentaries with doe eyed boys talking about what a shock AIDS was.  You can't be blamed for not knowing that 'rough trade' is a real thing, or that homosexual monogamy among men is non-existant.  These are all hatefacts, and so to talk about them is to invite the BURN THE WITCH response from the Left.

So what now with pedophiles?  Well, Slate is talking around the Kaitlyn Hunt piece, as it becomes apparent she wasn't an innocent little girl who did everything for luff but instead a girl who seemed to be trouble: fighting and fucking with equal aplomb.  I've seen articles arguing that consent laws are just 'social constructs' as opposed to rules of behavior we've created over generations because they're the most effective way of living.  Of course, most of the people arguing for this are childless cosmopolitans, but I'm sure there's a few writers who are fine with some random adult fucking their child because 'their child is VERY mature'.

These parents are just as guilty as those who offered their child up to Baal in flames, sacrificing them for some imagined benefit.  The problem is they want us to sacrifice our children as well, and when we refuse we're called "bigots", "homophobes", "hateful", and eventually "pedophobes".  However, people tend to be pretty protective of their children.  Liberals will talk until their blue about 'equality' and 'diversity' but damned if they don't stay away from neighborhoods with 'bad schools' (double secret liberal code talk for school of vibrancy with a high amount of minorities).

So this flirting with pedophilia might be fun for a while, in some quarters ( I doubt you will ever see this in Dixie and outlying territories), but eventually the hurt will begin to show and then the decadent liberals who have pushed so hard to rape children and sate every lust they have free of consequence  will get the hot lead cure they so rightly deserve.


  1. " I've seen articles arguing that consent laws are just 'social constructs' as opposed to rules of behavior we've created over generations because they're the most effective way of living."

    At its core, this is the truth within the heart of every liberal. That all views are relative, and by thinking the superior way, we absolve ourselves from all of history and the truth of what men and societies become without a moral center. And yet if we result to killing our fellow men because of their political views, are we not evil ourselves?

    1. Clearly in the case of pedophiles or outright cold blooded murder the greater community is served by lethal Justice, I speak more of the ignorant yet probably not malevolent "left" that is the default of America today.

    2. I think that in their case, they will have to choose or have it chosen for them based off of the expediency of who has the most guns. Obviously we can't line up San Fransisco's populace and just start shooting, but the idea that there's 'neutrality' in a civil war is a charming fable harshly dispelled. Cromwell could probably give us all some lessons on how to make people decide rather quickly who they support.

      However Americans tend to respect winners, and perhaps more people are sick of the PC police and marxist mafia destroying families than let on. Finally, it is tempting to say "If G-d is with us, who can stand against us?"