Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tell it to the Afghanis

Something I see a lot on leftist websites and discussion boards in regards to gun control is "You dumb rednecks can't fight a modern army with stealth bombers so why do you need assault weapons".  This argument is often made by fat neckbeards with no experience in the military outside of reading a lot of blogs and ignores recent history, specifically the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq where ragtag peasants managed to bleed out the world's most advanced army.

I've been studying guerilla warfare recently through reading texts by the geniuses of this particular form of combat. Mao, Giap, and Guevera all have fascinating insights that share the same overarching principals (don't group up, beware of holding ground, retreat rather then fight to the end, the enemy is your supply chain) while adding in interesting tidbits that I might not have thought about. Che in particular goes on and on about the importance of footwear.  In a first world army where boots are a supply sergeant away, it doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you're fighting the war of the flea, you march on your feet.

Back to the neckbeards, they ignore that you can have the fanciest jets, billion dollar carriers, and all the rest of the high tech shit, but if you can't control the ground, you've got shit.  When I was in Afghanistan and Iraq, we controlled where our footprint was.  Anything outside of that was a 'maybe' at best.  Do they think that the southrons from flyover Red America that they hate so much are just going to turn on their own people in the name of 'progress'?

This mental hypocrisy shouldn't be a surprise for anyone familiar with how the Left thinks. Its simply a series of compartments that have little interaction with each other beyond 'isms' and viewed through a pop culture filter.  They have no idea what guerilla warfare is about, but the military they despise when its killing Salafists is the same military that they think is going to turn on its own people en masse.  They view anyone not in the NYC-Chicago-LA axis as a fat, out of shape, idiot with too many guns who drives a hoverround and bitches about the government hands in their medicare because that's what the media tells them.  The idea that the skills of a successful guerilla and a successful hunter overlap never occurs to them as they pen another screed from the ivory tower, imagining a new diverse Army of lowered standards and female infantry will sweep the board.

The new dawn will be a red one, but not from any sort of Marxism, but with the bloody circumstances they've set up.


  1. I'd beware of Mao and Che, as they actually had very little success on their own. The Nationalist Chinese spent their strength fighting the Japs and Che was notoriously unsuccessful.

    Mike Hoare is good reading on a guerrilla style fighting force making its way through the Congo. I haven't read it, but Creasson Kearny wrote a book called "Jungle SNAFUS" as well that might be worth a look.

    1. I'll agree with that, but their concepts are worthwhile even if Che and Mao get a bit caught up with the 'people's education in the revolutionary struggle'. Of course, I don't know if Mao would have had success against the Nationalist Chinese even without the Japs hammering them, but that's a lot of what if. Che was 'out guerilla'd' as Colonel Hackworth liked to say, by a US Army commander who fed his indigs 3200 calories a day before engaging in a foot chase with Che's forces who were running off cocoa leaf and literally ran him down.

      A lot of guerilla warfare is dictated by the environment, of course. I've heard it said that Gandhi would have been a footnote if he had tried 'non-violence' against Nazi Germany, and as Colonel W. Patrick Lang likes to say, Vietnam was winnable its just that we lacked the political will. But leveraging politics is part and parcel of 4G warfare. My point above in regards to the typical Leftist neckbeard is that they think their Army of Diversity is going to triumph over the dumb illiterates in Red America, which is out of whack with reality.

      I'm currently reading "Total Resistance", which is the Swiss Army manual for guerilla tactics in the case of being overrun. I'll be sure to check out your book certainly though.

  2. Re: Mao, the communist party's own propaganda does admit (if you read it a certain way) that some 90% of the Chinese casualties fighting the Japs were Nationalist Chinese. For the most part, the communists were actually biding their time and even hindering the nationalists.

    1. The communists/leftists are always playing a long game. Mao let his two largest enemies destroy another.

      " My point above in regards to the typical Leftist neckbeard is that they think their Army of Diversity is going to triumph over the dumb illiterates in Red America"

      Rarely if ever have i encountered a liberal/leftist who was prepared to even consider the concept of armed conflict within the USA. You have to remember its all hypothetical and academic to the left. The leftists of today are winning through deceit and subterfuge, not standing hard on ideology and dieing for it. In their hearts they must know which side is more prepared for that eventuality, and so the constant move to pacifiy and pussify the American Male continues.

      Helter Skelter any day now

    2. You're right, of course. Its the 'I'll write the wiki!' phenom writ large. They'll stay in the ivory tower writing long discourses about transgender relations through the media of video games while some other schmuck goes out and fights the fight against those ignorant bigots in Red America.

      Europe let itself be disarmed in the name of 'progress', by and large, but I think the vigilante/frontier gene is too strong in many Americans. As I've posted before, whites & Western Civ might grapple with existential questions when what we need is action right the fuck now, but once we get going whatever set off the response is going to be dead dead dead dead.